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Back when the dollar was stronger…

This is certainly not the most important thing going on in my life right now;  more of an annoyance, really. 

There’s this store in the U.K. called KidsCloset.  It’s a new and used boutique kinda shop.  Round about December/January, they have a sale where, to the U.S., shipping is a flat 5 pounds, no matter how much one purchases.  For two consecutive years, starting before Audrey was born, I made a nice, big purchase of high-quality, unique, funky, lovely clothes, most of it new, averaging about $7 each, including shipping.

My best purchase was a little package of two long-sleeved ribbed tees, by IKKS, each with two buttons at one shoulder, one a sort of kelly green, and the other a darker hot-pink color (magenta?).  They came packaged in a little bag/backpack.  They’re size 74 cm, which is 12 months.  I spent less than $20 on the set, which, to my penny-pinching mind, was still rather pricey — nearly $10 each for baby tees.  However, Audrey started wearing them about this time last year, and she’s just starting to outgrow them now, so I figured that, long-term, it was a good deal. 

So… I tried a little search, to see if I could find the same shirts, but in a larger size.  Um, no.  In fact, I found a lot of IKKS tees (not at KidsCloset) for, oh, $36 or $44 EACH.  Good Lord.  If you have $44 to spend on a baby tee, I figure you …  well, maybe I’ll just cut that judgemental thought a bit short.  Suffice it to say, I think $44 for a tee shirt for a adult is excessive, let alone a baby, who will likely outgrow it in the next 6 months or so.

Even at KidsCloset, the deals are hard to come by, especially when the dollar is so weak right now, which means that I have to spend $2 for each one pound.  Bummer.  It’s just totally not cost-effective to buy anything from overseas right now.  😦  No purchases for me this year.

This is cute, though too big for Audrey, and “only” $30 (not from the aforementioned KidsCloset, but it is from IKKS, the same brand as the sought-after tees):

This is an old pic, at Woolaroc with my friend Shellie and her family in April of last year, but it’s Audrey in the green tee:

  AudreyatWoolaroc-1.jpg picture by Karen-Joy  


I promise, I do have important things on my plate right now, but it’s driving me nuts that I can’t find this tee to buy in a larger size.

ETA:  These fantastic tees ARE available at KidsCloset in 6 months size only.  And now, only 5.99 pounds.  (On the Fall/Winter Girls, page 2, second from the last on the page.)  Too small for Audrey, but, really, someone needs to snatch these up.

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