Karen Joy

About the blog name:

When I started with WordPress more than five years ago, it was pretty much a hangout limited to techies and academics, all of whom seemed to be in a semi-unspoken contest as to who could be the coolest, the most clever, the wittiest, the one with the most inside information, the one who made the most obscure references, and the one who understood said obscure references…  I am none of that, but at the time, it seemed like my only blogging options were hyper-social platforms (like MySpace) or special-interest platforms (like HomeschoolBlogger), and neither of those suited me well.  Blogger didn’t either;  it was too limited at the time…  and my uncle had, at the time, started a blog of WordPress, so it seemed like a good place to go, even though when I started here, to the best of my knowledge, there were literally me and ONE other mom-blogger (that was YOU, Kiva!).  Two of us.  Anyway, in order to withdraw from the “contest”, it seemed wise to make a disclaimer that whoever was looking for the clever-techie-cool-obscure, was pretty much not going to find it here.

I’m a homeschooling mom with five kids — three boys aged 13, 11, and 9 years, and two girls, aged 5 and 2½.  My dear hubby is a home designer (like an architect w/o AIA certification) for a large home builder, and he’s also the worship pastor at our church .

We school with Sonlight, which in my opinion, is an excellent program:  literature-based, Christian but not dogmatic, heavy on history and reading.  I like everything about Sonlight except for the Language Arts.  We are in our 9th year of homeschooling.  I initially started homeschooling simply to teach my oldest to read, so he’d have a leg up on things when he went to “real” school.  But when he learned to read with ease, and his then-3yo brother right along with him, I decided to stick with it.

I like birding, camping, shorter hikes (the legs of my littles can’t go so far…), doing about anything out in nature.   🙂

If you’re a glutton for wordiness, there’s more about me on this page .

Me w/ my youngest boy in Colorado, July '06

Wesley & me, July 2006

  1. Hey! I like your new template! Great colors.

  2. the friendly grizzly

    Howdy. Way off topic, but you may find this useful. I saw your attempt to post a jewishworldreview link to a Mallard Fillmore cartoon over at gottsegnet.blogspot.com.

    Try this site: tinyurl.com. It turns long urls into short ones. No ads, no pop-ups, no gotchas.

    The Friendly Grizzly, lending a helping paw…

  3. Hi!
    I am from Croatia.
    Are you ever been in Europe ?

  4. No, Dubravko, I’ve never been to Europe. I’ve been to the UK, but that’s as close as I’ve been. I’d like to visit Croatia some day.

  5. Hey Karen!I got your comments!You’re blog is interesting.I like the style.I’ll see you at church!

  6. Hello Karen!!

    I don’t have a web-site yet, but I think your site is amusing 🙂

    Say hi to your husband for me.
    I love you.

  7. hello, i’m jan. i ran into your blog awhile ago. i keep reading it from that time on because i’m on the plan to homeschool my niece and nephew too. do you mind if i put this blog in my blockroll?


  8. A pleasure to read!

  9. Thanks for your help and comments on my blog. The pic was in the beautiful Smoky Mountains.
    I just filed the intent to home school and we are on our way. I am using the format the charter school used and will supplement for now. We have some attachment issues (and behavioral) that we are working on as well.
    Thanks so much for coming by. I will be back to your site for sure!
    Debbie aka The Real World Martha

  10. Dear Karen,
    I found your website by chance. I was looking for a gluten free recipe. I found your space very well presented and inspirational and I simply wanted to congratulate you.
    Thank you

  11. Hi!
    Great to find your blog, and your sugar cookie recipe that I can’t wait to try. My youngest son was just diagnosed this week with Celiac. (Older sons bloodwork came back this week with negative results ~ yea) My little guy just had his biopsy on Monday… We were pretty sure about the results and started cleaning out the kitchen over the past several weeks.

    My sweetheart was born with Down syndrome over 9 years ago in Tempe. Open Heart surgery at PCH, then diagnosis of hypothyroidism, now the Celiac challenge.

    We have now become Californians, I miss all my friends in the Phoenix area.

    Look forward to your tips and recipes. I am hoping to find a staple recipe for chicken nuggets…. 🙂
    Sincerely, Lori

  12. Nice blog!
    We have much in common! I homeschool my 5 kiddos ages 10-11 months, 3 boys, 2 girls. We used sonlight for two years and now do an ecletic mix using sonlight’s books as a core but doing my own maps/schedule ect. My son and I have celiac diseas. I am a runner-wanna be. I hope to run my first marathon next year. I’m a christian, too 😉

    thanks for the great blog!
    julie in maine

  13. Hi nice website I actually stumbled upon it looking for a banana muffin recipe. We also homeschool all 9 of are kids 19-2 1/2 months and have celiac disease.
    Looking forward to more recipes.

