Audrey continues to teethe early/out of order

According to the current stats, 5.8% of the visitors to my blog are here for the post about babies teething out of order.  Oddly enough, that post seems to have some of the most info on the Web on the subject, which just seems wrong.  Surely, some dental organization can post something more authoritative on infant teething!  In the meantime, though, I’m happy to provide any help or assurances to moms of babies.

Audrey will be 13 months on May 6, and shouldn’t be teething any molars until her 15th-21st month.  However, a couple of days ago, when she was being a Krabby Patty, I swept a finger around her mouth, and sure enough, her upper left first molar has broken through the surface.  The bottom left first molar appears that it’ll break through any day now, as well.

According to this chart, which I found here, Audrey is off the chart in all directions, since she teethed her upper lateral incisors first, and was only 5 months old when she did so.  Next, at 6 mo, her lower lateral incisors broke through, a good 9-15 months early.  In her 7th month, she teethed all of her upper and lower central incisors in the space of about 2 weeks.  This new molar is her first tooth in about 5 months.



Development of Baby Teeth

Development of Baby Teeth

Both baby teeth (deciduous or milk teeth) and permanent teeth have fairly well-defined times of eruption. The ages listed are the normal ages that a baby tooth emerges.

Central incisor 8-10 Mo Central incisor 6-9 Mo
Lateral incisor 8-10 Mo Lateral incisor 15-21 Mo
Canine (Cuspid) 16-20 Mo Canine (Cuspid) 15-21 Mo
First molar 15-21 Mo First molar 15-21 Mo
Second molar 20-24 Mo Second molar 20-24 Mo

03.26.12 — Edited to add:  My daughter Audrey is now nearly six years old, and has lost five of her baby teeth.  Interestingly, she is LOSING them out of order, too — a lateral incisor fell out before both central incisors, giving her a snaggletooth look, of which she’s very proud.  🙂

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  1. My little girl is teething out of order right now too – and those molars make her very crabby indeed! She got all of her other 6 teeth in one week when she was 9 months old, and now she’s getting the four first molars. No sign of the lower lateral incisors or canines at all!

  2. Wow,

    Glad to know my daughter is not the only one to get her teeth in out of order. The only difference is that Audrey is getting her’s early albeit out of order. My daughter, Delaney is getting them late and out of order. She is 16 months and still only has her two bottom teeth. I noticed tonight as I was fighting her to brush her only 2 teeth, that she is getting her top, left lateral incisor in. I immediately came online and this is the only website that showed anything about the subject.

    Thank you!

  3. My 17 month old, Elena, is also teething late and “out of order”- she has her front four on top, only her front two on the bottom (no sign of the lateral incisors). Based on her drool soaked t-shirts and constant gnawing on her fingers shoved in the back of her mouth, it seems that her first molars may just be coming in now. I’m missing one of my lower later incisors (it just never came in), so I’ll feel better to see her two lower laterals come in… any time now! : )

  4. My son who is almost 5 was an early teether too! Guess what! It hasn’t stopped. He already has 3 of his 4 “6 year molars”. They all came through in the last month – at age 4 years 10 months. My advice to you is to make sure those precious little teeth get brushed every morning and night. It may be hard, but you don’t want your daughter to go through what my son did at the pediodontist.

  5. Hi! My son will be 6 months old in 5 days. He suddenly has a cold and has been drooling for like 3 months. He kept pulling his right ear so much that I took him to the pediatrician twice to check for ear infections- turned out he was fine. He has been cranky for like a month. I keep checking his mouth but no incisors (which is a difficult enough task since he loves to stick out his tongue). Just yesterday I got him to continue laughing and lo and behold I see white spots poking through his gums WAY in the back of his mouth. When I went in to feel it, the poor baby just kept chewing and chewing. And sure enough, the one with 2 white spots poking out is on the right side! Could it be possible that he’s getting his first molars a WHOLE year early?!!!

  6. Anything’s possible!! I think that would be really rare for a baby’s first teeth to be his molars, but with all the people who have read this post, and the other early-teething post, and left comments, it’s obvious that nearly any order can happen, even if it’s unusual or rare.

    My Audrey’s now 17 months, has all her incisors, canines, and first molars… and is now teething her second molars. According to the above chart, it’s only 3 months early. Still, she just looks awfully young to have a mouthfull of teeth!!

  7. Thanks for your postings. They are reassuring. My 7.5 mo. baby boy got his bottom central incisors around 6 months. For the last 2 weeks, he has been teething his upper two lateral incisors with no sign of his central incisors to be seen. This has been rather disconcerting! Of course, my first question was – will he get his middle top two teeth!? Reading your posts gives me some confidence that they will eventually come in. My older son, now 4.5, teethed about 2 mos ahead of schedule for all his teeth, but they came in in the standard order. Thank you!

