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Going to sort through all my links today. Or, that’s my hope, anyway. I’ve gotten lazy in my blog-reading old-age, and I’m hoping that I can find a Facebook link for all (or at least most) of them, because it seems like I can’t handle BOTH a blog/RSS reader AND Facebook.

Ghostwritten book update!

Marietta Wright

My friend and author*, Marietta, has a new blog up!  Brushed By God, which is also the title of her new book, which has an expected publication date of August 1, 2011, and will be published by Destiny Image.

Marietta’s blog will be a mixture of excerpts from her upcoming book, current experiences, teaching, and more.

She heard from someone from the publisher today, and they said that they will probably use some of her art for the cover, which is fantastic.  We had hoped that they would, but since they’re the publisher, they could choose not to.

I’m helping Marietta with the website, so if you have any suggestions, leave a comment, either here, or on her blog!


*She’s the author, I’m the writer.  The book and all its contents were completely her idea, her stories, her teachings…  I just took her words, reworked them for (hopefully) the best effect, did editing, etc.  🙂

A few things

  • I cleaned up my blog reader and blog roll.  I’ve pared it down to 39 blogs on the reader, which sounds like a lot, but I deleted about 10 or 12 of them, so it was even more!  I just had to re-prioritize my time spent reading, although I felt like a bad bloggy friend deleting blogs…  I hope none of them were yours!!  Also, some blogs were on the WordPress reader, and some were on the Sage/Firefox reader.  Apparently, reading blogs in TWO different places was too difficult for me, so I consolidated them.  There are only 21 blogs on my official blogroll on the right.  A few are new;  you might wanna give ’em a gander.
  • It is so lovely to be having a cool snap in the Phoenix area the last couple of days.  I had to shut the windows earlier today, because it was 67°F in the house, and getting cooler.  I’m enjoying it, because I know the heat will be here far too soon!  And, I’m happy for our electricity bill, as we’ve only had the AC on for two days so far this year!
  • It looks like the EIGHTEENTH TIME is the charm!!  My gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, vegan, whole-grain, rice-free, corn-free, millet-free bread recipe-tweaking is now DONE.  Seriously.  Eighteen batches.  Finally, I have some results that I’m very happy with.  95% happy with, but that’ll have to do, as it may be impossible to achieve the perfection I’m looking for, whilst still disincluding ingredients I need to leave out.  95% is still an “A”, right???  In spite  of it being “free” of nearly everything, it is surprisingly tasty bread, with to-die-for crust, works great for sandwiches, nice high rise, very healthy…  Mmmm…  Recipe to be posted soon.
  • My mom is very ill and in the hospital.  She is having severe trouble breathing — when she arrived by emergency transport, her pulse ox was at 78%.  The doctors just can’t seem to agree upon/figure out what is wrong with her.  First, it wasn’t pneumonia or emboli, but they didn’t know what it was.  Then, it was pneumonia.  Then, it was pneumonia plus something else, possibly bronchitis.  Now, they’re saying that maybe it’s not pneumonia nor bronchitis, but they still don’t know what it is.  My mom is very feisty… quietly stubborn.  She wants desperately to go home;  she’s been in since Monday afternoon.  But, obviously, she needs to be able to breathe.  Dear Jesus, help my Mommy, and give wisdom and supernatural insight to the doctors.


Lifted from this guys blog:

Lifted from this guy's blog:

I hit 300,000 visitors late last night.

Woo hoo!

It’s not as impressive as it sounds, if it sounds impressive.  I have a lot of niche interests and I throw ’em all into the same blog, so I get lots of hits off of Google searches, and most visitors must say, “That’s not what I was looking for!” because they never return again.

Some of you do, though, stick around, and for that I am thankful.  I really enjoy the blogosphere of the like-minded.  🙂  And, the not-so-like-minded, from whom I have learned a lot.  And, who, occasionally, I’ve had to ban from my blog.  😮  Hehehehe!

