Teeth, intimidation, hype, LDS moms, shaping up, and summer

  • Little Fiala is sick.  The doctors warned us, when she got RSV earlier this year, that we needed to be careful, as even a simple cold can wind up in her lungs.  That appears to have been correct advice, because she’s had a little cold twice since having RSV, and we end up having to put her on the SVN/breathing machine because she labors so to breathe.  She came down with muck on Friday, and it seems like the worst of it was yesterday.  So, bless God she’s improving.  I just feel badly for her.  😦
  • She’s also teething another tooth.  In early April, she cut the bottom central left and right incisors, just like “normal” babies.  Then, last week, she cut her upper left lateral incisor.  Now, this morning, I notice she’s cut her right central incisor.  My girls just teethe out of order, I guess.
  • My friend Lori let me know that an old friend was interested in contacting me.  She’s a now a lawyer.  I wrote to Lori:  “A lawyer? Golly.   I get intimidated by women who have professional careers.   Seriously.  I absolutely love what I’m doing, and have no regrets.  I don’t feel like I took some kind of wrong turn and wound up as a homeschooling SAHM.  I’m totally doing what I want to do. But, OTOH, I feel badly that I never finished college and have to fight feeling like a loser around professional women. Ugh.”  I’m not soliciting, “You are not a loser, Karen!” comments.  I promise.  I’m just bein’ honest.  (Hi, Chrissy!!)
  • Hype.  It makes me mad.  Like, really upset.  Propaganda.  It’s why I’m so slow to jump on wagons of various colors, no matter what’s inside ’em.  I want to make sure something’s worth my while, and it’s not just a scare-tactic, or a fad, or whatever.  Societal pressure.  I will always resist.  There was a blog post I read today that had wrong — just totally incorrect — information on it, and there were 40+ comments on it, with 95% of the responders ready to jump ship based upon the wrong information.  Ugh.  Bugs me.  So, I posted a comment as a reply to someone who pointed out the errors, agreeing with her… but then I feel like a heel, like I’m just being an argumentative jerk.
  • What does giving birth feel like? Wow.  Great post, FANTASTIC comments on a brilliant blog — that of a woman who now has her doctorate, and has birthed two babies at home, one unassisted, and who mostly blogs about birth and pregnancy.  Love, love, love the comment from “man-nurse.”  Awesome.  I commented, too.  I don’t usually comment on blogs whose posts typically generate 20, 40, 100 comments each.  It just seems like I’m always late to the party, or never got the invite, like it’s a clique for which I don’t quite qualify.  However, on Rixa’s blog, I can’t help myself;  I’m frequently compelled to comment.  Hers is seriously the best natural child birth blog out there that I’ve found, and there’s a lot of ’em.
  • One other thing, only vaguely related to the above bullet (since Rixa is LDS) — and this will likely offend, though that is sincerely not my intent.  It’s this:  I have serious mixed feelings about LDS/Mormonism.  There are many factors of the religion itself with which I vehemently disagree.  However… I have observed that many Mormon women are… how do I say this?  Actively preserving and celebrating the loveliness and power of womanhood, wifehood, motherhood, and usually with a natural, handcrafted bent.  I live in an area that has a high Mormon population.  It’s likely that if I see a sweet family with well-groomed children and a sane mother and a doting father… it’s a Mormon family.  Several families on my boys’ baseball team this spring were LDS, and I so enjoyed talking with one of the moms (mother to four boys).  The LDS moms with whom I’ve had even a bit of relationship — even if it’s just chatting every time we both have our kids at the neighborhood park — seem to be proactive in providing the best they can for their children, in being industrious, entrepreneurial in ways that don’t disrupt family life, supportive of their husbands…  You know… all that Proverbs 31 stuff.  Well, they’re actually doing it.  And, it’s nice talking to women who don’t give me the extremes of either, “Five kids!  You’re a saint!  You must have such patience!” or, “Five kids?  Don’t you know what causes that?  It was an accident, right?”
  • I am on a mission to get back in shape.  Soon.  😀  I have only twice in in my life been on any kind of diet.  (For three months I did a Body for Life challenge with my husband about eight years ago, and then I did about 10 weeks of South Beach diet when I was pregnant with Fiala.)  I actually weigh less than I did before I got pregant with Fiala, and the same as before I got pregnant with Audrey.  But, the weight now seems to have become distributed in a less kind way.  I’m not fond of stuff pudging over the top of my waistband.  Ugh.  Plus, I just don’t feel totally healthy.  I have some weights, a step, and The Firm DVDs, and I’m planning on using that.  I’d rather get out and run, but it’s really hard to do that consistently.  I’ll go back on South Beach, which is basically how I eat now, but a bit less of it, and with absolutely no refined sugar.  ~sigh~  The only thing I’ll really miss is chocolate.  I have a semi-sweet chocolate chip addiction.  Anyways.  I plan on starting on Monday, which is the first official day of Real Summer for the family.
  • Speaking of summer, it’s so funny — I had to remind the boys at the breakfast table this morning that now that summer is nearly upon us, that I expect them to play outdoors before they do their chores!!  😀  Seriously.  They need to run around and be loud.  They need “green therapy” among the grass and leaves.  But when you live somewhere that reaches 100° by 9:00 in the morning… well, you have to get a little creative about fitting that in.  I am SO NOT into them vege-ing in front of the TV all summer.
  • I usually have our summer vacation planned by now.  I don’t.  Actually, I checked into the one place I really, really, really have wanted to go camping for the last three years now.  It’s in central California.  Guess what?  It’s closed.  It burned last fall.  😮  What a bummer, all the way around.  We’ll have to figure something else out.  I really, really, really 😉 want to go camping, but my hubby groans about the labor involved.  However, camping is a LOT cheaper than even staying in a cheap cabin, like we did last summer, so maybe he’ll be swayed over to The Camping Side.  We’ll see.  I love planning our family trips.  🙂  No matter what we decide on, I always LOVE planning.  I adore the hunt and anticipation of finding the right spot for us.

