How the year has flown


Happy first birthday, Audrey Sophia.

It has been an absolute delight mothering you this year —
truly, all of the joys of babyhood, and (nearly) none of the angst. 
Is it because you’re my fourth, and I’m old hat at baby stuff, now?
Is it because it’s just the right time in my life to fully appreciate a girl, now,
after three delightfully crazy boys?
I was a bit afraid, you know, to mother a girl.
I still have it strike me, sometimes, that I’m not doing the “girly” things well enough…  like when we saw that other baby girl at Trader Joe’s yesterday, gossamer ribbon in her wavy, dark hair, and little pearl bracelet on a tiny wrist.
But, save for those semi-momentary pangs, I’m at ease being the mother of a girl.
You’ve fit in so well with our family.
We can’t imagine being without you;
My eyes blur with tears to think that we might have missed you,
had we stopped at the very reasonable number of three children.
I think your birth won’t be the last time you push someone past the edge of reason.
Your dear daddy had visions of a demure, tidy little thing,
all flouncy skirts and gentleness…
and while we have a fair number of lovely dresses & such,
I can’t count the number of times we’ve admonished you, “Gentle hands, Audrey.”
And it’s your heart’s delight to make a mess way larger
than one so small should be able to make.
I tell myself that I’d rather have a spunky, self-assured, playful, active girl
than the passive kind.
I think your personality bodes well for your future.

We still marvel at your innate girlhood, though —
your enamored attraction to all things “baby;”
your feminine voice;
the way you flirt with your Daddy — head tilted, shoulder shrugged, shy smile;
your love for glittery, pretty things, and flowers;
your shocked, lip-jutted pout when Daddy sternly tells you, “No!”
your awareness of people — your love for pictures of your family
(none of your three brothers had that so young).

I’m delighted to have you at such a time as this.
I’m humbled that the Father has deemed me the right mother for you.
I’m excited that you have the opportunity to be in a family who will
not discourage your femininity as simply “frivolous”
but also that you have a mother who was (and in some ways still is) a tomboy —
so if you’re interested in things that aren’t typically girly,
I’ll certainly understand.
But, if it turns out that you have a love for shiny, lacy, pink frocks and other super-feminine things of which I can’t think, because they just don’t come to my own mind,
That will certainly be all right, too.

Be assured that your family loves you dearly.
Your brothers, your Daddy, and most certainly me — your Mama.
Happy birthday, my dear daughter.



About Karen Joy

I'm a partially-homeschooling mother of six -- 3 boys ages 19, 17 and 15 years old, and three girls: 11, 8, and 3. I like birding, reading, writing, organic gardening, singing, playing guitar, hiking, the outdoors, and books. I very casually lead a very large group of homeschooling families in the Phoenix area. I have a dear hubby who designs homes for a local home builder and who is the worship pastor of our church. I live in the desert, which I used to hate, but now appreciate.

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  1. Happy Birthday, Audrey!

  2. rubber chicken girl

    Happy Day Audrey Baudrey!!!!!!!! Your Mom and I also share the skill of making wild birthday cakes!!

  3. Thanks (on her behalf) for the well-wishes.

    Yeah, that cake was frosted in about two minutes. I was racing against the clock for bedtime… And, I was behind schedule because I didn’t have nearly the powdered sugar I thought I did in my cupboard… so, I had to go back to the store — even though I had just gone, earlier in the day — for the sugar. The trip only took 20 minutes, but it was the 20 minutes I would have spent nicely frosting the cake.

    Such is life in the suburbs where all the moms work and no one is at home from whom to borrow powdered sugar.

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