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Coat dreaminess

My husband is more generous than I am.  He truly is.  He’s a penny-pincher most of the year, but when it comes to giving gifts of pretty much any kind, he goes over the top.  When I shop for myself, I’ll often buy something not-quite what I’d like, because the thing that I would truly like is much more money.

In October, I posted about a cringe-worthy coat mishap that I’d had a couple of years ago, then again when I found a fairly inexpensive coat that fit my requirements.  I did ask my hubby for a coat for Christmas, but that was early in October, and I never mentioned it again.  I wasn’t sure if he’d forgotten.  Turns out, he hadn’t.

He didn’t get me the coat that I had wanted, which is the still-great:

But, truly, he did much better with this absolutely fabulous coat, in black.  (This pic is from Overstock.com, but he found it at Macy’s for the same price.)

I love my new coat.  It’s perfect.  And my hubby is dear for buying the perfect coat — both for spending a few extra $$ on it, and for just knowing it was the right coat for me.

Grant, the anti-Ethan

I remember before I gave birth to my second son that I just could not fathom what he could possibly be like.  I didn’t have a grid for another boy.  Ethan seemed to me the epitome of boyness, so what would another boy possibly be like?

Then came Grant, who is most certainly all-boy, but since birth, I’ve called him the anti-Ethan.  They are opposites on nearly everything, from personality and personal habits to preferences:  food, clothing, friends, music…  At dinner, Ethan’s favorite thing will be Grant’s least-favorite, and vice versa.  The things Grant struggles with, Ethan finds easy, and vice versa. 

The other day, Grant asked me for a buzz-cut.  This morning, I finally granted his wish.  I should have taken a “before” pic, because his hair was pretty shaggy.  I did, however, take an “after” pic, seen here with Ethan, whose hair is, well, pretty much the opposite of Grant’s.  (Ethan is 10.5yo, and Grant is 8yo.)

 DSC05644.jpg picture by Karen-Joy

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