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Homemade bread. The bane of my gluten-free existence.

We’ve been gluten-free for over five years, and I bake like crazy:  cookies, quick breads, muffins, foccacia, cornbread, biscuits, cinnamon rolls…  All of them, I’m happy with.  However, the one thing that can make me feel like a gluten-free newbie all over again is regular, homemade sandwich bread.  Every time I make a loaf (or two), I’m disappointed with the results.

However, now that we have five of our six family members on a gluten-free, dairy-free diet, I can no longer justify spending $4.49 on a loaf of bread, no matter how tasty and convenient it is.  So, last night, yet again, I tried making some bread.  I used a trusted cookbook, Carol Fenster’s Gluten-Free 101, and what looked like a good recipe, though I was a wee bit skeptical regarding the amount of starches in it.  I should have trusted my gluten-free baking instincts.

Both Wes and Audrey love it (the bigger boys haven’t yet tried it), and I’m OK with the taste.  But, the texture is more like Food for Life’s g.f. breads — heavy and rather gummy, and nothing like (my much more highly-preferred) Kinnikinnick’s bready-breads.


It’s edible.  We’ll eat it.  But, for our everyday sandwich bread, I’m looking for a lot better than “it’s edible.” 

I’d prefer a whole-grain, hearty bread that rises nicely and has a regular-bread texture — that is, soft and on the dry side, NOT gummy.

So, to all my gluten-free compatriots:  What is your favorite completely homemade (i.e., not from a mix) gluten-free bread?  Will you please post a recipe in the comments section (even if it’s really long), or post a link in the comments?  Please?????   

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