The baby in the computer

Yesterday at lunch, Audrey mentioned something about the people in the TV.   Looking at her, and gauging how serious she was, I gently said, “There are no actual people in the TV.  They’re just pictures.  They’re not real.”

“Yes, there are!” she argued, “In my TV.  In that TV!” she declared, pointing, just in case I was confused about what “TV” meant.

I tried to explain things to her a bit, but it wasn’t working.  Finally, I went over to my computer (which is right by the kitchen table), and showed her the screen saver, which has pics of our family, scrolling.  “Are you on the computer?”

“No…” she said, slowly.  I sighed in relief, thinking we’d made a breakthrough.  “I’m not moving.”  In other words, they were snapshots, not video.

So, I pulled up a few video clips.  Actually, we all enjoyed looking at old video clips, so I kept playing more and more, from several years back.

After a good 15 minutes and lots of laughter and reminiscing, I asked Audrey again, “So where are you?  Are you in your chair?  Or are you in the computer?”

After some thought, she said with conviction, “I’m in my chair…”  Pause… “But when I was a BABY, I was in the computer.”


About Karen Joy

I'm a partially-homeschooling mother of six -- 3 boys ages 19, 17 and 15 years old, and three girls: 11, 8, and 3. I like birding, reading, writing, organic gardening, singing, playing guitar, hiking, the outdoors, and books. I very casually lead a very large group of homeschooling families in the Phoenix area. I have a dear hubby who designs homes for a local home builder and who is the worship pastor of our church. I live in the desert, which I used to hate, but now appreciate.

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  1. haha! that’s too cute!! 🙂

  2. What a smart and funny little person is this child! Kathy

  3. You need to get THAT on video.

  4. oh that’s too funny!!

  5. That’s hilarious!

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