About Karen Joy

I'm a partially-homeschooling mother of six -- 3 boys ages 19, 17 and 15 years old, and three girls: 11, 8, and 3. I like birding, reading, writing, organic gardening, singing, playing guitar, hiking, the outdoors, and books. I very casually lead a very large group of homeschooling families in the Phoenix area. I have a dear hubby who designs homes for a local home builder and who is the worship pastor of our church. I live in the desert, which I used to hate, but now appreciate.

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  1. So you’re gonna get it even though you don’t want it… You are an amazing woman, who does amazing things with your babies. I didn’t finish college either sweet love. Life is life, and as long as you are where you want to be and where you KNOW that it is where God wants you to be, than the other stuff, is just stuff. You are, by far, the smartest, always deeply thoughtful, continuously giving, forever loving, and most incredibly ingenious woman that I have ever met. So don’t you take one minute to even think twice. I know I couldn’t be more proud of you. So there! 🙂

    I love you!

  2. Now I could give you one of those girlfriend speeches but I am not. 😉 I will say you are awesome! I do hope that Miss Fiala is feeling better soon.

  3. brucecanbeatyouup

    LDS moms are awesome – my mom is one, and so is my wife!

    • I hope you understand I’m saying they’re awesome, too, and bettering the culture for women who choose to stay at home… I just don’t agree with LDS doctrine/theology/dogma. Therein lies the rub.

      • brucecanbeatyouup

        Yeah, no I got you completely. I wasn’t being sarcastic at all, haha. It is just good to hear someone appreciate the type of person that my wife wants to be, as so many people don’t. 🙂

  4. On point 7…I too am on a mission. I am purging my “skinny” tub of clohtes. If I actually get back to that size (ha!) I will be in need of different…mother of 4 clothes.

    For a long time I have been hung up on needing to work out in the morning. I have given up the idea that I can work out in the morning. I am not jumping on the treadmill during rest time…bed time. Whenever I can squeeze some time in. Sometimes it’s 1-20 minute session. Sometimes it’s 1-45 minute sesssion, sometimes (ok…only once) have I done 2-25 minute session! But…exercise is exercise! I have The Firm videos too!

  5. glutenfree4goofs

    So I’m reading your post over a bag of semi-sweet choc chips! 🙂 Speaks volumes, the LDS women doesn’t it. Why do Christians often NOT glow with Christ? Contented, unselfish, loving women of God? Hmmm are we a little too busy with our own agenda? No wonder we are looked at as dogmatic and not compassionate. Well, that’s for me not the rest of you all 🙂 Love ya!
    Summer Vaca? How about the north west? North Idaho, Western WA? Hint Hint!

    • Actually, I am SO in love with the $20-35/night US Forest Service cabins that are found throughout Idaho. And, I’d really, really love to get up to Yellowstone, though I don’t think that qualifies as a budget-worthy vacation, at this point. Yellowstone, etc., is the wrong corner of the state from where you live, too. 🙂

  6. If you come to California on vacation I MUST see you! It’s meant to be! Oh, I’m excited even just thinking about it!!! There are lots of great places to visit in California, so please come!!!

    • I’ll keep you updated, Daja. Part of me really wants to go to the Yellowstone area, and part of me really wants to go to the ocean. We haven’t been to the ocean in… seven years. Man. I think that’s the longest stretch of my life going w/o seeing the ocean. 😦 So, if we do go to CA, I will do my best to coordinate w/ you!! That would simply be amazing to meet you and all your precious family IRL. Our kids would have a blast together, and I can see we grownups chatting around a campfire. 😀 Too lovely. One year, we camped at Point Mugu State Beach (s/o Oxnard) and a friend drove up from the L.A. area and we had such a great time. He stopped at a farmer’s market on the way out and bought a ton of fruit and we feasted. Wow. Great memories. It would be amazing to create some new ones together!!

