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I find this disturbing

I just clicked on the tag surfing button, then was reminded why I virtually never do that.

I find it really disturbing how many “sermon”-type posts are published in blogs.

Are people really getting their guidance from blogs?

Do those who post their (often) diatribes really think that they’re having an impact for Christ?

In my most charitable moments, trying to extend a wee bit of grace, at least, I think, “Well, maybe they’re pastors, and their intended audience is their own congregation.”

I dunno, though. 

It has the feeling of standing on a corner with a bullhorn, yelling the message of the Gospel, which, in my opinion, is really ineffective, and possibly doing more harm than good.  But, the guy with the bullhorn feels better after he steps down off the box, because he has “done something” for Christ.  Hm.

Most of those who post the kinds of sermons that really grate on me have eponymous blogs.  This bugs me.  It’s like, “I wanna make a name for myself, I want you to know my name, and, by the way, here are my thoughts about where you’re going astray, and a whole bunch of verses to back me up.”  That strikes me more as personal marketing than true Christianity.

It’s not that I think folks shouldn’t blog about their Christian convictions — anyone who’s read here for more than a few days knows that I’m a Christian.  But, the blog-preaching.  That really bothers me.  Where’s the relationship?  Where’s the accountability?  Where’s the love?  Where’s the church life? 

Again.  I dunno.  Maybe there are some far-flung folks around the world, who simply have no access to a Christian church, and who are eating all of it up, and who are very grateful to be preached to by a stranger.


It just doesn’t, somehow, seem right to me.

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