  14. Hi Karen,
    Don’t know if you remember me, but I was there when you joined. It sounds like you have a very full plate to keep up with in your life now.

    These comments are meant to uplift you in the place your are now. Let’s see:
    1. Wife of a worship leader and particpant on the worship team.
    2. The mother of four children and homeschooling
    3. 13 years of leadership, growth and maturity under the scrutiny of all of those around you, kinda feel like your in a fishbowl.

    God has entrusted you with so much because He knows your heart. He knows YOU. YOU are approved and loved by the God of heaven and earth.

    He has entrusted to you the heart and soul of Martin. To love him, support him. What a precious gift he has given you. The Father took a look at a young girls heart all of those years ago and knew Karen could love, protect in prayer, survive all of the attacts that come against a worship leaders life. He knew you in your mothers womb and knew the wife you would be.

    Then on top of that He he gave you the souls of four precious children to raise in this crazy world. How the Father must trust you.

    Then He put you front and center in a smaller church to be the worship leaders wife and mom of four children where everyone is watching you. The Fathers confidence in you is great.

    Sometimes when you feel your a wife, a mom, a leader, just remember HE KNOWS KAREN, down to the marrow of your bones. In the Father’s eyes you are KAREN and only KAREN and His love for you is deep.

    When you picture yourself in one of the roles that God has granted you, please remember He see’s only you and knows your heart, know s the purity of your personal worship of Him.

    He’s give you a lot to do in this time in your life, but He has done it because He knows who Karen is deep inside.

    He has also given you wonderful mature women around you to mentor you and serve as an example of faithfulness and staying on course no matter how tough it gets.

    Karen after reading this, my admiration for you grows. Don’t ever loose yourself in the roles you play, find the woman God has entrusted with those roles and know HE ONLY KNOWS KAREN and loves her. Then he trust her with those roles.

  15. Hello, I stumbled upon your blog as I was searching for gluten free cereal. I have celiac and I was homeschooled too so I found your blog really interesting! I’m in med school now but I still thank my mom for homeschooling me. 🙂 God bless you!

  16. Hi Karen,

    What fun! I stumbled across your blog site and read your 101 list. I thought I knew a lot about you and now I know even more interesting things. I should be doing my data entry but am bored and got off track 🙂

  17. Just stopped by to say hello.

  18. Hey Karen

    I stumbled across your site, looking for ways to motivate kids in worship. I;m helping out just up the road from you, at The Barn. Our kids are really apathetic, and worship is agonising! We do one song only, and it’s hard to get thru even that.
    We’ve been using soem of those Hillsong DVD’s, but the moves are just too complex for the kids…evn for us leaders! I was just wondering if you had found anything else that worked, and was encouraged by the sucesses you’ve had.
    Let me know.
    Keep up the great work.
    God bless

  19. Brett ~ I HIGHLY suggest the Seeds series. They’re great songs, well-produced, very
    worshipful, simple, catchy songs. http://www.seedsmusic.com

    That, and tons of prayer beforehand… pray all you can, in the days and
    weeks ahead of leading. Pray for the Holy Spirit to come and really grip
    the hearts of kids.

    Also, I often find that the first song is the MOST difficult, because kids
    are slow to transition. I use the first song as a “call to worship” —
    upbeat, not intimate, lots of action or movement… encourage them to dance
    and move… It’s just too much for kids (and even adults, usually), to
    expect them to enter into the Holy of Holies and deep, intimate, powerful
    worship on the first song. After the first song, do at least one or two
    songs more, going progresively “deeper.” I often have the kids just simply
    sit down on the floor for the last song… sometimes, I don’t even have them
    sing!! I just tell them to sit down, open their hands, close their eyes,
    and listen. If you have folding chairs, or otherwise moveable chairs, move
    them aside. It’s too easy for kids to slump down in their seats, and cross
    their arms and not participate. But, if you remove the temptation to sit in
    a chair, it makes it easier. Also, keep them as close to the stage/front as
    you can. Even if they’re in pews, if there’s space in the front, have them
    leave their seats and come as close to the stage as they can.

