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Discouragement, encouragement, and food. Lots of food.

  • A few days ago, I was looking in my spice cupboard, and thought, “If anyone were to ask me what my top three spices and herbs are, I’d tell them:  rosemary, sage, and cumin.”  Not that anyone is asking.  🙂  But, as if in confirmation of my seasoning choices, the food section of yesterday’s Arizona Republic had a nifty article on the top four spices that are great for brain health:  turmeric, rosemary, sage, and cumin.  I have a big pouch of turmeric, but I must admit that I have used it for medicinal purposes, as I’m not really fond of the taste.  But, I use the other three liberally and frequently.  (Fresh rosemary, rubbed sage, and powdered cumin.)
  • After a recent, horrible, rather discouraging reaction to apples — who is allergic to apples??? — it appears that Fiala can tolerate carrots.  It doesn’t appear to be exacerbating any skin problems, and doesn’t seem to affect her digestive system or otherwise seem to put her out of sorts.  Bless God!  Seriously.  If she can do carrots — which are healthy, portable, and easy to prepare — that would be such a huge blessing.  As we quickly approach her 2nd birthday, I’ve been getting a lot of questions recently, inquiring if Fiala is growing out of any of her allergies.  It doesn’t really appear so, though the very good news is that I am managing her skin much better.  She used to get infected once every 6-8 weeks, but it’s been since late June that she had an infection.  So, she’s still reacting badly to all but a very few foods, but she’s in good health, and I am very slowly making discoveries about things she can well-tolerate.  (She can do pineapple, too.  Did I mention that any time in recent weeks?)
  • I don’t typically do all that well with surprises.  I woke yesterday in a funk, sad and discouraged over a number of things.  My hubby — of course — noticed, and wrenched out of me a little conversation about what was the matter…  Later in the day, he called me to tell me he had obtained a babysitter and he was taking me out.  That made me cry, and for all the wrong reasons.  I got stressed out — instantly! — over the fact that I had a mere three hours to prepare myself, my home, and my five children for us being gone that evening.  And I had planned to go grocery shopping that night, so I was struck with thoughts of, “Is there enough food in the pantry?  In the fridge?  Freezer?” for two more days, as I have small group tonight, and won’t be able to shop until Friday.  PLUS, I thought, “This is so NOT what I need.”  And though I didn’t want to pass up the too-rare opportunity for a night out with my hubby, of the things that were troubling me, I just didn’t think an impromptu date night would be any kind of answer.  HOWEVER…  I was able to get my act together, prepare dinner for the kids (braised lamb and turnips with rosemary for Fiala, leftover soup for the other four children, and fresh farinata for all), get myself showered and ready, tidy up our home, and find a place for us to go, within my allotted three hours of prep time.  We went to a restaurant called the White Chocolate Grill, chosen because of its gluten-free menu.  It’s a lot pricier than any place to which we would normally (or even abnormally) go, but my hubby had suggested we try something new, and after we fired up the Phoenix Celiac website, we decided upon the WCG.  The WCG has worked extensively with a local celiac, Nina Spitzer, and her company, Gluten-Free Absolutely! to craft a terrific g.f. menu.  My husband and I ordered off of their special “Date Night” menu (about $28pp, one appetizer, two salads, two entrees, and one dessert), which had ample g.f. choices. We split a delicious grilled artichoke, each had a field greens salad (with goat cheese — yum!), he had a grilled filet mignon with marinated mushrooms and the most amazing roasted carrots (a huge mound of them!).  I had a delicious balsamic rib eye with fresh tomato and mashed potatoes, which were semi-rustic and tasted faintly of nutmeg.  And, we had warm, heavenly, chocolate souffle cake.  Plus, delicious coffee, which surely must be fresh-brewed, per cup.  IT WAS ALL AMAZING.  They had a glitch in their computer system, and my husband’s dish came out about ten minutes after mine. For our “trouble”, the management comped us my husband’s dinner, even though we said it was no problem at all.  Wow!!  So, anyways.  It turned out that I did, most certainly, need a night of my dear husband’s company.  We talked about everything but the kids, minus a small conversation about Fiala’s very expressive face.  😀  And, actually, though I have no idea what the carb-count was of my dinner, I didn’t blow my diet too badly, as my husband ate most of my mashed potatoes, and I had hardly eaten anything up until dinnertime (I tend to eat less when I’m troubled).  🙂  Not that that was the point, but it was lagniappe to an already wonderful night.  I woke up this morning, refreshed, thinking, “What a difference a day makes!”  Cliché, but true.  I feel much better about life in general.
  • Edited to add:  Click to read an expanded version of my review of the White Chocolate Grill on the Gluten-Free Travel Site.
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