Mom & Baby GIVEAWAY!!!

One of the perks of blogging that was entirely unexpected by me is that periodically, I’ll be contacted by companies with offers of free stuff that they want me to review and/or promote.  So far, I have not had much success with what has been sent my way;  I haven’t liked the items, or haven’t found any need for them.  Rather than posting a negative review, I just don’t say anything.

This time, though, I’m SO HAPPY to say that I was recently sent some items, some of which even exceeded my expectations!  The company sent me some extra product, so I’m thrilled to offer my first GIVEAWAY, one for mom & baby.

Here are the four items — all going to one winner — included in the giveaway:

Here’s how you enter:  Simply post a comment! (Feel free to forward a link to anyone you know who might be interested, as well — anyone is welcome to participate!)  The winner will be selected at random in one week’s time – Wednesday the 11th of February, 2009.  When you fill out the comment form, make sure you include an e-mail address that you check regularly.  (No one besides me will be able to see your e-mail addy.)  I will contact the winner by e-mail, offer my congrats, and ask for a mailing address.  The only bummer is that, since these items are fairly heavy and postage is pricey, you can only play if you live in the U.S.


pHisoderm baby gel washMy favorite product is the pHisoderm Baby (or is it Baby pHisoderm?) tear-free gel wash.  I am constantly dissatisfied with baby products.  Something always seems to be not-quite-right.  Either it’s chock-full of chemicals, or it’s “all natural” yet contains an ingredient to which one or more of my children are allergic, or I don’t like the scent, or it doesn’t seem to clean well, or it only works on hair and not on body, or vice versa, or something with which I’m not satisfied.  While this gel wash isn’t 100% perfect, it is the best baby wash product I think I have ever used.  I just wish that it had a different scent.  I just don’t like the smell of baby powder, and this wash has a “powder fresh scent.”  Thankfully, it’s a gentle scent, and not too cloying, so it’s not enough of a drawback for me to stop using it.  I also wish that, like the pHisoderm body wash, the baby gel wash was aloe-based.  Still, there’s much to like with the baby tear-free gel wash:

  • It leaves my baby’s skin so soft that I don’t even need to use lotion after she leaves the tub (baby lotion is another troublesome area for me.  Maybe pHisoderm could make baby lotion!).  You know that stretched, shiny, dry skin that many washes produce?  Not this.  It truly leaves the skin soft.
  • It has great lather.  A little goes a long way.
  • It can be used on both body and hair.  However, it would have been nice if  the bottle was a little more clear that “head to toe” includes hair.  I was a little unsure, and have used it on my girls’ hair with a bit of trepidation, only to find out later from the marketing executive who sent the products to me that the gel wash, unlike the cream wash, is meant for hair, too.
  • It is phthalate-free, in both its packaging and in the product itself.  So, while the wash isn’t “all natural,” at least pHisoderm is caring for our babies’ health.
  • It controls (or at least, doesn’t exacerbate) cradle cap.  Both my three-month-old baby and my two-and-a-half year old girls have cradle cap!  Normally, I use a brand-name baby wash, which smells heavenly, but doesn’t help the cradle cap at all.  I keep the girls’ cradle cap under control with weekly washes of Neutrogena’s T-Sal shampoo, but I have long suspected that if I got the right shampoo, neither girl would have cradle cap.  Sure enough, after two weeks of using pHisoderm baby gel wash, both girls’ cradle cap has been reduced by, oh, a good 95%, without using T-Sal.
  • I asked my other kids to use it, just to see what they thought.  My 9yo son said, “It makes my skin feel nice, and makes lots of bubbles, but I don’t like the smell.”  Maybe the aversion to baby powder scent is genetic!!

To my surprise, the product I was least satisfied with is Lansinoh’s Diaper Rash Ointment.  I am a HUGE fan of Lansinoh lanolin; almost daily I find a new use for it.  It is my healing salve of choice for mommy and kids alike.  So, I was certain I would adore the diaper rash ointment.  Um, no.  Especially since the product rubs in clear, it seems to me that the ointment might be best as a general emolliment for dry skin or abrasions, not in the diaper area.  As an actual diaper rash ointment, I have several concerns about it:

  • It has such a light, fine, whipped texture, and absorbs so completely into baby’s skin that it does not seem to form an adequate barrier to protect against diaper rash.
  • Nor does it seem to actually help in healing diaper rash, at least not any better than the standard practice of letting the cleansed baby skin dry before putting on ointment and a dry diaper.
  • According to the packaging, the ointment should never be exposed to temperatures above 78 degrees F.  In the winter, that’s rarely a problem.  However, in summer, we keep our thermostat set at 79.  Plus, all the time spent in warm diaper bags, to and from the truck, out in the park, on walks, etc., it would regularly be exposed to temperatures above 78.  It is my guess that, due to its light texture, it would melt at even slightly warm temperatures.  Not good for anyone living in a warm climate, let alone the harsh desert heat of the Phoenix area, where I live.
  • The cost is prohibitive.  I saw it at my local Target for $6.99, more double to more-than-triple the cost of any other brand of diaper rash ointment.  Maybe if it was jaw-droppingly effective, I would spend that sort of money.  But… combined with its drawbacks, I’m just not going to shell out the dough for it.