    Also, I’ve found that a small level of rowdiness (not total chaos) is highly
    preferable to robotic, well-mannered worship. I’d rather have “real” kids
    who are worshiping, than super-well-behaved kids who are simply obeying
    instead of actually worshiping.

    I hope that helps!!!!

    Many blessings to you and all you’re doing!!!!!!!

  20. Nice blog!
    We have much in common! I homeschool my 5 kiddos ages 10-11 months, 3 boys, 2 girls. We used sonlight for two years and now do an ecletic mix using sonlight’s books as a core but doing my own maps/schedule ect. My son and I have celiac diseas. I am a runner-wanna be. I hope to run my first marathon next year. I’m a christian, too

    thanks for the great blog!

  21. Karen, you are a JOY!

    I found you by researching Amo Amas Amat.
    Your “blog” or web site…well, leads me to this question. How does one create their own? I have wanted to for years! And yours has inspired me even further! I want to reach out to others, too!

    Also, how do I include a photogragh with my responses to you?

    I have not made a list of “101 Random Things About Me,” but… my motto is: Write to Grow.
    I have 3rd stage Chronic Kidney Disease ~my “plan/choice” is Hospice.
    I lived in India for two years; I consider it my second country. I have traveled the world. I am blessed to have a son! (He teaches high school English!) I trained a very “crazy” Arabian horse…beginning one year after losing my left kidney at age 15. I was homeschooled by my Mum while living in India. I just earned my A.A. degree in English and am currently working on my B.A. degree.
    Write to Grow ~ helps me, BUT…my goal is to share experiences with everyone! When we share we realize we are not all alone in whatever struggle(s) we may be wrestling with in our lives.

    God is with us!!! Mizpah, Holly Ellen

  22. Holly Ellen ~ To start a WordPress blog, go here: http://wordpress.com/signup/ pick a name and a title, and go from there!

    You can’t post a picture in comments, but once you register a blog on WordPress, you can upload a picture to use that will go along with your comments. It’s called an “avatar.” (Go to the admin page, then click on the far-right button that says “users” and click on “my profile” and follow instructions from there.)

  23. I am also a Christian, home school mom (Rod & Staff, Memoria Press, Saxson Math, McCuffey Readers, New England Primer, The Holy Bible). 3 days ago we adopted two little boys, bringing our total children up to 5! Next year my brother-in-law will be moving in, multiple lifelong health problems. Only one of our kids do NOT have food allergies. I have become somewhat of a health nut, and have messed around with rice milk so much I am now selling it at our local Farmer’s Market. I have considered many “calcium enriching items” for the rice milk. However, it does seem easier to enrich other foods with calcium. For those of us without citrus allergies, try home-made, calcium enriched lemonade. For those who don’t know, soak farm fresh egg shells in lemon juice in the fridge over night. The acid draws out the calcium from the eggs. Strain the shells out, and make lemonade out of the juice. You can also use this technique for lemon bars and lemon cake!

  24. Hi. Glad I came across your blog. We have a several things in common. I’m a Christian, and enjoy birding, camping, nature, hikes, and walking. I also homeschool. I use a variety of materials that I create myself, but one mainstay is MathUSee. This year we are studying New World Explorers, and we use Veritas Press, and a History Through the Ages. Our language is Harvey’s Elementary Grammar and Composition.
    My son also allergies (nuts and you name it). Are things really random, or was coming across your blog meant to be.

  25. hiya, just saying hello so i’m not a peeper :). i live in texas with my husband and almost 3 year old. i lived some of my life in arizona. we’re christians and plan to homeschool. have a Merry Christmas!

  26. Hi-
    At one time when I stumbled onto your blog I had read a blog of yours and you were knitting socks for yourself and in the blog you mentioned a place online that sold sock wool. When I talked to my mother today she mentioned going to a local ladies place and getting some sock wool but the prices were so steep that in the end a pair of socks for her size 10’s would wind up costing her $20. I breezed through a few of your blogs hoping to find the one that mentioned the online (I thought) place you had wanted to buy some yarn and I thought since you are a very conservative spender that maybe that store would be a perfect place for my mom to check for the yarns she wants. Could you please tell me the place? I don’t know if you are allowed to see my email attached to my comment but if so, please feel free to use it if you have a reply, otherwise I will check back on your blog page here in a week or so. Sadly, Jo-Ann Fabrics left Danville, IL long ago and Walmart downsized their selection of yarns and crafts stuff not long ago so she isn’t happy with the options left to her. Thank you very much in advance for any help/advice you might have to offer.
    Amy B80 (Baity)