  8. stephanie smithson

    Reading all ya’lls responses make me feel better about my own little girl! She was 15 months old when she got her first central incisor on the bottom and then one on the top completely opposite. Yes, just one on the bottom and one on the top. Is it odd that she doesn’t have a pair? She is almost 17 months old now and today she was chewing on my finger and I realized she had new teeth coming in! Her top first molars! One on each side so I feel better about that at least.

  9. My son is 18 months old and only has his upper front four teeth, and two front lower teeth…and nothing else. My daughter who is 4 1/2 got all of hers right on schedule, so this is new to me. I am starting to worry about it. He goes through periods where he is drooling a lot and gnawing on his fingers in the back of his mouth and stuff…but when I check there is never anything to show for it. I have asked his pediatrician about it, and she seems unconcerned. 18 months and only 6 teeth? I am nervous about it…

  10. Meribeth ~ I’m not attempting to cause more worry — six teeth at 18 months doesn’t seem to me to be very worrisome. But, you may want to do a Google search of “delayed eruption of primary teeth” (use the quotation marks for better results). There are a number of disorders (including celiac disease) that have the — very secondary — symptom of baby teeth showing up late. Now, not every baby with only a few teeth has some serious disorder, but you may want to scan through the articles to see if there’s anything that you recognize as part of your family’s medical history, just to be alert.

    I hope that helps.

  11. I’m so thankful for all your responses. My daughter is 9mo and only has her bottom central incisors. She drools non-stop and loves shoving her fingers in her mouth. Yesterday I noticed what looks like both canines coming in on top! A friend of mine is a pediatric dentist, so she said she would check it out. But, your posts make me feel so much better. I’m thinking I need to take a look father back in her mouth as well. I hate to think my daughter is going to look like a vampire! lol. Thanks again for all the advice on this stie.

  12. My son is 15 months old and has his 1st molars ONLY! He just got them about a month ago. NO sign of front teeth yet! We are going to a Pediatric Dentist 2/12/08. I will post the results!


  13. How funny that you seem to be the best source of baby teething info on the web! My daughter Emma got her bottom central incisors recently, one at Xmas, and the other came in Friday. Well, on Sunday I noticed a white point poking out for the top central incisor. When trying to get a look at it tonight, I discovered that her left top canine is sticking out even further, like almost the whole top of it is out. I was a little concerned about it being out so early, but I guess its ok. Thanks for the info!

  14. My 1 year old grandaughter whom I have guardianship of has one bottom tooth and is growing a lateral incisor on the top and her two front teeth aren’t in yet, it looks very strange, is this okay?

  15. My eldest son is a late teether. He is 2 and still doesn’t have his canines. This isn’t surprising since most of his teeth did not appear until the past few months. BUT, my 9 mo old who has been chewing on everything lately appears to be teething an upper CANINE as his first tooth. This just seems crazy to me. I am nearly of the mind to have it evaluated to make sure it isn’t an abcess or something else. I can’t imagine teething a canine first!!!

  16. I had to look here because my 4month (yes I said 4 month) has been chewing, chewing, chewing on her hands for 2 months now and I feel have been feeling around on the top and bottom front for her teeth thinking she was getting central incisiors. Today I felt all the way back to the very back of her mouth and to my surprise felt that her left back molar is coming through. It also seems like her left canine area is swollen and she might be getting that tooth as well. Is this possible even?? I have never heard of this and can fine hardlly any nformation on the internet. Anyone heard of this happening before.

  17. Wow Jenny, it’s so crazy that you posted what you did because my 5 1/2 month old is doing the EXACT same thing. She’s been chewing, drooling like crazy and out of sorts, so I checked the area that I thought should be the first teeth to come in but there is nothing. However, when I swept to the back left, there is a big bump there!! I think she’s getting a molar – if that’s possible. I have a call into her pediatrician. Any news on your front?

  18. It’s good to see that my daughter isn’t the only one with her back teeth coming in first (and extremely early at that). At 2.5 months, a couple canines started to come in–I could actually see the white teeth poking out. Then, they mysteriously disappeared… I think the skin healed back over them. I guess she has to go through the pain of it poking back out again at another time. Now, at 4 months she has a couple of huge bumps way in the back that are irritating her–clearly molars poking up from beneath (but not yet cutting through). I feel so bad for her–she’s too young for this!

  19. My baby has gotten his lower central incisor at 4.5 months and now at almost 7 months old he’s getting two teeth on the upper side but not sure if they’re the canine or the lateral incisor. They seem to be poking out with a flat sharp line. Not sure what to do; other searches on the internet on the same topic indicate that a dentist should check him as these are signs of different syndromes or cysts a baby could have?!

