Best cabin on the Grand Canyon North Rim??

For whoever is searching for the best cabin on the North Rim, and/or the locations of the cabins….  The cabins ARE very close to the edge — Numbers 309, 306, 305 and 301 are right on the very edge of the canyon.  The porch/patio of #301 and 306 look right out over the edge, and are by far the premier cabins.  However, they’re often booked a year in advance, so good luck with that.

The more expensive cabins (Western) are full log/timber construction, with a porch and rocking chairs, are a little more spread out and feature more attractive, natural landscaping.  The less expensive ones (Frontier) are part-timber, with no porches, and are really squeezed closely together.  However, they’re still steps away from the rim, some of them right on the rim, and right in the middle of the Canyon “action.”  The Pioneer cabins are rather in the middle, both features-wise, and pricewise.

Find the rates on this page — scroll to the bottom.  When we stayed there in May, we took whatever they had, and it was a Frontier cabin.  However, since the most expensive, nicest cabin is only $25/night more, the next time we go, if we can, we’re going to get one of the larger — and hopefully rim-facing — cabins.

From what I understand, in order to book a rim-facing cabin, you have to book over the phone, not online.  Find the phone numbers here — scroll down to Reservations. 

From the Xanterra website (manages the food/lodging at the Canyon), the more expensive “Western” cabins:

The Western Cabins  (ID:NR8043)


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  1. Thanks for your comments. It’s always good to here from someone who has done it before.

    We booked a little late for this year with Xanterra, they only had Frontier cabins available, I hope we did the right thing? We still have time to cancel and stay somewhere else, maybe the main Lodge if they get a cancellation.


  2. charles meckley

    The worst experience we ever had. As good as the South rim was this was as bad. The operation is run by a new group called Forever Resorts. There is only one place to eat and you need to schedule your entire sightseeing around their reservation policy. We arrived at 5pm from the south rim and were told
    we couldn’t eat until 9pm. There is one small cafe which serves the worst food anywhere. We came back from sightseeing at 2:30 and found the restaurant closed. We found it strange that with over a thousand guests their was only one place to eat. However the food we did get in the restaurant was decent. The cabins have paper thin walls so hope the people in the next room are civilized unfortunately ours fought until 11pm. Would never go back to the north rim and stay in the park.

  3. Well… though I have wondered, since we’ll be going there again this summer, how things may have changed since the management changed hands. I am sorry for you that your experience was so bad! However, it’s not purely the management’s fault; they manage the South Rim as well as the North Rim. And, the reason that there are fewer places to eat @ the North Rim is because it sees only about 1/10 of the visitor numbers as the South Rim. Did you think about visiting the grocery store at the campground? It’s expensive, but not ridiculously so, and it is fairly well-stocked. We did that to pick up picnic food, and had a great meal. Or, did you try the restaurant that’s just outside the North Rim’s boundary, at Kaibab Lodge? Also, perhaps some better planning on your part may have been in order. If you look on a map, the North Rim is about 40 miles to *any* civilization; perhaps you could have been aware that it might be a good idea to stock up on groceries before you came to the Rim if you didn’t want to eat at the one main restaurant within the North Rim’s boundaries, seeing that you were going to be staying in, essentially, a 40-mile-long cul-de-sac.

    So… maybe try camping next time. Or, stay at the Kaibab Lodge. Or, just tote a cooler (or bring non-refrigerated foods) if you don’t want to eat in the restaurant.

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