I’m three for four

Three of my four kids are now officially extreme talkers. 

My 6yo son is fairly quiet, usually, but my other two boys would talk to a rock if no one with ears was available.  Audrey, who is 2 years and four months, is quite the talker, too.  The conversational differences are dear to me.  She makes everything a family.  She turns peas into a Mommy Pea and a Daddy Pea and all the Children Peas.  She plays family with her fingers, even using a different voice for Daddy Finger and Baby Finger.  It’s sweet.

Every parent of a toddler has gone through this:  We’re transitioning to her toddler bed.  For the most part, it has worked well.  What hasn’t worked fantastically is her bounding out of bed an hour+ before the kids’ wake-up time, and not understanding why she just can’t go around and wake everyone up.

My policy is this:  Anyone who wakes up before 7:00 needs to just roll over and try to go back to sleep.  After 7:00, they can get a book, but have to get back in bed.  At 7:30, they may emerge from their bedrooms, and the day starts.

Today, Audrey woke at 6:15.  At least, she just hollered for me;  she didn’t come into my room and wake me.  (I usually get up between 6:30 and 7:00.)

Yesterday, she got up at 6:40.  I was awakened to her shrill voice in my ear, “Mommy!  I waked up!!!”

I ushered her back into her room, shushing her, as all of her sibs were still asleep.  She didn’t go back to sleep, but she was relatively quiet, just waiting in bed.

At 7:00, I brought her bottle into her, which is always met with the most heart-warming gratitude.  I sat down by her bed, stroking her hair, telling her I loved her.

She responds, “I love you, Mommy.  I love you, too.”

[pause]  She propped herself up on her elbows, and said with an air of seriousness and confidentiality, “I like to talk, Mommy.”  Another pause, to allow this to sink in.  Then, “I not like you say ‘stop talking’.” 

She was so serious about the whole thing, but I couldn’t help it.  I about busted a gut, laughing.  She just kept her lips pursed, waiting for me to take her seriously.  Finally, I managed, “You didn’t like it when I brought you back to bed, and was telling you to stop talking, to be quiet because the boys were sleeping?”

Very gravely, “No.  I not like that.  I need to talk.”

“Well, you speak very well, and I like to hear you talk most of the time.  But sometimes, it’s the right thing to be quiet, especially when people are sleeping, OK?”

Not convinced, she nonetheless agrees, “OK.”

I left her room, still laughing.


About Karen Joy

I'm a partially-homeschooling mother of six -- 3 boys ages 19, 17 and 15 years old, and three girls: 11, 8, and 3. I like birding, reading, writing, organic gardening, singing, playing guitar, hiking, the outdoors, and books. I very casually lead a very large group of homeschooling families in the Phoenix area. I have a dear hubby who designs homes for a local home builder and who is the worship pastor of our church. I live in the desert, which I used to hate, but now appreciate.

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  1. My son, Nathan (5) is the most talkative kid I’ve even known. Both my husband and myself are more quiet – at least we NEED quiet from time to time. It is a fine line letting him be the person God created him to be and also teaching him to respect other people’s needs (like ours!) Some days I’m just exhausted. He tends to wind up toward the end of the day and I frequently need to tell him to get a book and have a seat on the couch while making dinner. Thank God he loves books – it really helps because he becomes engrossed in them. He’s in bed at 7:00 and I breath a sigh of peace and quiet. I feel your pain.

  2. Talking! They never stop! We’ve got a “Everyone stays in bed until seven” rule which is a bit tricky when the four year old wakes up at 6 to 6:30 raring to go. At least he usually stays in his room. The nine month old, of course, wakes at 5:30 and frequently isn’t having any of that ‘going back to sleep’ nonsense…

  3. 4 of my kids are talkers. But especially the 6yo. Case in point, at the doctor today she just keeps on talking after the doc finally had to turn her back on her just so she could finish with the child that was actually being loked at.
    This was after I threatened her several times to be quiet.

    But with the other ones it helps for them to make friends when they are in a new place. They never leave without a friend. In fact we have had people ask us to bring them to certain places, because they know they will talk to the non-talkers whether they like it or not.

  4. Precious.

    My Little Critter is a non-stop Chatter box. Daddy calls her a sports caster because she describes every single detail of everything.

    I love her sweet voice, but sometimes, I would love a few minutes without hearing it!


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