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Exhibiting my painting ignorance.

So, after gushing about Stan Fellows’ “watercolors,” and e-mailing his art rep about them,  as I looked through his Muir book again last night, I saw that at the beginning of the book, it mentions that the paintings are “acrylic on paper”.  Duh. 

Well, maybe they’ll have mercy on the poor, ignorant, homeschooling mom who wants to buy one of his “watercolors” and let me have one on the cheap, just to educate me.  😀  

For whoever’s looking for the pronunciation of “Pater Noster”

When Cheryl Lowe introduces it on the CD, she pronounces it as “potter nahster”.  But then, when she actually says the prayer, she says, “PAH-tair NOH-stair.”  I think that’s kind of funny.

‘Nother quiz

Courtesy of Erin, who got it from someone named Schuyler, but I don’t know him, so I’m not gonna hot link him.  If you’re really curious about Schuyler, you can go to Erin’s blog.  She has a link.

I’m borrowing liberally from Erin’s answers, but again, you’ll have to visit Erin’s blog to find out which of mine are original.

  1. What is worse: Going to your favorite restaurant, ordering your favorite steak only underneath the steak is a scabby band-aid. Or? This actually happened to my dh at Black Angus.  It wasn’t technically a Band-Aid;  it was a blood sopper-upper, the kind that rests underneath a raw steak.  The only good thing about that was that it was actual cloth, not the plastic-lined Kleenex-like thing.  They comped our meal and gave us a dessert, too.  This was about 5 years ago, and I still gross out, thinking about it. 
  2. Do you like me? I don’t even know you.
  3. What percent of all paper clips that you come in contact with do you unfold? I’m proud of the fact that, in my womanhood, I’m doing less of things like unfolding paperclips.  
  4. What are your five favorite movies? (Legally Blonde does not count) The Princess Bride, Amelie, Run Lola Run, The Usual Suspects, Trust (old Hal Hartley film)
  5. Have you ever left a pair of underwear in the forest?  No.
  6. If zombies were real, would you be afraid of them? Only if they were in my time zone.
  7. How many Cold Cut Combos could you eat in a day? None.  Can’t have the sub roll.  But, I could eat lunchmeat and veggies all day.
  8. How many times have you lost your keys in an article of clothing you are wearing? Too numerous to count.  It’s always interesting getting cold-weather clothes back out and finding things in the pockets.
  9. Do you like almonds? Yes.  I like pecans better, though.
  10. Does God exist?   My sources say yes.
  11. Is there something better than pie? How about a pie inside a cheesecake?
  12. What were/are the economic, social, and political consequences of Marbury vs. Madison? You mean Stephon Marbury?  Who does Madison play for?
  13. Age? 33
  14. Sex?  I have four kids, so…
  15. Location?  The Sonoran Desert foothills
  16. In your opinion, is there always room for one more? Well, there is if I have a little notice. 
  17. What do you need more of? Greenery
  18. How do you feel when you are stuck in traffic and a motorcycle drives by between the lanes? Motorcyclists do not affect my emotional health.
  19. Do you want a Cadillac Escalade? No
  20. What are your feelings regarding 25cent hot dog night? Tell me where it is, and I’ll take my boys.
  21. How often do you take public transportation? I haven’t since we got a second vehicle, 7 years ago.
  22. When you were 16 did you find Monty Python hilarious? Do you find them hilarious now?  Yes, but not the TV shows, just the movies.  Yes.  But did you notice how bad the sound quality of the shows are, on BBC America?  It’s hard to hear if I think they’re funny or not, any more.  
  23. Which is scarier: 1) As you are being put under anesthesia for a big, hairy operation, you find out that Mo, Larry, and Curly are assisting -or- 2) You are locked in a room and are forced to watch an endless loop of the same episode of Gilligan’s Island  What’s the operation for?  Just needing surgery would be scary enough.
  24. What is the biggest risk you are facing at this very moment?  That I will do something(s) that will badly affect my relationship with my kids, long-term.
  25. Can you ever have too much money?  Only if you keep all of it for yourself.
  26. Black and Blue or Black and Tan?  How about Whites and Reds?
  27. Have you ever kissed a boy on the lips?  Yes
  28. Have you ever kissed a girl on the lips? I’ve probably kissed my sister on the smacker, but I don’t recall. 
  29. If they made the movie of your life, what would the title of the movie be?   Uh…  I don’t know, but the title would be really long.
  30. How many camels fit on the head of a pin?
    I need more data
  31. Who do you like better … Ben or Jerry?
    Whichever one came up with Karamel Sutra.
  32. How many chapters will your book have?  Probably around 75, unless I have a really good editor.
  33. What is your favorite color?  Purple.  And dark red.
  34. What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow? I like Erin’s answer:  There’s no such thing.  Swallows must carry the burdens of their upbringing, like every other bird.
  35. How long do you have to drive continually before you start going insane?  I like driving.  I’d fall asleep at the wheel before I went insane, though.
  36. Boxers or Briefs? Depends on the pants.
  37. What is the most important meal of the day?
    The one that my personal chef makes for our family.
  38. Are you a Toys (backwards)R Us Kid?  No, I like wooden toys.  Toys R Us has mostly plastic stuff.
  39. snow skiing: a great sport, or the greatest sport?
  40. can you lick your elbow?  No.
