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The Utilitarian Blogger

When I first started blogging, I did so under the assumption that no one would ever read it.  I am not an attention-getter;  I’m just a writer.  However, I have way more readers than I ever thought I would.  Even if it’s modest by blog standards, just the fact that 40-60 people a day, more or less, read my blog, is strikingly curious to me.  What is everyone reading about, and why?  And why don’t these regular readers ever comment?  Not that I’m trying to garner a bunch of comments;  I just want to know who you people are.  Not that I could keep track of you, if I knew who you were.  In semi-related news, I’ve decided not to add anyone else to my blogroll because I can barely keep track of the 15-ish that I have already.

Looking over the search terms that lead people to my site causes me to giggle, or provides revelation from time to time, that the things, about which I so casually write, people are sometimes looking for.  Sometimes, it’s really startling, in an ugly way, to realize that people with unclean intentions towards kids or women find my blog through seemingly innocent words, but phrased in such a way that reveal their hearts.  I almost always pray for those searchers. 

Mostly, though, I get lots of hits from people looking for information.  They’re not looking to know me, or understand me — I’m not the kind that tries to gather heaps of friends, but I do like to be understood by those who know me.  To most searchers, though, my blog is simply utilitarian:

  • What are some gluten-free recipes for kids?
  • I’ve just been diagnosed with celiac disease.  Now what?
  • Tell me more about the Barvas church, and Rev. Tommy Macneil.
  • How do I get to Castle Hot Springs?
  • Is picking wildflowers illegal?
  • How can I teach preschoolers to pray?
  • My baby is cutting teeth out of order.  Is that bad?
  • Can I homeschool my kid who has nonverbal learning disorder?
  • What does “amo, amas, amat” mean in Latin?
  • How can I be an effective prophet?


On one hand, I’m so happy that my lil’ blog is providing a few searchers with some answers.

However, I also find it odd that this blog is just being used, with no regard, really, for the writer.

I’ll get over it, though.

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