  20. Hello
    Yes, I’m another mummy who has been searching for odd teething order info!

    My 13 mo son started off ok, getting his lower central pair a couple of weeks apart at 7mo after some 10 weeks of dribbling and chewing everything. Then the top two, with a huge gap between them. Figured they’d close a bit when the laterals came through, but they so far haven’t appeared. Bottom laterals are both here (some couple of months early) with much relief as we hope to have some sleep over Christmas!

    Here’s hoping the upper laterals decide to make an appearance in the new year and that they aren’t hiding behind the other two, unable to get past them.

  21. Glad to know my kid’s not the only odd duck. He has eight teeth (the normal front four on top and front four on bottom) and today a back molar erupted, with space for either one or two teeth in between. Weird, but thanks to your blog I won’t be selling him as a freak show attraction quite yet.

  22. My daughter (5mo) has a hint of her lower central insisor (a little white spot); however, the more shocking is the molar that has erupted! Weird!

  23. i am going to sleep better now thank to you all. I started panicking, my 8mths daughter has 2 lateral incisors. Just a bit of research, did you have a normal pregnancy? For instance, my waters broke at 26ws and i had my little one at 34 ws. I think her out of order teething is due to ubnormal pregnancy.

  24. Update – we got the top laterals for Christmas, then a big fat nothing for months until about 3 weeks ago when we got the bottom canines poking out and finally a molar at the top but it’s a way back so no idea which one! Think its mirror is going to appear before many more days so he’ll be growing four at once – ouch!
    So still being a bit odd in order, though not as odd as some on here!

  25. Hi! Is it normal do you know for the Lateral Incisor to come in first ??? My daughter is now 9mnths and that is her first tooth. Our son’s teeth all came in fine . just seems very odd.. PLEASE HELP

    • Nicole, it’s unusual, but it’s totally fine! My oldest daughter cut all four of her lateral incisors first and ended up looking like vampire for a few months before the others grew in. My youngest baby (now 9 months also!) cut her 8 front teeth in a wacky pattern, though not quite the same. Don’t worry!

  26. what a relief to find this blog! my daughter – 11 months – has her lower central incisors only and is cutting her upper canines now. i’ve been worried about this odd order and this site is the only place i’ve found with any real world info! thanks for that. i’m trying to hold out and not rush to a pediatric dentist for no reason…we’ll see how long i last. i’d be interested in knowing if the babies described on this site evenutally got all of their teeth or if there were actual issues. karen, sounds like your kiddos did just fine, so that’s reassuring.

  27. My daughter is 3 1/2 months and I believe it is her Canine on the bottom left side thats poking through! She has had teething symptoms but I thought that a tooth in the front was going to pop out first! Isn’t she way to young to have any of those back teeth coming through? Especially since she doesn’t have the front ones.

    • Hi, Victoria! 3 1/2 months is early, and cutting canines first is out of order… but don’t worry! Her teeth will end up just fine. 🙂

    • My son is 3 1/2 months old and has been waking up crabby at 5am for the last few days, very not like his good sleeper self! I noticed he has been really biting down this last week and seemed to be in some pain so I felt around his gums and believe we have an upper lateral incisor coming through. Unusual, but good to know that we aren’t the only ones. I am not too suprised since he has been holding his head up for a month now and rolled from tummy to back last week. Also wanting to sit up already- I think we are in trouble!!

  28. wow! i am so glad to have found this! my granddaughter got her lower front incisors five months ago, and while she has had many of the classic symptoms of teething, no top teeth seem to be forthcoming. however, while she was hanging her head upside down and screaming this morning, we discovered that she has what i think is her top-left second molar…three of the four points are through, and it seems as if the one on the other side is about to make an appearance! i’ve been freaking out, so i’m glad to know that i don’t need to make an emergency trip to the dentist!

  29. So funny that you are the best “authority” on the web about My blog comes up when mono rash is searched, my son is just thrilled lol!

    Anyway, thanks for posting about your experience. Our son, 7 months, is teething out of order. Rare but not a problem I now know, thanks again. Nancy

  30. Apparently you are still (more than 3 years later) the web authority. Thank goodness!

    • Hahaha!! I’ve since had another baby girl who also teethed out of order, but not so dramatically (bottom two teeth, then top two outer incisors)… 🙂 Glad to help!!!

  31. My son is 4 month and his upper two central incisors are coming through…and also too high…we have also noticed a hard white spot closer to the back (I am praying it is not a molar)…I am SO confused with all of this!! The doctor had no words of wisdom for us…I will ask the RN at his 4 month shots today…but thank you for this post it makes me feel a bit better!