  41. did you just try to lick your elbow or did you already know that it is physically impossible to do that?  I do know a *few* things. 
  42. Will you be in my punk band?  OK.
  43. Even if my punk band is named POLE-DANCING HEMATOMA?  Um, no.
  44. Is Crisco OK?  You mean, on its own, or as the name of a punk band?  Crisco’s not OK, you dope!  Hydrogenated oils are the *worst*!!!  Don’t you watch the news?  Trans-fats.  They’re bad.  I have Spectrum Organic (nonhydrogenated) Shortening in my pantry.
  45. How many times per minute must you remind yourself, “I am not my job”?  never
  46. Is M. Night Shmalayan lame?  He tries pretty hard.
  47. Were you hugged enough? yes.
  48. Are you hugged enough? yes.
  50. Why don’t you own a gas mask? Seriously.  Aren’t those really expensive?
  51. The Unitatis Redintegratio document of the Catholic Church’s Second Vatican Council is desperately important because…  I’d have to ask my cousin Jeana.  She’s a nun .
  52. Eminem or not? not.
  53. If you’re a white person, and you don’t listen to much hip-hop, and yet you like the Beastie Boys, what is wrong with you? Don’t you realize that the Beastie Boys ARE ELVIS?  I don’t listen to the Beastie Boys.
  54. Are you trying to be perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect? If not, whatever else could you possibly be doing with your life that is so important it could keep you from trying to be perfect as your Father is perfect?  Yes. 
  55. How many minutes “ahead” or “behind” is your watch set for?  It’s right on, but I don’t wear it much.   
  56. Where have you been?  Lately?  You can pretty much find me at home, at church, in the grocery store, in Target, in the library, at a park, or down some 4WD track. 
  57. Name?  I always liked the name Reid for a boy, but it doesn’t work with our last name.  I’m not into “clever” alliteration. 
  58. How far away from your home town do you live and how far away would you like to live?  Does anyone really have a hometown anymore?  I mean, I was raised here, but I wasn’t born here.  And the place I was born wasn’t my “hometown” b/c my Dad was just going to University there at the time.  As the crow flies, I’m about 15 miles from the house where I spent most of my childhood.  
  59. In your opinion, is expensive champagne really better than cheap champagne? Not enough experience in champagne to say.
  60. How sad would you be if you ran over a cat?  Depends if it got hurt. If I could check my stride mid-step and sort of leap over it, then not sad at all. I’d be proud of my quick reflexes and coordination.
  61. If you were a parasite, would you rather spend your gestational stage in the innards of a cow or the innards of a caterpillar?  Caterpillar. The caterpillar would treat me better.
  62. How high does your volume knob go? Duh.  11. 
  63. Totally rad, totally rockin, or totally sick?  None of the above.
  64. What do you know about the Hood of death from Psalm 23?  My Psalm 23 doesn’t have a hood of death.  “Valley of the shadow of…” though, it has. 
  65. Have you ever followed an exercise regimen to strengthen your core? (include responses to all five W’s in your answer)  What five W’s?  There’s a band called the W’s.  Or there used to be.  Do they have strong cores?
  66. If the only kinds of candy left on the planet were m and ms (original), reeses pieces, and skittles, which variety would be most likely to survive the ensuing struggle for survival? Probably Reese’s Pieces because they have more protein than M&Ms.
  67. Top three power ballads?  Ick.  Next question.
  68. Explain the statement “God is good.” Support your position.  I think it’s something that one just knows, if one feels/thinks that way.  IOW, explaining one’s “position” wouldn’t help.  The last time I said, “God is good” was yesterday, reading a Gladys Aylward biography to my boys, when I read the description of a missionary to China being saved from invading Japanese because the soldier’s gun jammed.
  69. You must be world champion at something. What is it?  No.  I’m moderately good at a number of things, but excel at really nothing.
  70. What is the first pop, rock, or rap song you choreographed dance moves to? What was your signature move?  I remember choreographing an aerobics routine with my friends Lori & Laurie in 8th grade P.E. class.  It was an Amy Grant song.  I don’t remember which one.  I can still remember part of the routine, though. 
  71. If you’re in a relationship, and you and your significant other could redistribute your combined existing weight between the two of you (the girl could give 10 pounds to the guy, or vice versa, of any amount), what do you mutually decide to do?  Surely a guy wrote this question.
  72. House, or Gray’s Anatomy?  HOUSE rocks. 
  73. Antz, or A Bug’s Life?  I don’t like Woody “NYC is the World” Allen.  A Bug’s Life it is.  I like kids’ movies that are free from cynicism. 
  74. Paris Hilton, or Nicole Richie?  Do I have to vote?
  75. Toward, or towards?  Depends
  76. Loving and losing, or never loving at all?  How about loving and not losing? 
  77. Coffee, or tea?  Coffee in the morning, tea at night.
  78. Or me?  I don’t even know you, remember? 
  79. Why do people ever waste money on weddings?  I don’t consider the $$ we spent to be a waste.  It was a really nice, memorable wedding.  Don’t believe that thing about only half of the people you send out invitations to actually going, though, or you’ll run out of chairs and food, like we did.

I would like you all to know that while I whittled away at this this morning, I got in a shower, nursed my baby twice, did all the morning’s schoolwork with my three boys, and made tonight’s dinner.  But, last night’s dinner dishes are *still* in the sink.

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