Wednesday Stuff (for my least creative title ever)

Mastitis.  Again.  Ugh.

I am running a fever around 102°… may have to go on antibiotics this time.

I am

  • using very warm, damp compresses (damp washcloth heated in micro)
  • taking colloidal silver
  • making sure I nurse on the infected side first
  • nursing more often than I normally would
  • nursing in the cow position  😮
  • slamming as much water as I can

Any other suggestions?

In other news, I unwisely went on errands today, because I’ve been communicating with a lady on Craigslist as she has a bunch of diaper wraps/covers.  We were finally able to nail down a date I could come over — today.  Got my wraps;  Fiala’s in cloth!  Turns out she used to have a diaper store or shop of some sort, so all her stuff was new-old stock.  I got seven wraps and three Snappis for $32!  Anyways.  It turns out the lady has three kids, homeschools, and she and two of her children have celiac disease.  😮  Small world.  We ended up staying there for more than an hour, she and I chatting and our kids playing.  My kids didn’t want to leave.


About Karen Joy

I'm a partially-homeschooling mother of six -- 3 boys ages 19, 17 and 15 years old, and three girls: 11, 8, and 3. I like birding, reading, writing, organic gardening, singing, playing guitar, hiking, the outdoors, and books. I very casually lead a very large group of homeschooling families in the Phoenix area. I have a dear hubby who designs homes for a local home builder and who is the worship pastor of our church. I live in the desert, which I used to hate, but now appreciate.

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  1. take lots and lots of vitamin C to help clear it out. so sorry you’re feeling bad but awesome you got diapers and met a new friend!

  2. newbeginnings09

    I’m sorry I don’t know much about the infection. You’re much better at the holistic stuff than I. But yay for cloth diapies and hurrah for a new friend! You find them everywhere.

  3. glutenfree4goofs

    Eew mastitis bites I got it with three out of four kids at least once. Massage with the compress and you could pump between nursing (not quite as ouchy) and chocolate (JK). Sorry!! Hurray for the divine appointment though.

    • Actually, have you tried nursing in the cow position (hands and knees) if you have mastitis? It actually doesn’t hurt at all. It’s uncomfortable, and you’d better lock the door or everyone will die laughing! But, it really works. Gravity helps drain the breast completely, plus the baby isn’t pressing on the sore area.

  4. Hi Karen! I hate mastitis! Try raw grated potato as a poultice, in addition to rest, water, heat and massage. The potato juice will stain your sheets/clothing so use old stuff. Hope you feel better soon!

    • Hi, Jill!!!! Great to see you again!!

      I know grated raw potato is good for a lot of sore/swollen skin kind of things… I’d forgotten about it, though! How long do you leave it on? I will try that today during quiet time when I have an opportunity (hopefully!) to lay down.

  5. embracingthechaos

    Oh I am so sorry. That really sucks. Maybe rest??? Sorry wan’t trying to be funny. Hope you feel better soon. Moms never have time to be sick!

    SCORE on the wraps. What a deal!

  6. Drink water like a fish.

    Grapefruit Seed Extract, 20 drops four time a day in juice or water.

    Put cold cabbage leaves in your bra.

    Echincea (make sure it’s the root, not the aerial parts)

    Massage the effected area while in the shower.

    If your engorged and the baby can’t suck it out, ask your husband to do it.

    Garlic, garlic, garlic


    Hope you feel better soon!!! I used to struggle TERRIBLY with breast infections.

    With each kid it got worse and worse. With Belgee (number five) I had seven bouts in the first three months. I was MISERABLE! About that time my son got radically healed from his allergies. I had a talk with God one night. Why was he healed and I wasn’t?! (I threw a little tantrum with the Lord.) I heard so clearly, “I will heal you and you’ll know when it happens.”

    I started going to every healing service, worship service, prayer meeting. Waiting, waiting, waiting! Nothing happened. I wondered if I had heard the Lord correctly.

    Then one Sunday evening God dealt with me about a spiritual issue. I was at the altar weeping and working through some inner healing stuff. All of a sudden someone came behind me, laid her hands on me and said, “God is restoring your body for everything it gives out.”

    In that moment I was healed.

    And I have not had a breast infection in almost 2 years, which is amazing, because I was getting them at least once a month for the previous five years.

    God’s good! I’m saying a prayer for your healing!!!!!!!!!