  27. Hi Kaeen, We have soooo much in common! I to am a mother to 5 beautiful children, a daughter 9, identical twin boys 6, another daughter 4 and a new baby girl born in June of 08. We are homeschoolers with gluten intolerance who do not attend support groups- or formal support groups. I have been lucky enough to find a group of 6 or so ladies who are just like us! We meet once a week for story time and chit chat at the library, as well as once a week at a park or indoor gym. We have varied numbers of children, (most, if not all ,smaller families that ours), at varied ages! Some moms are gluten free as well and we discuss our health issues, gf recipies, and yes- who uses spelling power and what is a great 5th grade math program!?! My friends are my support. That has happened by being lucky enough to find people & kids just like us and CHOOSING to be with people like us has made all the difference. I agree it is useless to join one of those crazy groups yet every year i find myself talking to someone or checking the listings for the latest and greatest group. i do the same with curriculums by the way! I have never joined because I know they would not be there to tell me I’m doing more than enough when I think I’m not, or letting me check out their 3 language arts programs they have already tried. I’m not sure if you are in Maine-but if you are, you’ll have to come visit! Also, I never read blogs or post in them- something or should I say, Someone led me right to you!! Take Care and blessings to your beautiful family!!! Dawn Donovan

  28. glutenfree4goofs

    My youngest is a little girl Davie Joy, I thought that was your daughter’s name, sorry about that! 🙂 I have three boys 7, 5 and 22mo my only girl is Davie 4mo. I’m happy to know other down to earth normal people are crazy enough to let the Lord bless them with a quiver full of children!

  29. I’m so thankful I happened upon your blog. I am in the process of diagnosing what may be Celiac and have been doing as much research I as can. It’s wonderful knowing there’s “support” out there and even a bigger blessing to find a Godly woman whose writings encourage and entertain and inspire me. I’ve read through your “about me” section and found a great many similarities. Thank you for allowing me to share in your life.

  30. Hi Karen, I came accross your site this morning from DebtFreeAdventure. The two quotes you have posted on your pages are quite stunning, and I’ve sent them out to a bunch of friends. They hit on two issues that are real stumbling blocks for believers right now. If you don’t mind, I’m thinking about posting them somewhere on my own site. Thanks, Kevin

  31. Just wanted to let you know that we recently made improvements to our Healthy Birth Your Way videos (embedded on your blog) and as of Thursday, August 27, will post them on our website http://www.MothersAdvocate.org and at http://www.YouTube.com/MothersAdvocate. Unfortunately, this change requires you to re-link the videos to your website or blog (after Thursday). We apologize for any inconvenience, but we believe these changes greatly improve the quality of the videos.
    Additionally, we encourage you to post a link to Mothers Advocate on your website or blog. Just go to http://www.injoyvideos.com/mothersadvocate/share.link.html and find several graphic options to choose from.
    If you have any questions, please contact us at mothersadvocate@mothersadvocate.org.
    Mother’s Advocate

  32. Hi, just wanted to let you know we made your gingerbread cookie recipe last year and I was so thrilled with it. This year, I couldn’t find my print-out of your recipe and frantically began searching the internet… couldn’t find you or the recipe!! I was devastated! Luckily, I finally found the printed copy of the recipe (after tearing my kitchen apart…) and it had your website/blog address at the bottom. My heart leapt a bit when I saw the pictures of your kids and the gingerbread pics from a couple years back… I knew I’d found the recipe I was looking for, as I remembered the pics from your blog last year. Just wanted to say thanks and let you know you gave someone out in the world a little joy in their heart… thanks for sharing. (I’m also in AZ and homeschooled for a short time, but now the kids are in ps.)

    • THANK YOU, Kelly, for coming back to say thanks.

      Have you made any cookies or a house yet this year? We just made cookies today!! I LOVE the smell of gingerbread cookies filling the house!

      If you haven’t yet, I changed the amt of brown rice and sweet rice flour today, and I was a wee bit happier with them, so if you haven’t made them yet, you might want to print out a new copy!

