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Just what I needed, too!

I haven’t done a meme in a long while.  I found this random meme at the blog of Sue, at Living and Learning.  Originally, Sue is from the Midwest, now permanently living in Japan with her native husband and their four children, whom she homeschools.  I *LOVE* Sue’s blog.  She’s a cool ocean breeze of peace and beauty.

If you choose to do this meme, please do leave a comment with a link!

1. What’s your middle name? Joy

2. What’s your favorite magazine? Currently, it’s Clean Eating and World.  If I had more time and money for magazines, I would also get Arizona Highways and Sunset.

3. What are you wearing right now? A light blue tee and jeans.  Barefoot.

4. What color are your bed sheets? A damask-striped foresty green.

5. Who was your third grade teacher? Mrs. Cook.

6. What is the weather like right now? Sunny and too hot for almost-October

7. Do you know how to ski? No.  I used to water ski.

8. What was the last thing you drank? Hansen’s Diet Tangerine Lime soda.

9. Dream vacation? Anywhere but a city.  In the States, my heart is longing for the Big Sur area of California, or Yellowstone.  What I’d REALLY love to do some day is take a two-month driving vacation of the lower 48.

10. Favorite article of clothing? Jeans.

11. Do you prefer baking or cooking? Both.

12. Is your hair above or below your shoulders? Below.

13. What drink do you order when out? Water or Diet Coke.

14. What book are you reading? A Long Shadow by Charles Todd.

15. What did you dream about last night? I can’t remember.

16. What was the last movie you went to? Prince of Persia.  (Interestingly, that was Sue’s last movie, too!)

17. Any injuries at the moment? Nope.

18. What color is your bathroom? Tan.

19. What’s the state of your laundry right now? Telling me that it’s mid-week and I haven’t done any since Monday.  🙂

20. Do you take vitamins? Currently just a multi-vit and Horsechestnut seed extract (it does seem to really help my aching varicose veins!)

21. Where do you love to shop? Anywhere!  I really do love to shop.  I don’t get a lot of chance to, though.  I especially love one-of-a-kind import or handcrafted kinds of places.  And antique stores.

22. How often do you buy groceries? Usually once per week.

23. Do you have a pet/pets? One dog, the dear Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Tally.

24. If you are married, when is your next anniversary? On November 12, it’ll be 16 years of more better than worse to a hubby who still think is strikingly handsome and funny.

25. How do you take your coffee and/or tea? My coffee has half and half with a bit of honey and a bit of stevia, if I’m at home.  Tea, just a bit of honey.

26. Mac or PC? Desktop or Laptop? PC desktop.

27. Favorite month of the year? Probably March.  In the desert, days are in the 70s and new growth is happening.  Lovely.

28. Do you have a hobby? Blogging.  Reading.  Birding.

29. What salad dressing do you prefer? Right now, I really like Trader Joe’s Romano Ceasar

30. Live or fake Christmas tree? I swore I’d never have a fake one, until two years ago, when I realized that my youngest son’s winter asthma was closely tied to us having a pine tree in the house.  😦  We all mourn the live tree.

31. Did you walk or take a bus to school? Neither.  My mom drove me.  Well, until I was 15 and we moved within walking distance of my school.

32. Do you have any phobias? Living forever (that’s true — it’s been a lifelong struggle to just TRUST JESUS that the things I cannot even begin to comprehend are going to be OK).

33. What’s your favorite snack food? Lay’s plain Stax.  Or tortilla chips and salsa.  Or caramel corn (but not plain popcorn).  Or homemade trail mix.

34. When do you take your shower/bath? It varies.  Usually in the morning, though.

35. What time did you get up this morning? 6:45, about 15 minutes earlier than my weekday wake-up time.

36. What’s your favorite animal? I really do love all animals.  From afar, birds.  Close up, dogs.  Wild animal, probably antelopes of all kinds.  (Although, birds are wild, too.)

37. Have you ever broken a bone? Only my pinkie toe on my right foot.  Hurt like the dickens.

38. Do you wear makeup? Only 2-3 days a week.

39. Do you speak any foreign languages? Nope.  I tried Italian.  I really find it… foreign.  I wish I was good at languages.  My husband is.  🙂  He “only” speaks Spanish, but he picks up languages SO easily!  Ask him to say something to you in Romanian.

40. Have you ever played a sport? Volleyball, basketball, softball, track.

41. Your last UPS package contained … Books?  I don’t remember.

42. What’s on your desktop? Of my computer?  A picture of the cabin in which we stayed in Colorado in July.

43. What is your home page? The admin page for my blog.

44. Extrovert or introvert? Introverted, but not painfully so.  🙂

45. Favorite board game? I prefer cards.

46. What class did you like best in high school? In college? Choir in high school.  Advanced Expository Writing college (no lie).  In college, the professor has SO MUCH to do with how much I liked a course.  I really like to learn just about everything.

47. What would you do with an extra hour each day? Read, probably.

48. Do you have allergies? Itchy-eye seasonal allergies, not nearly as bad as they used to be.  And, probably some un-identified food allergies.

49. Are your nails painted? No.  And, I recently started biting them again.  Not good.

50. Where are you right now? In the dining area, at a little desk, looking out the window at my completely bare garden (except for weeds), where little sparrows are dust-bathing themselves.

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