anti-blemish-group-2As part of the giveaway, I am including pHisoderm’s anti-blemish cleansing pads and gel facial wash.  However, I didn’t actually use those products; I wanted to reserve them for the giveaway!  What I did use was the anti-blemish body wash.  I really, really love it, and will most definitely be buying it when my bottle runs out.  Here’s what I like:

  • The scent.  It’s heavenly.  Light, fresh, slightly floral, a natural-smelling “green” scent.  Love it.
  • I am thrilled that the first ingredient of this wash is aloe juice (aloe barbadensis leaf juice, to be exact).  The second ingredient?  Anhydrous citric acid.  (Citric acid is the “sour” in citrus fruit.)  The third ingredient?  Chamomile extract.  Unlike many products that tout themselves as being natural, yet only throw in a teensy bit of plant-derived ingredients, this product is chock-full of them!  (Given that the main ingredient of this wash is aloe juice, it has a slightly slippery texture, which is hard to describe.  Though certainly not unpleasant, it does feel differently than other gel washes I have used.)
  • For those who can be chintzy, like me, or for those (again, like me) who get annoyed using twenty-six billion different products, it’s nice to have one product that has multiple uses.  The front of the package says “body wash.”  The back of the bottle says “treats and helps prevent acne blemishes on the body and face.”  This product could easily be used as just a face wash.
  • Again, since this product is pH balanced, skin feels cleansed, but not dry, taut, or itchy.

I do have a couple concerns or wishes:

  • It would be lovely if pHisoderm made an identical, but unmedicated version of this body wash.  Salicylic acid, its active anti-blemish ingredient, is very effective in dealing with acne.  However, as a nursing mother, I have concerns with drenching my body with 2% salicylic acid every time I wash;  though it has been reported that salicylic acid “seems” safe for nursing babies, I am loathe to expose my nursing daughter to more chemicals than necessary.  So, I am using the wash only twice a week or so.
  • Similarly, I wish the baby wash could be aloe-based, like the anti-blemish body wash!  If it didn’t contain the salicylic acid, I would jump at using the body wash for my kids.

So… that’s it!!  My dear regular readers, lurkers, and newbies alike are all encouraged to enter!


About Karen Joy

I'm a partially-homeschooling mother of six -- 3 boys ages 19, 17 and 15 years old, and three girls: 11, 8, and 3. I like birding, reading, writing, organic gardening, singing, playing guitar, hiking, the outdoors, and books. I very casually lead a very large group of homeschooling families in the Phoenix area. I have a dear hubby who designs homes for a local home builder and who is the worship pastor of our church. I live in the desert, which I used to hate, but now appreciate.

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  1. Don’t encourage to many people to enter. I want to win. I will definitely NOT be posting this on my blog so there!

  2. Oh, my youngest has super sensitive skin, and I would love to try the pHisoderm on him. And my second kid has super dry skin, maybe it would help him.

    And i struggle with acne and sensitive skin…so I think I should definitely win this giveaway! 🙂

  3. glutenfree4goofs

    Goody! 🙂 How fun! I love lansino for mom and baby! It was a lifesaver with my first, when I was learning to nurse and has been a staple with every other child. It makes a good baby gift too. Thanks for sharing! Ya, I agree with christy hush hush! 🙂

  4. thanks for a wonderful giveaway

  5. These products sound great.

  6. I used a sample of the Lansinoh’s Diaper Rash Ointment it worked GREAT. This would be awsome to get I can’t find it anywhere. =]

  7. Looks like it would make a great baby gift…..

  8. What a lovely giveaway, thanks for the chance to win it!

  9. My husband has commented on your blog a few times and he thought your giveaway was one of the coolest things he’d ever seen! I’m 5 months pregnant with our first child and I have to say that I am totally overwhelmed with the number of baby products out there. I’d be interested in trying the ones you’ve reviewed. I’ve also always had very difficult skin, and since I got pregnant my face is completely dry to the point where I’ve had to give up all acne products (though I still get breakouts anyway!) and my back and chest have started breaking out worse than summer time during my teen years. Even my scalp has been reacting, flaking like crazy and not responding to any dandruff product I dare try. Plus, I am wary of the concerns with using salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide while pregnant or breastfeeding. While I’m not ready to give up all body products (like deoderant), I use my latest dandruff shampoo (Neutrogena T-Gel), only once a week, just to be safe. Sorry, so long winded. My husband has been pestering me to check out your site for a while.

  10. Thanks for a great giveaway 🙂
    angelacisco at

  11. This would be really nice to have! Thank you for offering this giveaway! eyeslikesugar [at] gmail [dot] com

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