  7. Ohio’s nice too…well…maybe not.

    • I really like the Midwest, actually. Ohio barely qualifies. Or, does it at all? I’ve never been to Ohio! I’ve been to every state west of the Mississippi except North Dakota and Hawaii, and every state immediately east of the Mississippi, plus every Gulf state and South Carolina. 🙂 So… whenever we get to take our tour of the U.S. that lives in my dreams but perhaps not my reality, I’ll stop by!!! 😀

  8. Please do!…I’ll take you to Michigan…it’s much nicer there! Especially for the outdoorsy…the great lakes are FABULOUS…except Lake Erie which happens to be the most convenient for me. We call it the armpit of the great lakes.

  9. I think I am the one that linked you to the “hype” post. Sorry! I should have read through the comments and all before linking. I hope you set them straight, though;o). Oh, and don’t worry about the soy sauce thing. We’ve been too sick for me to knock myself out over it too much, and it is a simple thing to read the back of the botles when I am at the store!

  10. I love bulleted posts – you can say a billion different things and it still sounds organized. bullets = instant organization. 😉

    please do tell me how to pronounce Fiala so I can make sure I’m not making a total mess of it when I read your posts aloud to my husband (yeah sometimes we do that b/c we’re boring like that). I have been saying “fee-ah-la”. is that totally wrong? everyone gets Vencenzo wrong (and often time Eva and Elias too) so I try to get other people’s kids names right if at all humanly possible.

    I know what you mean about the mormon/LDS thing. I feel the same way. I admire and am confused by it on different levels. but you explained it better.

    I love what you said about “green therapy!” we do that! most people don’t get it. I consider childhood playtime outdoors VERY important. it’s high up on my list of priorities during the day. I feel a day where 80% of it was spent being kids outdoors is a successful day. It also did wonders for my daughter’s SPD when she was a toddler.

    • Yes, it’s fee-AH-lah. I took one semester of Italian, so I’m pronouncing your wee son’s name vehn-CHEN-zo. Is that right? And is it AYva? Or EEva? And EL-lee-ahs? Or ee-LIE-ahs?

      I love names. I just came back from buying a secondhand high chair, and it was all I could do to not ask twenty billion questions about the couple’s two children, especially names. However, Craigslist stranger on in their house after dark… I didn’t want them to get weirded out about me grilling them about their kids.

      Have you ever read Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv?? It’s a MUST READ, IMO. All the research really shows that kids need, need, need time outdoors. Playing in a natural setting makes kids smarter than sitting them endlessly in a classroom and drilling them to a test. Schools are so shooting themselves in the foot by trying to up standards by decreasing recess time, etc. Kids’ brain development is also very tied to their ability to move. There are many who theorize that the uptick in sensory disorders and ADHD, etc., is tied to the increasing urbanization of our culture, and our indoor society, our increasing fear of and detachment from nature. Not that those disorders are caused, necessarily, by too much time indoors, but a lot of it would be lessened to the point of indetectibility with lots and lots and lots of active play in natural settings. Can you tell I feel srongly about this?? 😀

      And, I’m very glad you love my blog!! I love yours, too. It feels very conversational. I can totally hear you talk when you write. Well, imagine I hear you talk, since I’ve never heard you IRL. 😀

  11. College degrees aren’t all that. Jay has never used his a single day (it was pretty much a total waste) and mine led to a low-paying career … leading me to want to pursue yet ANOTHER degree (in nursing). Hopefully after three degrees between the two of us, my nursing degree will get us to the breaking-even point!

    Stop feeling inferior. Do you know how many women are out there wishing they could stay home with their kids? I’ve never looked down on anyone for their school choices, and I don’t really think many people (if any at all) do … and if they do, they aren’t really worth your time anyway.

    Wow, re-reading that I sound kind of snotty … I hate that you can’t read a playful tone in an email/post!

  12. glutenfree4goofs

    Copacetic- SO true, I shoulda learned that from my dad- college degree as a graphic artist / hippy partier (lol dad) career as a firefighter. Hmmm
    Back to the camping, you could always come a little farther north, go where the “natives” go. 🙂 Check out our many many mountain lakes and great fishing, hiking, nature exploring….
    Yeah, its really really late, night night.

  13. Love your post as always. I love the way it starts at one thing and ends at another.

    That is how I think and have conversations.

    I will be checking out that blog.

    I am still planning on going to New Mexico in the fall. So maybe we can work something out.

  14. I agree with the whole LDS thing. Amazing, isn’t it?
    I also agree with the need for outdoors. I have a child with SPD, and being outside for even an hour a day makes a much better Gabriel. He spends most of it on our (very safe, nets and padding and such) trampoline or swinging. He’s all boy, coming in with dirt in his lovely blond curls and mud on his face.
    Camping is something I should consider more! I’m planning a trip this summer, a nice relaxing trip to see a ton of my friends (from NC to Wisconsin and then back) and I should consider borrowing a tent for some of that! Excellent idea. See, this is one of the many reasons I love your blog!

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