Daily Archives: November 7, 2006

Sort-of convenient gluten-free lunch

Anyone who is on a gluten-free diet knows that there aren’t that many readily-available convenience items, especially those that don’t cost a fortune.  There is a huge variety of things out there, but most of them are available only online.

One of my favorite easy things to do for lunch, especially when it’s chilly out (which it is NOT right now;  we’re in a heat wave, and it’s supposed to be 90* today) is…

Get a 32 oz carton of Pacific Foods soup, pour some in a bowl, add some chopped meat — like leftover chicken, or some lunchmeat, etc. — and microwave for about a minite and a half.  Voila!  Tasty, healthy, quick g.f. lunch.

Where I’m at, Pacific Foods items are readily available in the Natural Foods section of both of my “normal” grocery stores.  They’re semi-pricey, about $3/carton, but they regularly go on sale…  Even better, I discovered a while back that foods in the Natural department of the grocery store go on clearance *well* before their expiry date.  So, I recently picked up a few cartons of the butternut squash variety

for only $0.99 each.  It was a tad too nutmeggy for me, but it’s hard to beat for the price.  I added some leftover ham to it, and it was really tasty.  Even Wesley liked it.

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