  32. I love all the posts – it is reassuring to know that my 8m old son is not alone in unusual patterns. He cut his first central incisor (lower) at about 6m and was quickly followed by its companion and then one of the lateral incisors. Nothing since then until now – he is cutting the lateral incisor on top! Weird. But I understand that a ‘just wait and see’ approach is best – most turn out just fine!

  33. omg this is the only information I could find on the web regarding teething out of order.My son is cutting his lower lateral incisor first and I am worried about it.good to know he is not alone out there who is teething out of order.

  34. Hello, my son was born with dental buds of his upper lateral incisors, under the gums which were spotted at his first check up, the doctor said it could take a while for them to come through but maybe not and it all bepended on the child. He is now 5 months old and we can now feel his first actual tooth coming through and it is not his uppers bur his lower left lol. He is chewing his hand alot and as he is so young its helping him to focus on his hand eye coordination alot quicker than most, which i am very proud of lol. So all in all early teething is not so bad i say. Thanks for the onfo on this page. It has definately put my mind at ease.

  35. Your still the only info that could be found. My son is 6 months old (adjusted) and his upper left canine is coming through, it is first tooth. You can see the upper right canine trying to make it’s debut as well. Glad to know that all will be okay. We also just call him our vampire baby. Nothing about him has been normal anyways, but that’s okay, we love him just the same.

  36. Eh. My son had 20 teeth by the time he was one. My daughter is 12 weeks tomorrow and appears to be cutting her first tooth–a bottom lateral incisor. My son started right around the same age (and no, not “teething” that’s just typical developmental hand-chewing/drooling not really teething but full-on eruption) and continued getting four teeth at a time. Seems the guidelines are just very rough estimates and, like other milestones, different for all.

  37. I have been searching the web looking for someone in a similar situation and yours is the closest I could find. At 5 weeks old we first realized that my sons fussiness was in part due to teething. I could already feel his top eye teeth coming in! Now (at 3 1/2 months) they have broken through and I can see and feel the top central AND lateral incisors coming in. I also think he may be working on some bottom ones but its a bit hard to tell at this point. We find ourselves wondering what he would be like if he were not teething… but I know he could be acting a lot worse. His sleeping and eating varies from day to day. Some days his tummy is upset and he spits up a lot. Some days he naps a lot and other days he is up ALL day!

    Of course the pediatrician said oh he’s too early to be teething and didn’t even look. We are scheduling our next appt with a new doctor!

    • Alecia, early teething, is, of course, possible. But, what concerns me is that he spent from age 5 weeks until 3.5 months being fussy, and is still, now? Tummy upset and spitting up really don’t have anything to do with teething. He may have some other digestive problems going on. I hope your new doc will check into that.

  38. Thanks for the advice.. Here is a link to a post I made with pics:

    The spitting up isn’t what worries me.. it could be unrelated and just the usual baby issues.

  39. Food for thought… Some findings that resemble early teeth are actually harmless cysts or nodules, such as Epstein pearls, Bohn’s nodules, and Inclusion cysts. These are common occurrences. None are worrisome, but as always, any concerns should be addressed by medical professionals.

  40. My twenty month old son took almost a year to cut his bottom two front teeth, six more to cut top two front.
    Then, for four months, nothing but he seemed to be teething horribly. I faithfully checked, and often applied oragel to the “next” teething spot, but not much relief, so, added Tylenol…
    Then, about two weeks ago, I swiped the excess around and came across a fully crowned molar! His top left came through. I then remembered him using his index finger to shove bits of meat and toast back into his rear jaw. I thought he was merely “mashing” but it appears he was teething!
    Now, he is teething another (rear right, last molar…it seems to be his four year old molars, almost in rear groove of jaw!) And frankly, I’m wondering, how unusual is this?

  41. Well this is very interesting, my son of 3 & 1/2 Months (yes just 14 weeks!!) has just sprouted his lower lateral incisors!??? According to the chart that’s a year to early.

    What does that mean?

  42. My 7 month old has the same thing. He has both of his bottom central incisors, one top central incisor and one top and bottom lateral incisor. I’d assumed it would be fine to grow this way but then I woke up one morning and thought ‘Oh no, what if it’s not Ok’ haha. Glad to know it’s fine. Thanks for the info x

  43. My daughter is only 3 1/2 months and she is teething. It feels like her lateral incisors are coming in. Which i thought was kinda strange and really early for her first teeth. But apparently it could be in any order or pace. I am glad that she is teething early though. Because i was a late bloomer in the teeth department and we later found out when i was about 10 years old that i had missing permanent teeth. Which is a rare occurance. But Im missing about 7 or so permanent teeth. They were just never there.

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