I’m not on Blogspot, so I can’t do the “followers” thing.  But, according to my Technorati info, my blog is ranked 181,676 out of, presumably, all the blogs in the world.  That’s low.  And, according to Feedburner (which now, like half the websites in the world, is owned by Google), I have 24 subscribers.  That’s low, too.  But, I’m thankful for each of you!!

So, it’s a good thing that I don’t like popularity contests, because I would surely lose.  I like to think of my reach to be deep, rather than wide.  🙂

Giving Searchers Answers, part 3

I often check the search terms that have led people to my blog.  Oftentimes, it’s funny.  Sometimes, it’s sad.  Sometimes, it’s sickening.  Many times, I want to be a help to others, even though it might be too late;  they’ve probably not found what they’re looking for, and are off to another source, never to return.

But, occasionally, I try:

  1. “gluten free luncheon meats”  — Most of them are g.f.  Your safest bet, though, is the pre-packaged stuff on the deli wall, not the freshly-sliced stuff.  I’ve purchased meat from the service deli, but I find it too much of a rigamarole to ask to see the packaging to doublecheck ingredients.  As always, simplest is usually best.  My current fave is the all-natural Hormel Natural Choice.  The package actually states “gluten free.”  It has no preservatives, even!
  2. “slightly celiac disease”  Well, that’s like saying “slightly pregnant.”  You have it, or you don’t.  Well, that’s not quite true.  It’s technically called “autosomal dominant with incomplete penetration.”  Usually, something that is autosomal dominant means that if you have the gene, you have the trait.  But, with celiac disease, you can have the gene, but not necessarily have the symptoms — thus the “incomplete penetration.”  Some people are symptomatic from birth (my son Wesley and myself), and some people’s symptoms are triggered by an event, usually a strenuous or life-altering event (like my friend Shellie, who developed symptoms during her — I think — second pregnancy).  But technically, if you have the gene, you have CD, and you’d be wise to adhere to a gluten-free diet, even if you don’t have recognizable symptoms.
  3. “lori bryson”  Well, I’m looking for her, too!!!  Not really.  I know where she is.  I was hoping to spend time w/ her & her family when we recently went to the Midwest, but she’s gone and gotten herself a job, and couldn’t get away.  Bummer.  I do find myself wondering who keeps looking for her, though.
  4. “celiac disease and entering kindergarten”  Well, good luck with that!!!  I hope your child self-regulates, and will keep him/herself away from gluten.  Did you know that every child entering kindergarten in Italy is tested for celiac disease??  Italy has the highest diagnosis rate, worldwide, because of this.  They also have an average diagnosis time of 2-3 weeks in Italy.  In the U.S., it averages SEVEN YEARS to get a diagnosis.
  5. “whacko homeschool”  Well, you have no biases, do you???  Hm.  I really like Tammy’s articles regarding homeschooling and all the debates that surround it.  She does her level best to present the facts, and she’s a good writer.  She’s not a Christian, that I can tell, so that doesn’t “bias” her, either.  (I’m happy to be biased towards a Christian worldview, but I know that doesn’t hold water for a lot of researchers.)
  6. “discipline + nonverbal learning disorder”  Good luck with that, too.  My 7yo w/ NLD is a tough cookie to discipline.  He just doesn’t “get it,” either positive or negative reinforcement.  The best approach, in my 3 years’ experience, is to keep in mind that preventative “medicine” is worth a TON.  Talk, talk, talk to your NLD kid, and make sure the expectations for EVERY situation is abundantly clear.  That will head off so many difficulties.  Of course, the subtleties — which NLDers don’t perceive — change with every situation, and thus the child’s interpretation will change, leading to a lot of frustration for everyone involved.  Still, talking-talking-talking is the best approach.  And for every discipline that is levelled, make absolutely certain that your child knows exactly why you’re disciplining him/her.  Don’t assume that the child understands the reasons, even if it’s a situation you’ve gone over with them 20 billion times.

