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Leading worship for kids!

I think I have posted on here before about my experiences leading worship for a special girls’ discipleship group that meets once a month on a Friday night at my church.  Those times have been great.  For me, they’ve been all the joy and none of the stress of leading worship.*  I just have a loopy grin on my face for much of the time, because there are few things more satisfying than seeing and hearing a whole bunch of kids singing their hearts out, worshiping God.

After the last event, I had a conversation with the children’s ministry pastor, Heidie, where she asked what I thought about maybe, at some point in the future, leading worship on Sunday mornings for what our church calls SuperChurch, for the 6-12yos.  (This part of our church’s ministry is burgeoning, thanks to a successful bus ministry, with the “bus pastor” having received training at Bill Wilson’s Metro Ministries in Brooklyn.  We typically have 70-85 kids on a Sunday morning, which is a lot for a semi-smallish church.)  I didn’t know there was a need for another worship leader in there.  There is a man, a faithful brother in Christ, who has led worship for SuperChurch for… uh… at least a decade.  And I know that, from time to time, he helps train up other worship leaders to help lighten the load, and that SuperChurch is in a continual search for ways to help kids really connect with God in worship.  However, I did not know that they had been in prayer, for more than a year, for some serious help with worship.

I don’t think I would call myself “serious help,” but after some folks who decide such things had several conversations about the topic, I was asked to lead, approximately half the time, starting in October.  I’m very excited about it. 

I think it’s fine (and often necessary) to set goals, and to pursue accomplishments, but for me, it often feels more pure — specially in areas of ministry — when one gets asked to do something.  I hope that makes sense.  It just feels right in that I was asked to do it;  I didn’t pursue it.  I wasn’t looking for a stage, I wasn’t hoping for a “promotion.”  Heidie asked, I said I would make myself as available as possible to meet whatever need I could, and that was that. 

To accomodate me leading, I’m no longer going to be teaching the 4s & 5s at church every 5-6 weeks.  This past Sunday was my last time teaching;  I’ve been doing that for seven years.  Oddly enough, since Wesley turns SIX today, and next Sunday will graduate to SuperChurch, we both had the same Sunday as our last day in preschool.  Happy-sad.  🙂  😦    


* There is no stress because there is a lot of grace extended in the skill area.  NOT that we’re called to have sub-par skills in any environment, and I certainly will be working to improve, but certainly compared to a great many other guitar players, mine leaves a lot to be desired.  However, I do LOVE to worship.  I don’t think I have a fabulous voice (I’m always sadly startled, the few times I’ve heard myself recorded), but it does have presence;  I can lead.  However, in the other environments in which I’ve led, mostly women’s events, I get really self-concious about my guitar-playing, or that someone with musical skill will be critiquing the fact that all the songs I’ve chosen are in “D,” or I feel compelled to pick songs that aren’t just three-chorders, but then they’re so complex I can’t memorize them, and I spend all my time staring at my chord chart.  But, in leading for kids, all that stress evaporates.  They don’t care if I flub a chord, they don’t care if all the songs are in the same key, and as far as complexity goes, many times, the simpler the better.  So, without my thoughts cluttered, it becomes very easy for me to get down to the thing at hand:  WORSHIP. 

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