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More baseball, grown-up conversation, birthing regrets, the heroic hubby, and I guess I really am crabby (and more)

  • Re-reading yesterday’s post about Grant, I realized how crabby I sounded about the whole thing… and I thought maybe I should go back and edit it so that I sounded nicer, but decided against it.  Frankly, I am crabby and frustrated about the whole thing, and there aren’t any clear answers about what we should do, and I don’t like that.
  • Last night was only the second time we had to eat take-out, all baseball season.  I’m pretty proud of myself for that, because every baseball season, up until now, we’ve eaten out 2-3x/week.  Our Crockpot has seen lots of use.  😉  Not eating out has saved us a ton of money, all this year.
  • Last night was also one of those nights when I thought, “This is one more reason why I love for my boys to be in baseball” and it had nothing to do with baseball itself.  When we arrived at the ball field, almost an hour before gametime, I stayed in the truck with Fiala, who was still sleeping.  While she slept, I sent texts to a few people, just to say hi, one of them being my father.  Then as Fiala woke and I started to feed her, my Dad called, in return to the text, and we had a great 25 minute conversation.  Then, I went to join the rest of the family, and had a wonderful conversation with another of the team moms, a mother of four boys.  We’d not really talked the whole season, and it was nice to connect with her.  Then, after the game was over, we had a long conversation with former neighbors of ours, whose son was playing on an adjacent field, and caught up with them.  It was just really heartwarming, all the way around.  Honestly, I hardly ever talk on the phone, and I just don’t seem to have a lot of time, outside of “functions,” to have long conversations with people.  So, it was just lovely to have, pretty much, a whole evening with grown-up conversaton.  🙂
  • Order the medal:  I sang the praises of my husband, who filled in the many gaps when I was mostly out of commission from Wednesday through Friday last week.  Well, it turns out he was doing all of that with a cracked rib.  Last Sunday night (a week ago), he… umm… heard popping as he was helping Grant climb back over the fence from fetching a baseball from the (empty) house behind us.  His ribs had been sore all week, but we didn’t realize, until he got an x-ray on Friday, that it was actually broken.  Poor guy.
  • If you homeschool, you MUST do this experiment!!  It’s a ph indicator test made from red cabbage juice (and then bringing the solution back to neutral with the addition of either baking soda or lemon juice).  We spent nearly two hours on it yesterday, mostly because after we had finished with things like ammonia and cream of tartar, the boys were like, “Let’s test soda!  Let’s test sweet chili sauce! Let’s test…”  It was loads of fun, and extremely informative.  We did buy 250 ml beakers and chemical splash goggles, but since we didn’t use the MOST acidic or basic chemicals, it really would have been safe without the goggles, and clear drinking glasses would have worked just fine.  So, you could definitely accomplish it with stuff from around the home, which is always a plus.  🙂
  • I finally have all the laundry in the house washed and re-washed in my new homemade laundry soap.  It works SO WELL;  I am completely pleased with the results.  I’ll let y’all know if anything changes with my satisfaction for one reason or another.  But, I am so tickled with the success of it.
  • Last thing (and this might be good as a whole separate post, but oh, well):  My mind has been full, and my emotions a bit confused about something weird.  I have had five children, all birthed naturally, unmedicated.  With each birth, I have learned a lot, and have viewed all of the births as really fulfilling, satisfying experiences.  However, up until the birth of Fiala, I never really spent much time perusing natural childbirth websites or anything like that.  I never even read any books until I was preparing for Audrey’s birth, 3.5 years ago (and even then, I read just one:  Husband-Coached Childbirth by Dr. Robert Bradley, with which I had some… issues… but in the end, it was extremely helpful, both in my preparation for birthing, and during the birth itself).  For all three of the boys’ births, I had simply relied on my one set of classes I took when I was pregnant with Ethan, plus my obstinancy and will to accomplish it, and just listening to my body and working with the what was happening, and not fighting it, nor fearing it, while laboring.  But… as I reflect on the whole birth experience, especially as I am sobered by the idea that that Fiala most likely is our last child, and realizing that I do not want my connection with birthing to end, and investigating options of how I can continue to be involved in the births of others, and use my experience to help, etc. (follow all that?), I have been reading a fair number of midwifery and natural birthing blogs and websites.  I have gained a lot of knowledge… but I have also come to the realization that I stumbled rather blindly into natural birthing, and there are so many things I missed out on, or could have done better…  My friend Erin has offered to let me be her unofficial doula (which I am insanely excited about;  she’s due in July with her first).  I would love, love, love to do MORE of that sort of thing.  But, it seems like the more I learn, the more I realize what I, personally, missed out on.  Know what I mean?  Some of those feelings, I just need to discard, like the notion that — apparently — many natural birthers hold that my births weren’t truly natural, because they were all in a hospital.  But, I do want to glean loads more knowledge than I have, because I’m realizing how untypically uncomplicated and short all of my labors and deliveries were, and if I’m going to assist others, I need to be prepared for multiple contingencies that I never personally encountered.  So, right now, I’m fairly mixed up.  I want to learn more, but I don’t want it to lead to me feeling regret for something that, previously, I was very satisfied with.  Hope that makes sense.
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