    • Go to bed, Daja! Just kidding. I’m awake, too. I slept from about 7:30 – 11:00, fed Fiala, and now am checking e-mail and cloth diapering info. I need to go to bed.

      Your story made me cry. In a good way. 🙂 God IS good!! I will get some ministry/prayer on Sunday, for certain.

      I forgot about GSE! I’ll go take some right now.

      The “your husband” part made me giggle!

      I’m not engorged… I heard that cabbage leaves can decrease milk supply. What are your thoughts on that?

      Thinking about massaging it makes my toes curl, because it’s so painful just sitting there!!

  7. Takes lots of Garlic. I took it at night because nobody around here likes the garlic burbs.

    I took about 8 of them every night until it cleared and then 2 as long as I was nursing.

    I had it bad with #5 too. This time around nothing. And I also laughed when I read Daja’s suggestion.

  8. I did a cloth diaper stint with Nat, I believe. Some of the challenges are other people not wanting to deal with cloth at church, readiness to take a soggy cloth diaper home, the smell, the extra load. I had some liners I used to dispose of #2 which helped. I noticed that I had to change more frequently because Huggies makes the baby feel dry. Sometimes other people would make comments when they found out….then again, who cares. So good luck, maybe it will work better for you. I had two in diapers for about two years, so that may have influenced me.

  9. Karen Joy, I’ve been trying to sell 7 s/m diaper wraps on my local craigslist, but I’m in rural Southern Georgia, and getting no bites. Only 1 is a girly pattern, but the rest are gender neutral. If you’d like them, I’ll happily mail them to you and the shipping/handling is included in the price. I got them for cheap from a friend and wanted to pass that savings on to some other cloth diapering momma.

    I agree with the momma who said GSE, however the stuff is NASTY and about the only thing that takes the taste out of your mouth is grapefruit juice as a chaser LOL.
    GSE is also great on baby bums and on kid sores, I usually make up a boo-boo cream and GSE is one of the major ingredients

    • Can you give me your recipe for boo boo cream? 😀

      You’re right. GSE is nasty. My oldest son was watching me drink some this morning (in water w/ honey), and he said, “That makes my stomach hurt just watching you because I know how bad that tastes.” Hehehehe!

    • WOW. 20 bucks for all of that! That’s a smokin’ deal. It would sell in a snap around here!

      Since Fiala’s 20ish pounds, with most of the covers, I’m buying larges. All of the sizes are different, for different brands, but it’s likely that most of these would be too small for her.

      I know it’s more costly to place things on eBay, but you should sell them there! Wraps — even used ones — typically sell for $5-8-10 each! They’d definitely sell, and you’d make a lot more money.

  10. Yay on the nappy covers… poo-poo on the mastitis. My recommendation is to get in the shower, let the hot water pound on your breasts and massage at the same time… it helps release the milk and work out the infection. Everything else I would suggest has already been recommended.

    Don’t forget specific prayers receive specific answers!!!!


  11. Cabbage leaves can decrease milk supply, so prolonged use of this cure isn’t recommended. But, for a short term solution to horrible pain, I think it’s worth it.

    But, I’ve never had a milk supply issue, either. I’m like a cow. Decrease supply sometimes sounded good. LOL!

    About the husband part, sorry ’bout that! Hope it didn’t embarras anyone….but when you hurt so desperately and the little baby is sucking so lightly or cannot fully drain the breast, it can help to have someone strong get that lump out! When I had two children nursing it was OK to let the older child totally drain the breast. But, when I haven’t had two children nursing, I admit it. I asked Gana! 🙂

    Keepin’ it real…..

  12. Daja, I think my husband would rather die than suck clotty milk out of my breast! You have a *gem* of a husband who loves you dearly!!! 🙂

    Karen, I think you leave the poultice on (ideally – ha!) until the potato starts to dry out a little. I have slept with it mounded on top of me (hence the dirty/old clothes and sheets warning).

  13. A yeast free diet has helped up…We have also replaced sugar with agave. I have written a lot about yeast lately on my blog. But yeast is so hard to deal with. Good luck.

  14. oops i put this on the WRONG post…SORRY

  15. I am so sorry about the mastitis! But I had to giggle at the thought of nursing in the “cow” position. Did you throw in a “moo” for good measure? 😀

    • It’s all over, bless God!! I was under it for three days that felt like the longest days ever. So bad. Feels like the flu, with a boob on fire! The worst. I am so DONE mooing! 😀

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