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I got this meme from my Uncle Steve, who just had a birthday.  He turned 49.  I found that somewhat startling, because though I could easily have found out his age, I guess I thought he was a little younger.  I think that’s partly because he’s my dad’s youngest brother (and my dad is 5th of 12), and partly because he has kids that are my kids’ ages, and I rather viewed (view?) him as a contemporary.  He is in the same decade as my husband, who is weeks away from turning 42.  Still, things keep happening to me to make me feel like, much as I resist the feeling, I’m actually getting older, as are the people around me.  (For the record, I’m 35.)

Anyways, Steve… not to make you feel badly for being so old.  😉

Now, for the meme.

1.  Who is your most frequent commenter on your blog?

Oh, my.  Doesn’t WordPress have a statcounter for this??  Apparently not.  Lately, it might be Christy at Zimm’s Zoo.

2.  Do you return the favor and comment at their site?

I don’t know if Christy would consider it a favor, as half of my comments have been, “I want your stuff” from the ultra-cool diaper bag she made, to the 30 quart bags of blueberries she got from a friend.

3.  Whose comments inspire you or force you to reconsider your opinions?

Most certainly Daja.  Well, re-reading the question, I think her POSTS inspire me, as they are frequently much better-thought-out and/or much-better-researched posts on things that are muddling around as half-thoughts in my own head.  In my observation, women make up about 95% of the blogs I read, and who comments on my own blog.  And, women (myself included) tend to comment along the lines of, “Wow, me too!” or, “Thanks!  That helped!!” instead of, “You flamin’ idiot!  How could you THINK that???” …so I don’t get all that many comments from people who are outright disagreeing with me.

4.  On which two blogs do you comment most frequently?

Umm…  My comments are spread far and wide.  I have about 30 blogs that I read regularly — daily or nearly so — and an additional 10-20 that I read occasionally, and I just comment when I have a comment.

5.  Have you ever commented on a blog just to ‘stir the pot’?

(To ditto what Steve said:)  Once in a great while.  When I see one-sided attacks on faith or political issues that concern me I’ll leap in.  (My own observation:  This doesn’t work well, usually.  It can lead to attackers on my own blog, and hasn’t yet led anyone — that I know of — to change their minds.  I have found that great (or not) minds think alike, and folks of similar persuasions tend to flock to each other’s blogs, and naysayers aren’t usually received very kindly.)

6.  Have your ever posted a comment because someone wrote something that infuriated you?

I don’t think so.  I tend not to get infuriated in general.  And, the question seems unclear to me.  Commented on my own blog?  On the blog of the person who has infuriated me?

7.  Have you ever banned commenters/trolls?  Ever been banned?

Yes, but only two have been banned from my own blog, and that’s for being posting comments that have attacked me personally, and only after private appeals have had no effect.  I have not been banned anywhere as far as I know.

8.  Which post on your blog has generated the most comments.  Why?  (Provide a link to the post.)

Two posts:  Big Batch Christmas/Sugar Cookies (27, 299 hits, 83 comments) and Cutting Teeth Out of Order (12, 827 hits and 76 comments).  I think they’ve both gotten the hits & comments because they a) fill a niche need, and b) if you Google them, those posts generally are in the top 2-3 results returned.  Well, and the cookie one has generated comments that are questions about ingredients or preparation, and the second has generated comments along the lines of, “Thanks!  I thought my baby was the only one!!”

9.  Which topic (as opposed to a specific post) generates the most comments?

Just mothering and family life.

10.  Have you ever commented on a blog and purposely disguised your info so that you or your blog couldn’t be identified?

Never.  Own your opinions.

11.  Do you post about controversial topics (politics, religion, social issues)?  Do you receive comments from opposing viewpoints?  Are they civil?

Yes and yes, although I have been challenged by others’ blogs to really get MORE specific and “controversial.”  I guess I enjoy blogging more as a… well, log of life.  I enjoy being of help to others and providing some interesting reading for others.  I have little desire to really be the firebrand that perhaps I was in my past — there are others who have the brain-power to say things much more wittily than I, and have the time, apparently, to research things much more in-depth than I, so for the most part, the really hot topics I tend to leave to others.  However, if I’m thinking something that’s controversial, I won’t NOT post it even if I suspect it will encourage troll-like comments or otherwise be controversial.  I sometimes receive comments from opposing viewpoints — like the girl who recently commented pro-abortion on an pro-life post of mine.  And, around the time of the Republican primary, I got lots of anti-McCain traffic/comments.  And, some of the homeschooling posts have generated some heat.  Generally, folks are civil (see #3 above).

That’s it!  I’m not tagging anyone, because I just tagged seven (well, six) people earlier this week… last week?  and I fear over-tagging.  Don’t want to wear out my welcome.  🙂


About Karen Joy

I'm a partially-homeschooling mother of six -- 3 boys ages 19, 17 and 15 years old, and three girls: 11, 8, and 3. I like birding, reading, writing, organic gardening, singing, playing guitar, hiking, the outdoors, and books. I very casually lead a very large group of homeschooling families in the Phoenix area. I have a dear hubby who designs homes for a local home builder and who is the worship pastor of our church. I live in the desert, which I used to hate, but now appreciate.

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  1. YOU could NEVER wear out your welcome!!!

    I am so flattered that **I** inspire YOU! You inspire me all the time!

    (Oh, and I am really sorry about commenting about not liking McCain. Although not the Reagan conservative that I would have liked, I really grew to respect him through the campaign. I can totally see why you like having him represent your state in Congress! It was with great reluctance that I took down our McCain/Palin signs!)

  2. Your answers are hilarious. Daja’s blog makes me think too. That is how I found your blog.

    My answers would (in general) would be pretty close to yours. But I did comment anonymously once. I agreed with the author, but she had received around 100 very ugly comments (why are people so ugly when it comes to life?) and I didn’t want them attacking my family too. I wanted to support the author without being a victim. I know that is terrible. Otherwise I always sign my comments.

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