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I knew I was unique!

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person with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

(Thanks to Julie for this.  Fun!)

Localizer Meme

Got this from my Uncle Steve

1. Where do you live? Peoria, Arizona 

2. What’s the most recognizable geographic or architectural feature visible from where you’re sitting?  Pyramid Peak (and other smallish desert foothills).

3. Favorite and worst features of the area in which you live. Favorite: I am only a 5 minute drive from the desert and a really good birding site.   Worst:  I’m not on 25 acres;  just a little suburban plot of land.

4. Best local restaurant you’ve discovered recently.  One of the worst things about a severely limited diet is the fear that culinary exploration brings to my heart.  I used to LOVE finding hole-in-the-walls.  😦  We did find a really great place called Cocono’s recently, though. 

5. Do you follow local politics?  I do, pretty carefully.  However, this election cycle is really confusing:  Not the politics, but the propositions.  Ugh.

6. How’s the weather?  I don’t like the weather here, about 6 months out of the year.  We have a six month summer, basically, and it is HOT.  I do, however, really enjoy the storms, and the bright blue sky.

7. And the traffic?  Well, traffic doesn’t bother me much, since I only commute from my bedroom to the kitchen.  But, it does take my hubby about an hour to get to work.  I often wish we had those two hours with him home instead of the car.

8. Best local sports team?  Diamondbacks, of course.  Suns close behind.  Cardinals, if I’m feeling masochistic. 

9. If finances weren’t an issue would you stay in the same town? Finances aren’t the issue.  It’s about where it appears that God wants us to be, and that “where” is here.

10. During a non-rush hour period, how long would it take you to drive from the northernmost edge to the southern edge of your city/town? East to west?  It’s so spread out, I don’t think I would ever make the trip.  North to south – probably 90 minutes from Peoria to the Casa Grande area.  East to west – probably 2 hours, counting from Surprise to Fountain Hills.  My city itself is only about 5 miles E-W, but about 25 miles N-S.

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