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Audrey, the Wonder Baby


I am completely aware that I am biased, but Audrey really is a Wonder Baby.  She pulled herself up on an end table this morning, completely by herself.  She’s been pulling herself up in her crib for a couple of weeks, but this was the first time she’s done so on furniture.  She’s not even 6.5 months old yet!

She is also full-blown crawling.

<sigh>  The bittersweetness of babies growing up…

Cutting teeth out of order

Baby teeth usually grow in a fairly specific sequence — usually the top or bottom two incisors are cut first, followed by the other pair that didn’t cut through the surface first.

Audrey cut her first tooth, her bottom right incisor, on October 5, the day before she turned 6 months.  The last few days, she’s been acting… not herself, and I figured it was b/c she’s cutting another tooth.  I kept checking, though, and couldn’t find it.  Finally, I made a good sweep of her whole mouth yesterday, and come to find out she’s either cutting the top left canine, or the baby molar that comes in right behind it!!  Ack!

I didn’t know if this cutting teeth out of sequence thing was odd but normal, or if it spoke to something more sinister.  So, I…

  • Tried to find info online.  It wasn’t an exhaustive search, but other than a couple of blogs belonging to moms whose kids were going through the same thing, I found nothing.
  • Called the nurse helpline for our insurance.  She read me a lot of stuff about teething that I already knew, but she couldn’t find any info on it, nor had she heard of that happening before.
  • Called her pediatrician.  The triage nurse told me to call a pediatric dentist, b/c they (the pediatrician) don’t deal with teeth.
  • I called the pediatric dentist, who I needed to make an appt w/ anyways, for my son Wesley.  They said to bring Audrey in when Wes had his appt, and they’d check her out for free (that’s nice), but they wouldn’t say anything over the phone.
  • Finally, I asked our family dentist, whom I saw yesterday afternoon for some dental work (ugh).  She said it was NO problem at all, and even told me how her little sister cut all her canines first, and then would make a schnuffy face/sound baring all her teeth, and everyone called her Vampire Baby.  😆  This sister grew up to have perfectly normal adult teeth.

So, after using five resources, mystery solved.  It’s uncommon, but doesn’t speak of any deeper tooth problem.  Good.

03.26.12 — Edited to add:  My daughter Audrey is now nearly six years old, and has lost five of her baby teeth.  Interestingly, she is LOSING them out of order, too — a lateral incisor fell out before both central incisors, giving her a snaggletooth look, of which she’s very proud.  🙂

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