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Girls in Pink

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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

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Is there no other way to have a baby girl than to dress her in PINK?????

I find myself succumbing to the pressure of PINK.

I’m NOT a fan of pink, and until the Mute Math tee (see last blog), haven’t owned a pink item of clothing in a good, uh… nearly 20 years, I think. 

But, it’s like the choices for baby clothes are baby blue, light green, light yellow, and PINK.  Or, funky bright unisex stuff.

It’s not like I have a problem with femininity.  I don’t.  I’m all for beauty and flowers and tenderness…  I’m not gonna try to make my dd into a tomboy or something, and all the unisex stuff just doesn’t flip my switch, either.  But, it’s been my goal, since finding out I’m having a girl, to find feminine clothes that aren’t PINK.  I’m only barely succeeding.  It’s really hard to find lovely, feminine, but NON-PINK baby girl clothes.  And the ones I can find are all super-pricey.  I’ve been hitting eBay, and buying from other online sources, too…  Part of this is really fun, and part of it is frustrating.

I just keep thinking, “Surely I can’t be the only mother out there who really doesn’t want 98% of her baby girl’s clothing to be bubblegum, pastel PINK.”


Me, thrilled to be undignified at Mute Math

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Me, thrilled to be undignified at Mute Math
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I actually posted this right after the event — or tried to, rather, and the post got deleted on accident, and I just haven’t had the time or the heart to re-type the whole thing…


Last Friday night, the 27th, my husband Martin met up w/ me & our oldest son, who is 8yo, at a dive called The Real Bar in Tempe.  We were there to see my current dear music fave called Mute Math.  I can’t help it;  their music makes me grin.  It’s SO perfect.  Hard (but not too hard) and driving, catchy, with deep, thoughtful lyrics… full of energy.  Mostly guitar-based, but with some funky loops & beats.  Highly original and completely addictive.  ALL of us have been fighting over their first CD — an EP — for the last couple months.  Even my 4yo says they’re his favorite music.  He calls them “MuteSmath.”  And my 6yo dances wildly to them, playing air guitar, which gets us all giggling.  Until he crashes into something. 

They’re a Christian band who don’t necessarily promote themselves as such… so, they were playing in a bar.  Ds had some reservation about this;  he could sense the unhealthy vibe from the bar atmosphere.  But, dh assured him that he had prayed for all of us, and the whole night, in advance.  He also explained that a number of Christian bands don’t want to be “stuck” just playing at churches, basically preaching to the choir.  Ds was satisfied with this.

So, the opening band was Micah Bentley, a local singer/songwriter guy.  He had good music, a fine voice, good musicians (esp his lead guitarist), but really banal lyrics, a la the “I don’t think I’ve ever felt this way before” variety, simple rhyming…  That sort of drove me nuts.

Then, the other opening band came on, Vedera.  They’re from Kansas City, and the lead singer is a girl.  Far be it from me to wish them ill, girl singer and all…. but when the “voice” came over the PA saying that they only had time for one more song, she got into a spat, stomping her foot (verbally) that they were supposed to have a full 45 min set, and that they were going to do 3 more songs.  Which they did.  Which robbed Mute Math of a full set, b/c there was another show coming on after them, and Mute Math had to leave w/o doing a full set.  Grrr.

I had positioned myself right in front, stage left.  The stage was low enough that I could sit if I needed to, which I did for the first 2 sets.  I’m highly pregnant, and told myself that I would be well-behaved for my own safety’s sake.  But when Mute Math came out, I near lost it.

What’s up with kids these days?  Here I am, 32yo, singing my heart out and dancing.  Most of the crowd was the 15-22yo variety, and apparently, they do really well at just observing.  For someone who was raised on mosh pits of the late 80’s and early 90’s, this seems WRONG to me.  I wanted to shake all of them, and yell, “REACT!!!  RESPOND!!!!  DANCE!!!!!!!!”  Then, I thought, “It’s a new band, maybe they just don’t know the songs.”  But then, when MM did “Peculiar People,” and Paul asked everyone to sing along, everyone piped up.  It seemed like they were all (or mostly all) familiar w/ the music.  This confuses me.  Dh & I were talking, after the show, about how it had been wwwaaaaaaaaaayyy too long since we’d been to a club show.  But, apparently, the rules have changed, and now the generation younger than us doesn’t dance????  That’s dumb.

So, there I was, already un-cool in my plain black long-sleeve tee w/ a grey tank under & jeans, with my 31 week pregnant belly sticking way out.  I do not have shaggy hair, and I do not wear too much eyeliner.  I had left my purse in the truck, and was not carrying the now-requisite girl mini purse/clutch, metallic in color.  And my shoes were somewhat chunky — not the strappy, bitsy girl-shoes that are cool right now.  So, it’s not like I had any cool to lose.  So, I danced.  I pogo’ed.  I closed my eyes and sang, as loudly as I could…  

I was right next to Darrin King’s broken hi-hat.  It crashed joyously in my ear all set long.  I delighted to see Paul Meany hop around the set like a man aflame with craziness or passion…  It was wonderful.

We got the new CD, released only at the live shows, for now.  My son got a broken drumstick, initialled by Darrin.  He woulda signed it, but neither of us had a Sharpie, so ball-point pen initials it is.  Dh & I each got tee shirts.  I got a hot pink one.  Dh said, “You don’t wear pink!!!”  And I said, “I do if it’s Mute Math!”  I wanted a girl-cut tee, and the only ones they had were the hot pink one, and a black-on-black tee where you could hardly see the Mute Math logo.

Can’t wait for them to come again.

OH!!!!  And they’re on Craig Ferguson, Late Late Show on CBS this Friday night.  Tomorrow!!!!  We have no Tivo, so I stayed up late, b/c they were supposed to be on Feb 1st.  I didn’t know if that was the night of Jan 31, since the show actually airs past midnight, or if it was the night of the 1st, last night.  It was neither.  It got rescheduled b/c of the passing of Craig Ferguson’s father.  So, it’s Friday night.  You must watch!!!      

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