SoftLips Pure Review and Giveaway!!

First off, please let me express my apologies to the winner of my last giveaway, who had to wait a Long Time for her package, and in fact probably hasn’t received it yet, though it is (truly!) in the mail.  Partly, I was waylaid by illness that struck here with a stranglehold for a good 2½ weeks, but most of the delay was caused by a) my fear and loathing of five-kids-in-the-post-office, and b) my simple, regrettable forgetfulness.

This time, I should be much more prompt, as I can pop the items into a padded envelope, slap some stamps on, and put it in my neighborhood’s outgoing mail box.

Now, onto the real purpose of this post.

Pomegranate SoftLips Pure

Pomegranate SoftLips Pure

When I agreed to review SoftLips Pure lip conditioners, I told the very understanding marketing exec that if I liked it (or mostly liked it), I would post a positive review.  If I didn’t like it, I just would post anything at all.  She agreed (unlike some other pushy marketers who have sent me stuff, in the past).  So… hopefully, y’all will believe that I’m being as unbiased as I can when I say:

I LOVE this product!!!

Here’s my probably-too-wordy explanation of how/why I love SoftLips Pure:

I am comparing SoftLips Pure to my normal lip conditioner, Melaleuca’s Sun Shades lip balm, which costs me about $2.25 a pop.  I also use the pricey Nicole Miller Lip Treatment, which is about $12.50 each.  I have also used Blistex products and Carmex in the past.  And, my husband uses Burt’s Bees lip balm, so I checked into that, as well.

I like the Melaleuca and Nicole Miller products all right, but they’re only partly-natural.  I would prefer to put something 100% natural on my lips.  However, they do work well, and they’re handy for me, because I’m already a Melaleuca customer, so I order both products online (Melaleuca produces Nicole Miller’s beauty products, though I think they can also be found in high-end department stores).

SoftLips Pure glides on smooth and light, like Nicole Miller Lip Treatment (and unlike Sun Shades lip balm, which feels a little thick).  For me, SoftLips Pure provides the perfect balance of texture and coverage.

My husband likes Burt’s Bees, and I do, too, when I borrow his.  But, whenever I’ve looked at the stand inside of the various stores that carry Burt’s Bees products, it seems like everything is $8 or more.  So… I was a bit surprised, as I was doing my research for this review, that the most comparable Burt’s Bees product, their plain beeswax lip balm, is the same price as SoftLips Pure, about $2.99.  BUT, Burt’s Bee’s is not totally natural (though, according to its own website, the beeswax lipbalm is 95.29% natural), and Burt’s Bees is not organic.

Since I use lip balm/lip conditioner at least 2-4 times a day, it matters to me, when I’m comparing one product against another, whether or not something is organic.  Honestly, most of the time, I can’t afford the organic kinds of whatever.  But, SoftLips Pure is totally natural, 95% organic, and is even gluten-free!  Plus, it’s only $2.99 per tube, and widely available (I saw some on the shelf at Target).

I also am thrilled that it contains only plant extracts.  In general, petroleum-based products are good at retaining moisture, and plant oils are good at delivering moisture.  So, if your lips are already dry or chapped, a petroleum-based product isn’t going to do you any good.  If you have seriously dry lips, or live in a very dry climate (like mine), you need a lip conditioner that has a plant-oil base, like SoftLips Pure.

Not only does it deliver the moisture, the moisture lasts.  After applying SoftLips Pure, I can smooth my lips together 2-3 hours later, and it’s still there (unlike my Nicole Miller Lip Treatment, which feels fabulous, but wears off — or something — only 30 minutes later or so).

Honeydew SoftLips Pure

Honeydew SoftLips Pure

Currently, SoftLips Pure comes in two flavors:  pomegranate and honeydew.  I thought I’d adore pomegranate, and was kind of like, “Meh” about honeydew.  Turns out that I liked the scent of the pomegranate one only OK, and I really, really like the honeydew one.

The only thing that’s perhaps not to love is the size.  It’s a dinky 0.07 oz (2g) container.  It’s packaged in a fairly long tube.  I thought, “Is this trick packaging?  Did they really fill the tube full, or is it one big tube with only a smidge of lip balm at the top?”  So, after a couple of test swirls, raising and lowering the pomegranate one (can you see where this is heading?), I went for it, and twisted the entire lip balm out of its container.  The good news is that it’s not just inflated packaging;  the balm fills the entire tube.  The bad news is that once the whole thing was out, I couldn’t get it back down, and ended up pitching the whole thing in the trash.  😦  Bummer.

Since that time, I have been daily using the honeydew flavor/scent for more than a month (it’s in my pocket right now!), and it’s still not gone.  So, even though it seems like a small amount of product, it lasts a reasonable length of time.

Also… I asked my husband, who even uses Burt’s Bees pomegranate lip balm, which is colored red (though it doesn’t tint the lips), if he would use a product called “SoftLips.”  He replied, “Nooo… but I would gladly kiss your soft lips!”  And he did.  😉  So, unlike a product like ChapStik, or Burt’s Bees, which can be marketed to both men and women, SoftLips, though its ingredients would be totally fine for a man, seems to be marketed just for women.

I will still buy Melaleuca Sun Shades lip balm for my kids.  But, I will never order Nicole Miller’s Lip Treatment again.  At $12.50, it’s just not worth it.  I’m happily replacing it with SoftLips Pure.

Great product, very reasonable price, widely available…  That’s a keeper, in my book.

So… you wanna win some??  Please leave a comment below, and if you have a blog, please provide a link back to this post.  (The last giveaway only reaped 11 respondants, and I’d like to share the love a little more than that.)  On Wednesday, March 18, I will pick TWO WINNERS at random, who will each receive one honeydew and one pomegranate SoftLips Pure.


