Surviving low-carb.

Good news:  I think I’m surviving the super-low-carb diet well, but

Bad news:  it’s apparent that only one week of it is not going to clear up my Candidiasis.

Good news:  I’m definitely less itchy, over-all, and have had fewer hives, but

Bad news:  in the six nights on this diet, I’ve still had hives four of them, including last night — big welty hives all over my legs and belly and hands.  I took Benedryl, and that cleared up most of them, but was still restless and unable to sleep well from itchy, burning fingers and toes.

Good news:  I have lost 4.5 lbs in one week.  Actually, six days.  That’s great.  Even if my self-diagnosis of Candidiasis (based on symptoms and the fact that Fi has it, too) is wrong, at least I’m losing weight.

I’ve spent very little time feeling hungry.  I’m sometimes not satisfied with the selection of safe/appropriate foods I can eat;  I’d really rather dive into that bag of Kettle Chips or finish off the Godiva Dark Chocolate Gems my sister got me for Christmas.  But, a little self-control never hurt anybody, right?  As my friend Kim predicted, day five was the worst for cravings.  I didn’t cave, though.  Well, I DID have one piece of dark chocolate.  3g sugar.  That was it.

For the record, I am shooting for 30 net carbs or fewer, daily, and at least 15 carbs of dietary fiber.  In real life, most days are around 35 carbs.  The fewer carbs from sugars the better.  I don’t give a rip about fats.  I eat lots of fat.  🙂  Healthy fat.  I eat lots of protein, too…  I’m not shooting for a particular goal on protein, though.  I’m also not trying to stick to a particular “way” of eating.  I mean, my diet is Paleo-ish, but I’m happily putting half and half in my morning coffee, and slices of cheese with my lunch.  🙂  I don’t really care if my diet fits within the standards of any prescribed way of eating;  it’s just what works for me.

I have decided that for each day I am at less-than-30 carbs for the day, I will reward myself with one chocolate gem — 3 carbs each.  Last night, though, I was at 25 carbs for the day, and decided I’d rather have ½ cup of plain yogurt (full fat, cream-top Brown Cow — YUM!) instead.  Six carbs.  🙂

Snacks or meals that have really helped me push through:

  1. Raw almonds.  These are ALWAYS a favorite of mine.  Two ounces contain 5 net carbs and 7 grams fiber.
  2. Avocado.  I know I’ve already blogged about avocados, but it bears repeating.  Half of an avocado has about 1.5g net carbs and 5g dietary fiber.
  3. Bone broth.  I know this sounds gross, but it is SO GOOD.  I’m not following a recipe.  I’m just chucking the bones (leftover/cooked and raw) from whatever I make into a pot and boil the heck out of it.  I make sure it boils about 3x/daily, for a good long time.  This way, the nutrition — protein from gelatin as well as minerals — is transferred to the broth, and no pathogens can grow.  I’m considering using my old Crockpot as a dedicated bone broth cooker, letting it go 24/7, but I don’t like the idea of using up that much electricity.  My stove is gas, and I’d rather use the gas for fueling my bone broth.  Any time I want, I just serve myself up a mug (or two) of broth, mixing in 1/2 tsp or so of sea salt (to which I always add iodine-rich Kelp Granules).
  4. Raw veggies.  I love raw veggies anyway.  Cauliflower, broccoli, garden tomatoes…  all low carb.  I know, tomatoes are supposedly high-carb, but 100g raw tomatoes (about 5 cherry tomatoes) have only 3g carbs and 1g fiber.  The only thing I miss is some kind of dip.  I need to come up with a carb-friendly dip.
  5. Vinegar drink.  I know this sounds gross, too, but it’s good.  And cheap.  Bragg’s sells 16 oz bottles of this stuff for $2.50+.  I make mine for virtually free.  One tablespoon raw, organic, unfiltered apple cider vinegar (right now, I’m using Solana Gold), a couple tiny scoops of stevia (I get my 622-serving container from Trader Joe’s for $10), and twice a day, I stir in the contents of a probiotic capsule.  I try to drink these on an empty stomach for maximum benefit.
  6. Eggs, meat, and cheese.  All of these are highly satisfying, and carb-free (large eggs do have 0.4g carbs each).

I was going to put a note about Fiala’s NMD prescribing the wrong kind of Nystatin (sucrose-containing liquid, which is for oral thrush, not systemic Candidiasis, for which plain, powdered Nystatin is appropriate).  I guess I just did.  That isn’t resolved yet;  I’ll let you know how that goes.  However, the topical Nystatin is working fairly well, especially on her chin.

About Karen Joy

I'm a partially-homeschooling mother of six -- 3 boys ages 19, 17 and 15 years old, and three girls: 11, 8, and 3. I like birding, reading, writing, organic gardening, singing, playing guitar, hiking, the outdoors, and books. I very casually lead a very large group of homeschooling families in the Phoenix area. I have a dear hubby who designs homes for a local home builder and who is the worship pastor of our church. I live in the desert, which I used to hate, but now appreciate.

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  1. Hi Karen,
    Your low carb diet/anti candida diet is really inspiring. I wanted to let you know that I got severely itchy from iodine loading test which tanked my thyroid. I am only mentioning it because I saw that you use kelp. We do very well with salt with iodine but some times too much iodine is a problem for people with thyroid issues. The books I have read said to avoid iodine completely. I am wondering if the kelp is a factor in your itchiness. Just an idea to take it out for a few days to see if it resolves. Good luck. I am joining you in your less than 30 carbs a day!!!

    • Woo hoo! I’m glad you’re joining me!

      I looked up symptoms from excess iodine (including “iodermia”) and I don’t think that’s a factor. I mean, I think I would probably have some of the other symptoms, too, (like metallic taste in the mouth, increased salivation, and acneiform skin lesions), in addition to hives.

      I do truly appreciate you adding your perspective, though! I’m sure you know that with celiac disease and other autoimmune factors, it can make our health issues really tricky to sort out!!

  2. FYI here is a link just for your information…
    “The New England Journal of Medicine published research from China that looks at the relationship between iodine intake and thyroid disease. Reporting in the June of 2006 issue, the researchers concluded that “more than adequate or excessive iodine intake may lead to hypothyroidism and autoimmune thyroiditis.””

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