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The Halloween Scrooge, TNT & the Suns

Like surely a lot of moms out there, I’m at home w/ just the baby while my hubby has the three boys.  We don’t “do” Halloween, don’t celebrate it.  But, yearly, we’re happy to take advantage of a carnival that a local church holds.  I think this is the 4th year dh has taken the boys to it.

I also hand out candy, and every year, I buy WAY too much.  So, I kept it to a reasonable 3.5 lb bag… and whaddya know?  I was absolutely INNUNDATED with trick-or-treaters.  My bowl was empty in less than an hour, and I was wishing I could take back some from the generous handfuls I had been dishing out at the start of the hour. 

Feeling like the Halloween Scrooge, I had to turn off my house lights and come inside.

Yes, I was outside, because we have this courtyard thingie, and one has to pass through a gate to get to our front door, and I think the trick-or-treaters were intimidated/scared by the process.  No one was coming to the door, and I knew they were on the street.  So, I took Audrey out, and we stood in the beautiful, cool, clear evening, she with a box of Dots that she was shaking and chewing, me with the big bowl…

Came in, perused my blogroll, wrote a few e-mails, now I’m waiting for the SUNS game to start on TNT.  First game of the season.  I hate when games are on TNT, because that usually means they start at 9:00, like it is tonight.

We’re the only state, now, that doesn’t do Daylight Savings Time.  I agree with the policy — the desert does NOT need an ‘extra’ hour of hot daylight in the summer — but it makes keeping track of other timezones screwy, and it makes basketball games start at 9 p.m.

Anyways, baseball is my first sports-love, but basketball will do when there is no baseball…  Football’s OK, but basketball’s better.  IMNSHO.

Whoops.  Just missed tip-off.

Gluten free snack, breakfast & lunch ideas

I just sent this to bordermama, but thought it might be a good idea to post it for anyone with celiac disease, especially those w/ kids.

We have been g.f. for nearly four years more than five years now, so we’ve been at this for a little  while.  You have to really search to keep from meal monotony.

I now have a GFCF (gluten-free, dairy/casein-free) list.  Please visit it if you need to eliminate dairy, as well. 

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