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The Motivated Baby

Audrey is six months old today.  From birth, she has been certain that she is *much* older.  😛 

I’m not bragging about my child;  I’ve really had very little to do with her physical development.  But I find myself in wonder, and admiring of her spunkiness.  Martin calls her “spirited.”

Even during the several ultrasounds I got during pg (to monitor subchorionic hemmoraging), the u/s tech marvelled at her activity, and her coordination.

The pediatrician who looked her over her first day and two of life said that she had the muscle tone of a one-month old.  She held her head completely erect only hours after birth.

She rolled over, front to back, at seven weeks.  Then, she spent the next nearly-three months crying about it, b/c she couldn’t roll back. 

This last month, her 5th month, she learned how to roll over both ways, and learned to get on all fours.  She is now starting to crawl.  She’s getting quite speedy.  Then, six days ago, she pulled herself up to sitting — by herself — from her tummy.  

So, this week, I lowered her crib mattress because she was grabbing on to the bars as she sat.  I was semi-procrastinating about lowering the mattress until I came in to get her after a nap and she had boosted her chest up onto the top rail and had straightened her legs, about to dive out of the crib.

I lowered it, and now for the last couple of days, she has been pulling herself to standing… completely standing.  Then, she cries, “I’m standing and I can’t get down!!!”

Crazy baby.

She is generally motivated, but very good-natured about it.  She doesn’t get frutstrated about failures; she just keeps trying.  She is very proud of her accomplishments, and of course her brothers are, too.  Dad & Mom, too.

Ethan developed by the book, but both Grant & Wes were delayed, not even sitting until 10 months, and crawling at 11-12 months, walking around 13 months.  Grant was delayed because of his (unbeknownst to me at the time) Nonverbal Learning Disorder, which effects his fine & gross motor skills, too.  Wes was delayed because he was *so* sick b/c of his undiagnosed celiac disease, and was very weak.

So, it makes Audrey seem like Super Girl. 

   Audrey Sophia 


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