Jack’s Big Music Show is the new-old Austin City Limits

Recently, we — thanks to my 2yo Audrey’s insatiable appetite for Noggin — started watching Jack’s Big Music Show.  (See the page on Wikipedia, too!  It’s great for episode info.)  I’ve decided that Jack’s Big Music Show is very much like a preschool version of the  “old format” Austin City Limits, when ACL … limited itself to American roots music:  roots rock, folk, blues, old-style country, and various high-quality music that was impossible to stuff into a genre.  But, now that ACL changed its standards and is populated by the likes of Coldplay and Jamie Cullum (who are fine musicians;  I just don’t think they belong on a show that was created to celebrate American roots music), those roots muscians, apparently, have to find an outlet on shows like Jack’s Big Music Show

In one episode, Jack was “playing” electric guitar, and I thought, “That sounds like Buddy Guy!”  (I’m not an expert on blues, but I have always loved the tone of Guy’s guitar.  And, Buddy used to be a regular on ACL.)  And, sure enough, in walks Guy with his polka-dot Strat.

On yesterday’s episode, which was surely a rerun, there was some absolutely fantastic music.  I wasn’t familiar with either of the musicians, but now…  I’ve been combing the internet — YouTube, especially — for both Andrew Bird and Nuttin’ But Stringz.  I absolutely loved both spots on Noggin…  Those men belong on Austin City Limits, but until then, Noggin and YouTube will suffice.  😀

(Apparently, Nuttin’ But Stringz was on America’s Got Talent, but I don’t watch shows with incorrect grammar.  Just kidding.  I have seen, I think, half an episode of America’s Got Talent, but David Hasselhoff drives me nuts, and not in a good way.)

*Please* view these, especially the Nuttin’ But Stringz clip.  It’ll blow you away.  Well, it’ll blow you away if you like the same kind of music I do, and/or if violin-based hip hop sounds intriguing to you.

Nuttin’ But Stringz does Thunder on Jack’s Big Music Show:

Andrew Bird as “Dr. Strings”:

(Of note, Andrew Bird did, apparently, perform at the 2007 Austin City Limits Music Festival live, but to my knowledge, has never been on a episode of the TV show.)


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  1. This is awesome. They’re legit string players too. Revitalize classical! hahah. Cool video. Though the little kids running around dancing kinda creeps me out.

    ~ C.H.
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  2. I generally ignore television (it’s easy, no cable!), but I couldn’t help but wonder if this show was any good after Jimmy Eat World played a couple songs on the show.

    Well, if you’re gonna promote music, at least they’ve chosen a couple good groups. Plus JEW is Arizona-native.


    Probably still won’t watch Noggin though.


  3. I am going to come back and watch these when the zookeeper can watch them with me too. He is a HUGE music fan and I thought that he might enjoy them. I have never heard of noggin. or this show either. Might have to check into them.

  4. !!!!!!!!sorry to break the news but Jack’s Big Music Show is no longer in production……it is really sad to see one of tv’s best shows for kids not being produced….

    see this blog for more info and Noggin contact info:


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