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Growing up, breastfeeding, and Reagan. :)

  • Yesterday was my second son’s 11th birthday.  I am such a mother.  I seriously have thoughts like, “It was only yesterday when I had you!”  I can intimately recall details of his birth.  Wow.  ~sigh~  Time.  It’s fleeting.
  • In other growing-up news, I helped my oldest son create a Facebook account yesterday, as well.  I guess I’ll have to be careful what I say about him now!!  Just kidding.  I’m FB friends with a number of his friends already — have been for a while — and am well aware that news and topics that are appropriate to share about one’s toddler (like potty-training, et al), are completely off-limits for older children.
  • I have changed my mind about nipple shields.  I had heard all sorts of things about how they can sabotage nursing efforts, so I had avoided them like the plague.  But, I saw one in action and it amazingly and wonderfully HELPED nursing!  My sister’s newborn (who is now four days old) would latch on, and suck-suck twice, maybe three times.  Then, the nurse (who was a “breastfeeding resource” — that is, who had taken some additional classes on breastfeeding education, but not enough to be certified as a lactation consultant), a sweet mother of three name Mandy who was herself breastfeeding her 11 month old still, suggested one, and I held my tongue.  She popped it on my sister, and voila!  Teensy Sage Aileen latched on and stayed on for the first time.  The only bummer is that my sister kept having to prime the pump, so to speak, with some expressed colostrum… but she texted me tonight to let me know that Sage nursed for the first time without herself or her hubby having to compel Sage to the breast with extra milk, dribbled in the appropriate area, with a syringe.  There’s still a part of me that… I don’t know…  I just prefer ALL NATURAL, and all the silicone and syringes don’t sit well with a part of my brain and my emotions.  HOWEVER.  If those things are tools to help a baby keep nursing, I’m all for it.  I’m proud of my sister for keeping at it;  she’s shown more patience and persistence than I thought she had.  🙂
  • I don’t remember if I’ve linked here before, but I really like this blog:  Cloth Mother.  The author and I have very little in common, besides being mothers.  But, I really enjoy her honesty and subtle humor.  And, she has an interesting life.
  • I want this:

    What Would Reagan Do?

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