  33. HI Karen, just wanted to stop by and let you know I enjoyed reading your blog. I was pointed to your blog by my spiritual mother, Marietta who goes to the same church as you. I, too, am a veteran homeschooler (16+yr.s) and enjoyed almost every minute of it. All four of my children are now grown, married except for our youngest son Branden of 22 yr.s, and enjoy eating healthy, but this doesn’t always happen for us. I, too, was asked to help edit a manuscript for a dear friend in which she actually got too busy for us to meet sue to several speaking engagements and travel, then when her scheduled slowed down, mine picked up and she was disappointed I could not be there to help as we had planned. Apologies, forgiveness, life goes on and we are still so very close, praise God. Now I am the one writing up a storm, attending college and trying to finish my Criminal Justice degree and Juvenile Corrections certification, still raising a grown child, helping needy older one;s and being helped by our oldest son and daughter-in-law there in Goodyear, AZ. You see I lost my dog business a couple of years ago when there were really very few families who wanted pure bred Lhasa Apso puppies, my hubby lost his job been last January, our home went into foreclosure last March, we had to give up our best running vehicle last August, our bankruptcy was final last month and we are now awaiting our 30 day notice to leave our home of almost nine years. My husband spent the last two months looking for a job in AZ as Phoenix was our home before we moved to Oregon almost 15 years ago. You may have met him. My hubby, Ken Spooner, thoroughly enjoyed the church and regularly brought our grandchildren, especially our grandaughter who loved Superchurch and adored Rebecca Gentes. Anyway, he came back the 11th of this month having a couple potential opportunities ahead of him, so we will see if we finally get to make the final move next month and I am able to meet you face to face. Until then, I will check back here often with my vanilla capaccino in hand, snuggled next to my cozy woodstove and glean from your random musings. 🙂 Lord bless you indeed.

    Now that you know quite a bit about me, I invite you to follow me further as well on my blog, http://www.dailysunshine4u.blogspot.com It’s intended to be encouraging, uplifting, truthful and offers food for thought. So nice to meet you here and I am sure one day I will meet you in person at the Vineyard.

    • Thanks for stopping by! I probably saw your hubby @ church, but I don’t think I met him. I sincerely hope one of the job leads pans out. Introduce yourself (or ask Marietta to introduce us!) if/when you come down!

  34. Sounds good Karen. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Bless New Year! 🙂


  35. karen i have been trying to get printable recipe of your verson of rice milk if you could help me out, i am lactose intolerent + i also have ulsrative colitis proctitis so ther a lot of thing i cannot eat because of this thanks TJ.

    • TJ, I hope you got the e-mail I sent previously… It’s one of my goals to upload pdfs of each recipe. But until I get that done, just highlight the text of the recipe, right-click and select “copy”, then paste it into any word processing document… (Like MSWord, OpenOffice, etc.)

  36. Karen, I love getting your blogs!
    Although not nearly as snazzy as yours, thought you might like to read about us for once … http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/zackwright.
    Blessings! Have a great week,

  37. I came across your blog while looking up gluten free cereal! I have four children, three girls 7, 5 and 4, and my baby boy who will be 2 in just two weeks. My eldest daughter was just diagnosed with celiac (she also has type 1 diabetes). Thank you for your upbeat blog. I really needed to read something cheerful today! Keep it up! May God bless you and your family.


  38. Hi Karen,
    I had been meaning to leave a comment telling you how much I like your new blog design. It feels so fresh and bright. I also just got caught up on a few months of your posts and enjoyed them as always.

  39. Karen,
    Can you substitute arrowroot for the cornstarch in your all purpose flour mix? And will it be the same? Thanks, Karen Hunter

  40. When I’ve been googling things about milk protein intolerance I’ve come across your blog a few times. My 4 month old breastfed daughter has just been diagnosed with this and I’m now constantly looking for great dairy-free recipes. We’ll find out soon if she’s one of the 50% of milk protein intolerance babies to also have a soy intolerance. It’s blogs like yours that are helping me to realize that this isn’t at bad as I originally thought it was. Thanks!

  41. Hi Karen,

    I’m a friend of Allison’s. She said I needed to connect with you! I just found out that my 9yr old son is highly sensitive to gluten, gliadin (not sure what that is just yet), dairy, eggs and peanuts. I’m a bit overwhelmed! I would love to chat with you off-line if you have some time.
    By the way, my boys 9 & 11 love playing with your kids during playgroup on Tuesday’s.
    LOVE your blog!!!!!!!

  42. Hello Karen, I came across your blog while looking up NLD and homeschooling. Thank you for your posts. I would love to hear more about your homeschooling experience with your son. We just found our that our daughter of 5 yrs has NLD. We have switched her math curriculum already but I’m wondering if there is a better reading program. She loves to read and we do both Abeka and Five in a Row. I’m finding though that the comprehension is a challenge. What do you do to reinforce comprehension? I would love to hear your experience. I know every child is different. Thank you for your encouragement.

