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The Disclaimer on the Right

So… it has come to my attention that perhaps I have been too reliant upon the goodwill, knowledge of proper etiquette, and possibly even the honesty of users of my website. 😦 After becoming alerted to the fact that my GFCF Gingerbread recipe was on a particular website with no credit nor any link back to the original recipe, nor even a blog title or URL, I decided to do a little search. I came up with potentially 200+* places where one or more of my recipes have been posted without proper credit.  I have contacted five of them.  Wow.  That’s tedious.  I will have to take that up again later… after Christmas.  In the meantime is the lovely disclaimer on the right.

I have a strong dislike for legalese, or anything that screams, “I don’t trust you!!!  You’re gonna steal my recipes!!!” but I must admit that it does bother me when folks (unwittingly or on purpose) pass off my recipes as their own.  I’m going to have to take some steps to add more copyright info and the like to various posts.  Ugh.  I think I’ll check out a few recipe blogs a little more closely to see what they do.

I have no plans currently to try to profit from any recipe posted here…  I guess maybe it just bothers my sense of justice.  Or pride?  I don’t know.  I just don’t want folks taking my recipes and calling them their own.


* OK, so it may be only like 20 sites that have posted “unauthorized” versions; many of the Google results were duplicates.  I contacted most of them, and the three people I’ve heard back from so far have been really kind.  🙂

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