Diapers, Worship, Matchmaking, and Jane Eyre

  • I’ve been cloth diapering for about two weeks now, and it feels very natural already.  After my hubby buys a dozen prefolds and one Bummi Super Whisper Wrap today (unused) off of Craigslist this afternoon (since the lady lives by his office), I will have spent a grand total of $48 and have 42 diapers and 8 wraps, all previously new/unused.  I typically spend about $40 every five weeks for disposable diapers, so even though Fiala is eight months, it’s still money spent wisely.  Most of my diapers are regular Gerber birdseye prefolds, which I heard were awful, but so far, they’re working great.  I had to learn a new language all about the different kind of cloth diapers.  Only one dozen (plus the new dozen, almost purchased, above) are 2x6x2 — meaning two layers on the outsides, and six layers in the middle, and those are my favorite.  The remainder are 2x4x2, and those don’t hold much, so I either double them up, or I put one on Fiala when I know I’ll be changing her diaper again shortly.  I may make or buy some diaper doublers (I had to learn what those were, too — thick strips of cloth to tuck into the diaper so that it’ll hold more, without being quite so bulky as actually using two diapers), but other than that, I think I’m set until she potty trains.
  • We had a worship team meeting at our house on Saturday.  I have a love/hate relationship with having loads of people in my home.  I love having everybody over, but I hate the drama of, “Don’t bring those toys out here!  I just cleaned that!” etc.  We were just going to order Rubio’s (yum!), but I looked in the fridge that morning, and figured out that with only a few things from the store, I could make a Mexican-ish/Cuban-ish meal for everyone.  I didn’t do a headcount, but I think we had about 20 people here.  In my past life, I would have gasped, “Cook for TWENTY???”  But, now that there are already seven people in my family, and every other week, I cook for nine when my parents come over, twenty didn’t seem like so many.    Everything turned out really well, too.  And, my kids were awesome in the back bedroom — letting me know when I checked in that they were bored of watching SpongeBob, but they were still very well behaved.  That may have been because Grant was spending the night at a friend’s house.  I love my son very dearly, and there are many excellent things about his character, but he is, in short, a firebrand.  So, without him, things were particularly peaceful with the children.
  • Speaking of worship team…  We are having a new potential member and his wife and their infant over for dinner tomorrow!  We are fairly salivating over this young man, whose name is Willie.  There’s a fine balance — we don’t gladly gather mercenary worship team members — there are a lot of musicians who roam from church to church, and they’re just, literally, looking for a platform on which to perform, and who let one of the pastors, or my husband, know on the first Sunday or two that they’re there, that they want to play on the worship team.  If they’re not immediately given a berth, they depart.  There are a couple of guest musicians whom we occasionally employ, but by and large, the worship team is made of volunteers.  We want people committed to the church and its vision and who want to become members of the church itself (or at least be actively involved) before they serve in the public ministry of the worship team.  But, it is also true that if God gave someone a talent, and they’ve invested that talent, and it’s now a skill, and they’re a Christian, well… it just follows that they would want to go to church somewhere that they could use that talent, and play their instrument.  So, we have to catch ’em at just the right time — not too early, and not too late.  I think we may have done just that with Willie.  And, he plays mandolin (which we’ve been craving), electric guitar, bass, and drums, too.  Excellent.  Martin auditioned him on Sunday, and now they’re going to come over and we’ll just eat and chat to see if the things that make their hearts beat are the same things that make ours do the same.
  • I used to marvel at women who delighted in matchmaking.  I totally did NOT understand that mindset.  However — is it because I’m older and now been married for almost 15  years?? — my mind has been wandering that way for the last year or so, mentally matching up this young single with that one.  This isn’t quite matchmaking, but on Sunday, there was a new young lady, and she came right up to the front row, and she was a worshiper.  Oh, it just makes me thrilled when someone really gives themselves in worship.  I introduced myself to her after worship, and it turns out that she is a “friend” of one of our drummers, and she was there to surprise him, as she usually works on Sunday mornings, and goes to a different church on Saturday nights.  I love that drummer — his name is Bobby — and I was pretty much ready to let ’em march down the aisle in matrimony, simply based on the fact that she was a wholehearted worshiper.  To me, that speaks volumes about one’s character, and relationship with God, and that’s what I want for Bobby.
  • Whenever I start a book, it often takes me weeks — weeks — just to get through the first few pages.  I get constantly interrupted, and I just lay it down repeatedly.  Then, I get past the first 50 pages or so, and I’m totally drawn into the story, and I start reading near-excessively.  I read in snatches whenever I can, stay up way too late to read “just one more chapter,” etc.  Then, when I’m within five or ten pages of the end, everything screeches to a halt again, because I’ve so enjoyed the book, and I just don’t want it to end, so I prolong reading those last few pages.  Such is the case with Jane Eyre, which I’d never read until this last week or so.  I think I still prefer Jane Austen’s poignant loveliness and simplicity to Ms. Brontë’s verbose drama and boatload of coincidences, but still;  I have very much enjoyed reading this book, and wish that there was Jane Eyre, part 2 to read after I finally do get the last few pages read.

