An unfortunately recurring theme.

Well.  Every pregnancy is different, I know, but I don’t like this sort of “different” right now.  It’s frustrating…  I’m trying to be at peace, and just go about daily life, but honestly, I’d really just like to birth a baby.

I had contractions start yesterday evening at about 5:00, right after we arrived for my two older boys’ baseball game.  They started about ten minutes apart, and by 9:00, they were about 4-5 minutes apart.  They never hurt, but they were definitely there, not an, “I think I just had a contraction” kind of thing.  My mom & stepdad, who will be staying with our kids when we go to the hospital, went to the game, and came home for dinner afterwards.  My mom said, “So, do you want us to stay, so that your contractions will stop?  Or do you want us to go home so that your water will break?”  Hehehe.  They stayed, the contractions didn’t stop, but neither did my water break.  But… they went home at about 6:30 this morning, since the contractions didn’t seem to be leading anywhere.

We’ve done about everything we can think of to help the contractions strengthen and increase, but still, they stopped, it appears, about an hour ago.  More than 21 hours of contractions, never less than 12 minutes apart, frequently up to four minutes apart, and no baby.  😦

I went through something similar last Thursday, where I had about 17 hours of ctx, but they were much further apart, and not nearly as strong.

My dear hubby ended up taking the day off of work, because this morning, it looked like we were really going to have a baby.  He’s ended up going grocery shopping (two different stores), playing cards with the boys, and just generally hanging out with all of us, which is nice…  We always enjoy his presence here at home.  But, he’s here because we were hoping for a baby.  Oh, well.

For my part, I have spent most of the day on my feet…  I’m tired — only slept a combined about 5.5 hours last night — but the ctx are always stronger and more frequent when I’m mobile.  I’ve thoroughly cleaned the kitchen, made 24 pumpkin/spice/raisin muffins, mixed up some gluten-free flour mix, put dinner for tonight into the crockpot, and… well, that’s about it.  I did take a 1.5 mile walk this morning, too…  And make lunch for everyone.  🙂  It’s 3:41, and I’d like to go take a nap, but there are a few more things on my list I’d like to finish before I crash…


About Karen Joy

I'm a partially-homeschooling mother of six -- 3 boys ages 19, 17 and 15 years old, and three girls: 11, 8, and 3. I like birding, reading, writing, organic gardening, singing, playing guitar, hiking, the outdoors, and books. I very casually lead a very large group of homeschooling families in the Phoenix area. I have a dear hubby who designs homes for a local home builder and who is the worship pastor of our church. I live in the desert, which I used to hate, but now appreciate.

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  1. I love reading how human you are (weight gain in the previous post, etc…). You have done amazing with the diet plan this round! I doubt I would have the will power.

    Sending lots of positive energy your way… hoping baby Fiala makes her presence seen very soon!


  2. If your water is still intact, you might take your husband aside, close the door and have some honey-time. It can encourage those contractions and release a burst of oxytocin.


  3. I was going to say what Daja said but now I dont’ need too.

    I hope it happens soon for you. I know how frustrating it gets at the end.

    Maybe this means when it is real, you won’t have time to get to the hospital and your husabnd will need to deliver it and you won’t have to worry at all about that wishy-washy doctor. LOL!

  4. You’re getting an awful lot of labor done ahead of time! Good for you! 🙂

    Praying for peace and rest for you as you await Fiala’s arrival,


  5. My friend had this for about two weeks before her son was born (I think that is a pretty extreme circumstance, mind you!) but when he was born, she had a short labour and easy birth. (Hmmm, then again, when can it be “easy”, oh well, you know what I mean!) Her recommendation was going for long walks, but you’ve already done that. I get the vibes that the baby-o will be here very soon. Take care!!!!

  6. Well, Karen Joy, I came to “visit” your site to see what great gluten-free Halloween ideas you might have (since you graciously let me link to your gingerbread house last year) and here I find you’re on the verge of giving birth! I hope all goes smoothly. I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers!

  7. I just found your blog while doing a web-search on abortion rates for Downs babies. The search engine linked me to an old post you wrote about that – musing about having a 5th child at your, um, advanced age! (I’m 41 and would love to have another child)

    What a happy circumstance that I then found your most current post which is about the upcoming birth of your 5th child! Congratulations and blessings to your family.

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