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YAY! Shoes for Audrey, and $10 coupon for you, too

I have searched, for likely too long for the last couple of days, trying to find a reasonable price on Skechers Twinkle Toes for Audrey.  She saw a commercial on Saturday (which is pretty much the only time she sees TV that has commercials), and started squealing over the shoes.  On Sunday, there was an ad for a local shoe store that is selling the shoes.  I showed it to Audrey.  She kept the ad, and is now sleeping with it.  Sleeping with it.

However, those shoes are stinkin’ 40 bucks!  Or, maybe $35, depending on where you purchase them.  I just can’t spend that.  I searched in vain for a better deal — Craigslist, eBay, every website and shopwiki imaginable.  I just could not find a pair for less than $35, shipping included, in Audrey’s size.

Plus… the reviews I read for these shoes were spotty, at best.

Aargh.  My daughter’s in love with expensive shoes that fall apart!

Then — and I dearly hope I’ve done the right thing — I found a similar pair of shoes that got much better reviews, and was $25.  $25 is still more than I think I’ve ever paid for a pair of kids’ shoes.  I think she will adore them;  I don’t know if she will think they are Twinkle Toes or not… or if the sequins that are on these shoes will be enough special sparkle.

Audrey is not bratty and demanding; normally I know she would ADORE the shoes I’ve purchased.  But, I really do want to give my kids things for Christmas that they want.  (This is the only thing we’re purchasing for Audrey.  I got a lovely white wood doll crib and high chair off of Freecycle that needs some minor refurbishing.  That, and the shoes, will be her Christmas presents.)

Although my website has forever been totally non-commercial, I decided to go ahead and post a coupon to a site where I finally found the BEST deal.  They currently have a coupon code “SHOP” that will get you 20% off, plus free shipping.  They also have free return shipping, in case the shoes don’t work out.  And, in interests of full disclosure, if five people click on this and use it, I will get a $100 giftcard, which would be nice.  🙂

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