About Karen Joy

I'm a partially-homeschooling mother of six -- 3 boys ages 19, 17 and 15 years old, and three girls: 11, 8, and 3. I like birding, reading, writing, organic gardening, singing, playing guitar, hiking, the outdoors, and books. I very casually lead a very large group of homeschooling families in the Phoenix area. I have a dear hubby who designs homes for a local home builder and who is the worship pastor of our church. I live in the desert, which I used to hate, but now appreciate.

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  1. newbeginnings09

    I always get such joy from reading yours posts about worship. When I started reading your blog, I was drawn to a fellow mother, but now I follow it mostly for the church aspect! I LOVE how you LOVE the Lord. I do wonder what denomination you consider yourself? I grew up with who cares parents, married a Pentecostal follower, and then after that (long, drawn out, and mostly harmful) marriage ended, married to a baptist follower. I don’t find that ANY of the denominations really FIT ME, though. I want loud, I want strict, and I want music. It would be interesting to compare points one day, see what you think vs what I do.

    • p.s. I grew up in a hyper Pentecostal church, the kind where you weren’t really saved unless you spoke loudly in tongues, got regularly “slain in the Spirit,” prophesied regularly, danced and/or played the tambourine during worship, everything good was caused by one’s faith, and everything bad was caused by lack of faith, or a demon. I retain some of that… and some NOT of that… Don’t have time right now to list what’s what. 🙂

      • newbeginnings09

        Very neat church! It looks a lot like what I’d want. I like my little church, but there is a tiny something lacking. I think it’s enthusiasm from the congregation. I am NOT a tongue speaking, arms flaying, fall out in the floor Pentecostal, but the occassional AMEN! would make me feel better. Still, our pastor is a great guy. I don’t know. I’ll find my perfect place someday. 🙂

    • I go to a Vineyard. It’s a rather old-school, John Wimber, “doin’ the stuff” kind of throwback Vineyard. My pastor was saved in the Baptist church, and that influences him still, 20+ years after he’s been a part of the Vineyard. If you’re interested, I do highly recommend listening to his sermons: http://www.vcfphoenix.com/message.html It does have music… But loud like Pentecostal? Not regularly. And strict like Baptist? No. But, it’s a lot more structured and… umm… protocol-based than many Pentecostal churches, and definitely more than your emergent/touchy-feely-it’s-all-good mega church kinda place. Hard to describe. Poke around the church’s website!

  2. I guess I will need to read some classics now. I have never read and I am an avid reader. I was afraid that I would get bogged down in the older writing style. But I know I need to read them.

    I feel like I have been cloth diapering for a long time too. I do need a few more diapers though. I contacted a lady on Craigslist and she sold them from under me. YUCK!

  3. glutenfree4goofs

    What’s a mega church anyway? Church the way we do it in America is hugely a human institution. That’s probably the “something missing”. I too love how you love the Lord and your worshipers heart and that is the same thing that I enjoy about reading your posts. Isn’t Heaven going to be a mega church? Ha ha, but really it’s not about the size it is about the relationships and the willingness to “keep it real” to be human and learn from mistakes constantly striving to be more like Christ and never having a feeling of “we’ve finally arrived?” I think many of the so called “mega-churches” get to a point where what they are doing is “working” for the masses but they stop seeking Christ. BTW I go to a “mega church” whose leaders and who’se ministers have small church hearts! p.s. it’s heard to read someone’s feelings I am NOT offended 🙂 Just love to talk about the fact that it’s not church’s fault church is mainly our idea God’s idea is FAMILY!

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