About Karen Joy

I'm a partially-homeschooling mother of six -- 3 boys ages 19, 17 and 15 years old, and three girls: 11, 8, and 3. I like birding, reading, writing, organic gardening, singing, playing guitar, hiking, the outdoors, and books. I very casually lead a very large group of homeschooling families in the Phoenix area. I have a dear hubby who designs homes for a local home builder and who is the worship pastor of our church. I live in the desert, which I used to hate, but now appreciate.

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  1. hello
    Lisa A

  2. My lips could use this!

  3. ok – you and I both know that I have some of the largest lips around, so therefore I should, by default, win this contest. You can’t have these big luscious lips and not use some kind of lip balm on them, especially in the winter months of the mid-west. So there you go, two reasons, mid-west winters and your friend with the biggest lips. 🙂

  4. Mmm… Softlips. I used to use that brand…not sure why I got away from them. I didn’t know they had organic. Very nice.

  5. I’ve loved SoftLips in the past, and the fact that it’s 95% organic is exciting! Yes, please. 🙂

  6. I love softlips. They have the best stuff and my lips get so dry during the winter that I need this!

  7. I can beat that one. My lips are not lucious at all, especially since they are always parched by the dryness of the area I live in. I live in CO and am ALWAYS having to apply moistener to my lips unless I want them to look like shriveled up tree stumps. So please let me try the softlips…I would love to be able to be stump free!! 🙂

  8. I have seen this at the store and did not know it was all natural, mostly organic AND gluten-free!! I’m getting some!! (I currently use Burt’s Bees)… of course, if I win your contest, I won’t have to buy it to try it. lol. 🙂

  9. How cool that it’s organic! I’m getting into the natural organics more every day. I hope my name comes out of the hat this time. LOL!

  10. We don’t want to share the love, we want to win. But fine I will make a teeny-tiny post about it.

    Count me in on the give-away.

  11. Sounds yummy, count me in and now you have 11, I think we can call of the drawing. 🙂 I will post later, still trying to function with a few things going on. 🙂

  12. Yeah I just read something about those living with a GF spouse should be careful of lip balms with gluten in them! I was just getting ready to start looking around for one and you did it all for me. Once again I love this website! 🙂

  13. I use to use SoftLips but stopped (I think it was only because of the price). I’d love to try out the new flavors!

  14. Hello! I found your blog last week while I was searching for info on Crisco and milk allergies (you had the most helpful information- thank you!) I tried SoftLips once but did not enjoy the orange flavor I selected. I had no idea they were now organic and would love to give them another chance, and of course would prefer that chance to be free.

  15. I’d love to try it…I’m addicted to lip balm!

  16. It sounds good! I always, always have to use lip balm. Very willing to try it out. I used to use Khiels Baby Balm religiously, but at $8 a pop…

  17. Pick me…Pick Me. I LOVE SoftLips and am totally excited about this product. I will also post to my blog about the giveaway.


    P.S. I have been lurking for a while but this is my first comment. I love how open and honest you are about the happenings in your life.

  18. I have never tried softlips. . .concerns about gluten free and such with kissing my hubby, but glad to know it’s safe. I live in Bend, and it’s very dry here too. I appreciate the review–you sold me on it. It would be nice to find something that doesn’t make my lips peel off in 30 minutes!

  19. glutenfree4goofs

    It’s dry up North, I also use Melaleuca possibly 5-6 times daily. Would love to try the softlips! p.s. Bought the Mocha mix and Crisco for your biscuit recipe-can’t wait to try it!

  20. hi! I’m always up for a giveaway!

  21. I live in a dorm room during the winter and lifeguard for the summer-and everything is so dry! I would love to see if softlips would help. Thanks for the contest! =)

  22. I have been trying to find a great organic lip balm for a long time. my lips seem to be in a constant state of peeling since I went off chemotherapy drugs 4 years ago. Most other types I have tried leave my lips feeling tight and stiff. I have seen the original Soft lips around my location but not the organic. The Honeydew sounds heavenly!
    looking forward to getting my hands on some.

    • Holli, it’s too late for this contest, but I am still such a big fan of SoftLips! Organic, inexpensive, readily-available, gluten-free, works GREAT — best of everything, in my opinion. I recommend it all the time. You should try it!

  23. Hi! I just happened on here… I enjoyed looking things over 😉 you’ve sold me on soft lips 🙂 I’d love to try them 🙂
    … about a link back… what do I do… cut & paste your url 7 describe your ocntest to click on? New to me ..but want to do this right, plus I might like to do the same some day… but not sure I’m understanding exactly what I need to do 🙂 Thanks much!

  24. MarySue Standifer

    The magazine “Woman’s World 3/29/10 states info. on the contest and also states that it ends 4/30/10. Where do you apply for that?

  25. Too bad your winners are picked at random.
    With a last name like Hamburger,
    I might have got the pity vote !

    Inherited a tube of Softlips from my daughter who has moved on to college. Wasn’t sure what is was, or where it came from, but found that I loved it. Even better than my
    long time favorite Burt’s Bees. Feels wonderful going on and does not require
    as frequent a re-application as the Burt’s.

    Thought I should learn more about my new
    favorite and came across your informative and good humored site. Happy to hear that
    the ingredients are top quality. Not surprised,
    that’s exactly how it feels going on.

    Kari Hamburger

    • Kari, this contest was from quite a while ago. I’m not even sure if SoftLips makes the “Pure” line anymore. I can’t find them. I’ve returned to Burt’s Bees, because all the SoftLips I can find have sunblock in them, and I don’t like that. 😦

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