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…Just stop whenever you’re done

When we started homeschooling seven years ago, I had to sign and get notarized an affidavit of intent to homeschool, in which I committed to educate my children in basic school subjects, in accordance with Arizona law.  I know that one of the requirements listed, to which I agreed, was to school for 35 weeks every year.

I’m suffering a bit of burnout, and wanted to wrap up school at the end of May, which would constitute only 32 or 33 weeks of school since last August, depending on how I count sick days.

Maybe it’s not homeschooling burnout, per se.  It’s more like there are a ton of other things that need my time and attention that I simply can’t get done during the homeschooling school year, and I just want to be DONE so I can do other projects.

So, even though NO ONE EVER checks up on homeschooled students, just for my conscience’s sake, I thought I’d see about getting some sort of permission to stop early.  So, I combed through the county’s official homeschooling website, and could not find even one mention about 35 weeks, or any other kind of time requirement.  Hm.  I then phoned in to the “home school liaison,” leaving my question on her voice mail.  She promptly called me back to let me know that there are no, “hourly, daily, or weekly requirements.  You can just stop when you feel like you’re done for the year.”


Part of me feels relieved about that, and part of me feels weird.  It seems like there should be a tad more oversight.  I guess I should just appreciate the freedom.

On a related subject, the homeschooling page has a “suggestion box.”  I just submitted a suggestion that I thought it would be fabulous if there was a lending “library” for homeschooling families for various supplies like microscopes and other science lab supplies, and for occupational therapy equipment, etc.  In other words, a lending system for durable goods that are often too expensive for individual families to purchase.  About 5% of the children in my county are homeschooled, so I bet there would be a huge demand for something like that.

Baby Food Issues

Fiala is six months old.  Whenever she nurses, she hastily gulps her milk, usually finishing within ten minutes, and looks at me an emphatic, “Mmmph!” like, “Is that all?  Don’t you have three?”  She also has been wanting to nurse more often.  And, while she’s not losing weight, she’s not gaining it as quickly, and is losing some of her sweet chub.  Whenever we eat, if she’s sitting on our laps, she leans forward to try to intercept our food, her mouth gapped open.  Good signs that she’s ready to eat, right?

So, I got her some organic brown rice cereal, and mixed it with breastmilk.  Nope.  Refusal, with the most hilarious, disgusted expressions.  Mixed it with water.  Nope.  Steamed and pureed some organic carrots.  Nope.  Mixed it with the cereal.  Nope.  Refried beans? (Not really fried — just beans.)  Nope.

All of this was over the course of two weeks or so, trying bits at a time, daily.  I have to be especially careful about the introduction of new foods, because we have such problems with food allergies and intolerances, so it’s not like I can keep giving her random samples to see what she’ll eat.

This morning, I tried applesauce.  Nope.  She outright rejects it, sticking out her whole tongue to eject any that I’ve managed to get into her mouth.  She clamps her lips shut.  She blows raspberries.  She gags.  She will not eat.

Any ideas?

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