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Paaahty Girl

Potty girl, actually.¬† ūüôā

(Note:¬† If you’re squeamish, and/or if you have no children, you may not want to read this.)

Good gracious, potty training is time-consuming.¬† My week was spent — way too much of it — on a small stool in the kids’ bathroom, waiting and waiting and waiting.¬† And waiting.¬† Then waiting.

The remainder of my time was spent in the laundry room, washing wee little jeans and Hello Kitty underthings. 

In my “spare” time, I directed the three boys in their school work, but, frankly, we didn’t get done as much this week as we usually do.¬† More than half, but not much more.

Audrey is only 21 months old, but has had an interest in the whole potty business for quite a while.  So, last Friday, to her great delight, we stocked up on teensy tiny underthings  and a potty seat from Target, and the next day, set to work.

It didn’t go¬†as well as I had envisioned.¬† Given her great interest, and her seemingly complete grasp of the purpose and process, I thought it’d be a snap.¬† No such luck, though.¬† On Tuesday, my resolve was wearing thin, after four days of near-constant accidents, punctuated by¬†squeals and cries, tears and arguments when I would sigh, “I’m going to have to put a diaper on you.”¬†¬†In other words, Audrey’s heart was willing, but her body wasn’t cooperating.¬† My stepdad brought¬†some much-needed perspective, calling it simply a “timing issue.”¬†¬†I decided to persist.

After six days of frustration, yesterday,¬†other than one accident first thing in the morning, Audrey was dry all day.¬† I put a diaper on her for nap time, and¬†that was even dry upon her waking!¬† And, now I sit her on the potty, and the wait-time is nil;¬† she knows how to do her business “on demand.”

However, I was still greatly concerned, because she hadn’t pooped in three days.¬† I¬†figured it was¬†that she knew she was supposed to go in the potty, but she had “stage fright.”¬† Or something.¬† Finally, this morning, I decided I was going to sit with her basically forever, until she decided to go for it.¬† Now, I’m not a¬†potty slavedriver;¬† she has a nice padded seat by Munchkin, and¬†I gave her frequent “get down and shake out the legs” breaks, and did as many things as¬†I could think of to¬†change positions so she wouldn’t be too uncomfortable.¬† Almost two hours into our marathon potty session, she finally let it go, crouched on the¬†regular¬†toilet seat, with me holding her under her armpits.*¬† Woo-hoo!!¬† (Two hours was really, really long.¬† I’m very glad that it wasn’t that she was constipated or something, making her physically unable to poop.¬† But, I decided that she needed to go;¬† it had been three days since she had!¬† Apparently, she wasn’t going to go in her diaper.¬† And, she kept passing gas, letting me know that one was in there, waiting to come out.¬† So…¬† I hope I wasn’t a poop slave-driver.¬† It did work, and it doesn’t appear to have caused any emotional trauma.¬† But, two hours of Audrey mostly on the toilet was a really, really long time.)

After¬†Mission Poop Success, we went on errands and to the park, and were gone for over four hours, and didn’t have even one accident.¬† Granted, we took way more potty breaks than we normally would on a shopping trip, but that’s OK.¬†

Other than her overnight diaper, she hasn’t had an accident in nearly two days, so I think I can say Audrey’s officially potty trained.¬† I think.¬† I hope.¬† Sometimes¬†little ones regress, but I’m hoping that this is it.


 *I learned about two years ago that the non-Western way of going #2, which is basically to just crouch over a hole in the ground, and NOT to sit down as on a chair, is more anatomically efficient for the poop process, putting less strain on all muscles, joints, and tissues involved.

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