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I’m not surprised at this, either

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I’ve known for a number of years, actually, that I’m an ISTJ.  I’m not quite as dependable as a full-blown ISTJ.  I have too much “P” in me.  😀  But, I sure feel badly — AWFULLY — about it when I let anyone down!!!  I also have a tad more creativity than most ISTJs, and I have enough “P” — or something — that I really, really resist going with the flow, getting in a rut, doing the same thing as everyone else, etc., which is something that ISTJs usually don’t mind.

This may sound ridiculous, but this kind of test saved my marriage and my sanity.  I went from swaying back and forth between the extremes of, “I’m right and he’s wrong” to, “There’s something wrong with me!  I must be seriously messed up!!!” to understanding that there are different ways to recharge, take in information, process it, value it, etc.  And, not one of them are RIGHT;  we’re just all different.  True to type, this test (Jungian or Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator) became an extremely useful tool in understanding myself and those around me.


Thanks to Sue for the widget on her sidebar for reminding me about this!!

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