Except for my foot in my mouth, it was a good day

Today was one of those days I normally dread, even when not pregnant.  I just don’t like to be busy, busy, busy.  And, before I found out about having celiac disease, I had been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and I would literally weep with dread of the exhaustion ahead of me if I had to be away from home for more than three hours.  It turns out that 90% of my fatigue was healed/corrected by being on a gluten-free diet, so things aren’t nearly that bad any more, but I still tire very easily.  And, now, being 34 weeks pregnant with four kids…  It could have been terrible.  Bless God, it wasn’t.

I left home at 7:15, and just got home at 4:00, after being gone continually.  Maybe that’s not a big deal to all of you hyper-busy moms, but for me, it’s not the norm.  I like to be at home, and only leave on Fridays, semi-begrudgingly, to the library and errands.  Well, I guess I grocery shop, too.  And go to church.  And kinship/Bible study.  Still.  I don’t like being gone excessively, and the thought of being out for nearly nine hours running around would usually bring on some dread.

But, largely because of my kids’ excellent behavior, the day went great.  Well, except I kept internally cringing, thinking about a faux pas I said, unknowingly, more than a month ago to my doctor, and now I have a month of embarrassment to catch up on.  More on that in a bit.  Can you feel the suspense?  Resist the urge to scroll down.  😉

It started with a 7:45 doctor appointment, to be known as When Karen Puts Her Foot Down.  It was a good appointment — I lost another pound, according to the doctor’s scales, and he was happy with that.  I told the doc that I was — obviously — being careful to follow his instructions about limiting my carbs, but that I didn’t want any more talk from him about inducing.  I have had four children, large ones, with no medical intervention at all, and I plan on having our 5th the same way.  I told him that I understood that he was following his history of medical wisdom, and statistics and all of that, and that I was aware that he is reasonable to be concerned about me having a large baby and bleeding excessively, etc., but that I was not worried, and my baby is going to come when she’s ready.  He said, “OK.”  With a smile.  That was pretty much it.  He did say that if/when I reach 40 weeks, he’d like to do another ultrasound just to see how much fluid I have, and the state of my placenta, to which I basically responded, “We’ll cross that road when we come to it.”  I have absolutely nothing against ultrasounds, but my husband is skeptical, and would prefer me to have no more.  So, we’ll just pray that I have the baby before then.  He did acknowledge that, since at this point of gestation, the baby gains one pound every two weeks, and based on my ultrasound from two weeks ago, even if I went to 40 weeks 4 days, the baby would still only be 8 lbs 12 oz, which would be my smallest.

I felt good about that.

Then, I walked out of the exam room, and ran into a friend from high school, Erica.  We have mutual friends with whom we still keep up, but I haven’t seen Erica since we graduated.  In 1991.  Nevertheless, we warmly greeted each other, and spent about 15 minutes in the hall, catching up — she was early for her appointment and had the time, and I was on my way out.  At the end of our very pleasant conversation, she said with a giggle, “I LOVE Dr. McKernan.  Cute Mormon man.”

I about choked.

Now, you have to understand — the Phoenix area has a VERY high Mormon population, and it often gets assumed that I am Mormon when I meet someone, just because I’m pregnant with my fifth baby, and Mormons tend to have large families.  My husband has been asked about it, too — if we’re Mormon.  Or, people make jokes about me converting, or something along those lines.

So, when I first met Dr. McKernan, I told him, “No, this wasn’t an accident, and we’re not Mormon.  We just wanted five children, which I realize is unusual these days.”  He didn’t bat an eye, but let me know about a non-Mormon family, for whom he’d delivered their 8th child, just that morning.


I wish I could take back that “I’m not Mormon” bit.  Eek.