    • Carrie, my son is 12 and we’re still homeschooling him. Not sure what all you read on here regarding my son, but our developmental pediatrician really encourages homeschooling NLD kids, as no one will understand her the way you do (even if you don’t feel like you understand her well), no one will teach her better than you do, and the social problems that can plague NLD kids are much, much less in a home atmosphere. So, first of all, THANK YOU for homeschooling your NLD daughter!!

      For the years from when Grant was 5 until he was 9 or so, we took him to (private) occupational therapy. OT played a huge role in his schooling. We typically went once every two weeks, and I would attend the sessions. I’d talk with the therapist and voice my concerns, and she would craft, on the fly, activities to help with the particular area of struggle. We’d then work on those things in the intervening weeks. That was SO valuable.

      For reading, I used “Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons” supplemented with the Explode the Code workbooks. I also relied heavily on Handwriting Without Tears, as his handwriting was atrocious and laborious. In fact, his inability to write held him back for a number of years. It wasn’t until he was 8 or so that he could really write well enough to do school work that was written. So, we did a LOT of stuff orally. And, you’re right — comprehension and understanding is key. NLD kids typically have the skills to read well (and often very quickly), but the deeper reasoning of “why” is absent. Even when Grant could fly through a book, I would often make him slow down and read something out loud, a little bit at at a time, and we’d discuss why someone did x, y, or z. You asking questions and listening to your daughter’s answers will give you GREAT insight into how her mind functions — both its strengths and its weaknesses. For that, I would encourage you to stick with a literature-based program like FIAR or Sonlight, or Learning Language Arts Through Literature, because NLD kids love stories, but they do need the reinforcement (from you!) of why things are the way they are.

      Something you may want to consider is that you evaluate everything you know, and how it is you know that. Then, apply it to your daughter. “How do we know that guy has poor intentions, even though he’s smiling?” you may pause a TV show/DVD to ask. “Why is that girl crying after you interacted with her?” Seriously, even down to tiny things like that: Your daughter likely won’t know that if she takes a toy away from someone, and that person cries, SHE is the one who has caused the tears. NLD kids tend to have a lot of “toddler” type of behavioral/social issues for a long, long, long time. We still deal with some of that stuff even now, after seven years of hitting it HARD.

      If you’re a Christian, have her memorize verse after verse after verse about being loving, and how we treat others. Talk about that. Explain why we do what we do, and why we should treat others kindly (or whatever).

      You may be discouraged over the seemingly innumerable topics which seem simple to you, but that she simply doesn’t understand at all…. but NLD kids are almost always very smart, and if you explain and teach and reinforce, and explain and teach and reinforce, and explain and teach and reinforce, they do actually GET IT, eventually. NEVER give up. You may repeat the same thing ten times daily for five years, and you’re sure she’ll never get it, but one day, it very well may CLICK, and she’ll get it. And when she does, it’s deep in her understanding.

      Thank you SO MUCH for your comment. Drop me a note any time @ karenjoy@onlysometimesclever.com

  43. About your artilcle on Date Creek. My family ( my sister and 2 brothers and our families) planted the pistacio trees. There was a red brick home with red tile roof on the top of the hill in the middle of the trees when we were there plus corrals and 2 other small homes by date Creek road. We had such a problem with texas root rot (vermicilin wilt) that we sold the ranch. It included the land on both sides of the rail road – about 7000 acres of deeded land. You were close to the old ruins when your children were playing in the sand of date creek. We have had vehicles get stuck in that spot. We had a large bridge crossing date creek where the creek is parrelel to the county road. As you know creeks in Arizona can go from dry to floods quickly. One year with heavy rains the bridge was taken out.

    The man we sold to tore down all buildings and corrals. He has never watered the trees since he bought it. We had about 400 acres in trees at one point. Glad you enjoyed it. We have lots of wonderful memories from there. The sunsets and double rainbows are gorgeous. Also there is a large stand of huge yucca (what some call century plants) that bloom in the spring just to the side of the OX road.
    Vonda Skousen

  44. Karen, are you aware that zucchini has been GMOed, but I’m not sure when. Hope that bit of info helps. It would be interesting to see if you still get a reaction when you eat non-GMO home grown zucchini. Please let me know if you try this out.
    From a medical standpoint, one can’t assume the dermal test was made from non-GMO substances; rather, one must assume that it was.

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