Then, I went to the adjoining hospital and pre-registered, which puts me at peace, knowing that whenever I go into labor, I can just waltz in without sigining a bunch of papers, or answering a lot of questions from women carrying clipboards as I’m trying to labor.  😀  Well, I wouldn’t “waltz in,” as I make it my aim to arrive at the hospital when I’m in the full throes of labor, so that I don’t have to lie around in bed being prodded by nurses for endless hours.  So, waltzing is out.  But, you know what I mean.

Then, my hubby met me in the parking lot with a truckful of kids, and we made a pleasant handoff…

From there, with the kids, I was going to drive ALL over town, literally around 75 miles, to pick up the stroller, cradle and cradle bedding I’d made arrangements to purchase from Craigslist.  However, the the farthest seller said, “Well, I have some returns to make…” literally two miles down the road from my doctor’s.  So, stroller purchased.  And, the lady who lived the second farthest said, “Well, I work…” just another two miles down the road.  So, bedding purchased.  And the lady with the cradle lived right by me all along.  Cool, eh? 

I am SUCH not a haggler;  that makes me so uncomfortable.  However, it’s a good thing that my hubby encouraged me to talk the stroller-lady down on her price in advance, because it really wasn’t in as-good condition as she had advertised.  And, it’s EXTRA-good that I didn’t have to drive 60 miles round-trip to discover that.  I still bought it, but I’m a tad miffed because to me, “excellent condition” does not mean “well-used and dusty with a broken buckle and a rip in the handle.”  Still.  It’s the exact stroller I wanted, and it’ll be fine.

Then, we went to Costco, where the kids remained well-behaved.  Shocking, but pleasant.

Then, we went out to lunch at Burger King, where, instead of ordering my standard Whopper with no bun, I happily ordered the Tender Grill salad, which I recently found out is gluten-free.  My shock at its $5.49 price tag was lessened by the fact that I had a different coupon which saved me more than $4 on the boys’ food.  So, all was well.

Then to the library for about an hour, then home.

All very pedestrian to anyone who is still reading, I’m sure.  But, here I sit with a silly grin on my face, just so pleased at the grace of God who allowed my kids to be fantastic — pleasant and obedient, and my energy to hold out.  I feel GREAT having a few baby needs taken care of, to be on the same page (mostly) with my doctor, and to be pre-registered at the hospital.  I feel a million pounds lighter, mentally.

And, I have a wonderful husband who didn’t bat an eye about going into work late, getting our four kids ready for the day, feeding them breakfast…  NONE of the boys had combed their hair, but that was remedied by a cup of water borrowed from the lady who sold the cradle to me, and the comb in the diaperbag.  All was well.  🙂


About Karen Joy

I'm a partially-homeschooling mother of six -- 3 boys ages 19, 17 and 15 years old, and three girls: 11, 8, and 3. I like birding, reading, writing, organic gardening, singing, playing guitar, hiking, the outdoors, and books. I very casually lead a very large group of homeschooling families in the Phoenix area. I have a dear hubby who designs homes for a local home builder and who is the worship pastor of our church. I live in the desert, which I used to hate, but now appreciate.

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  1. Sounds like a busy day to anyone!!! All this running is killing me! Maybe if I can finally manage to get all the gluten out if my diet… It is so much easier to keep my kids on a strict diet. 🙂

    So glad to hear things are working out with the new doctor!


  2. Love your blog…I was diagnosed in March with Celiac and have had quite a few ups and downs, especially since being pregnant. I wouldn’t worry about the Mormon comment…We Mormon’s have a good sense of humor, haha…I’m sure he didn’t think a thing.

  3. People have asked us if we are Mormons, too.

    Oh brother!

  4. That’s funny about the Mormon comment. I’m sure he didn’t think another thing of it.

    People here usually ask if someone is Catholic. [sarcasm]Apparently no other faiths like children.[/sarcasm]

    I don’t like to be hyper-busy either. I have two speeds: slow and neutral. But I have found that slow isn’t as slow as it was pre GF, and neutral is hardly ever used lately.

    What a blessing that your kids did so well! I’m so relieved for you!

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