That’s all for now.     

Semi-lame update

Well, since we are back to schooling again this week, my time is short.  However, I feel compelled to offer at least a partial-info update on the goings-on around here.  Last week was so incredibly busy that my blog was quite neglected.  I also did very little reading of others’ blogs, so I feel like a self-centered, non-relational blogger, which is not my intent.  I will get up-to-date ASAP on y’all’s blogs.

In the meantime, we do have a new doggie.  We got her on Saturday.  I am holding out cautious optimism for her successful assimilation into our family.  I don’t know if it’s because she was the runt… or because she still has 20 month-old puppy tendencies, or what… but she is much more high strung than our previous doggie.  My mother’s heart is *NOT* pleased to see her nipping at my children.  Staffordshire Bull Terriers are *NOT* supposed to be nippy at all.  She also jumps.  ~insert look of displeasure~  However, she was much better today and yesterday than she was on Saturday when we first got her… and she does respond to commands of “No!” or “Down!”… so there’s hope.  But, I *REALLY, REALLY, REALLY* don’t like that she can’t be fully trusted not to be too “playful” with my 5yo son, and certainly my baby girl.  Hayley, our dear, departed doggie, was so peaceful, and I *NEVER* doubted my children’s safety with her.  Tally-ho, though… ugh.  I’m just not sure.  She’s a Jekyll-and-Hyde kind of dog so far:  she’s either totally relaxed and peaceful, or she flips the switch into rowdy, jumpy, nippy, too-playful dog.  We’ll see.

We also successfully hosted the annual worship team Christmas party. 

It’s only taken me… 12 years now (the length of my marriage) to resolve that I will, from here on out, take others’ party invitations *very* seriously, taking to heart the efforts of the host, not blowing off invites.  Not that I really blew them off before… but we’re just not super-social, party-oriented people, and don’t jump at the chance to attend parties, so most often, invites become low-priority.  BUT… after only 11 of the 21 people who were supposed to come did come… well, that was a tad disappointing.   I struggled in my thoughts and prayers with God on that one.  My heart’s intent is to truly serve the people that we lead (“we” being 99.9% Martin’s leading), and if my serving them means releasing them in my heart to do things other than attend ‘my’ party, then, that’s what I need to do.  ~sigh~ 

We did have a delightful time with the people who did come.  And, I didn’t stress out *too* much.  Something Martin said to me on Saturday morning has been rolling around in my head.  He encouraged me, “Look:  You’ve gotten 100 things done.  That’s huge.  Sure, you wanted to do 120 things.  But instead of stressing about the 20 things you didn’t get done, take some delight in the 100 things you did accomplish.”  I think that is the story of my life.  I concentrate on all the things I did not accomplish, instead of the things I did.  My husband is wise.  So, if nothing else, this weekend served as yet another reason why God gave him to me.  Half-empty plus half-full equals a full cup, right?

Also, (this is probably TMI for you non-parents) Wesley woke up this morning with serious diarrhea.  He has celiac disease, and a symptom of that is d*.  As I sat with him in the bathroom, I was so thankful that it’s been a long time — at least six months — since he had a serious bout of it.  We were racking our brains as to where he could have gotten ahold of gluten, and couldn’t think of anything even risky that he ate.  I got him cleaned up, and then he started puking.  Well, he has thrown up from dietary issues before, but that kind of throws things for a loop, because it makes it more likely that it’s a flu-bug king of thing, than “simply” dietary.  Germs are communicable, while his celiac symptoms are not… and when you have four kids, communicable illnesses become of great concern.  So, he’s been in bed this morning, not counting the times he’s made trips to the bathroom.  Poor dear.  It’s times like these that I find myself worrying about his long-term health.  He’s also been having troubles with asthma…  Dear God, protect my child. 

Well, not too surprisingly, I’ve turned out a wordier post than I had intended.  Time is flying, my baby needs to be fed, and my older boys need some direction in their school work.  Must run. 

Blessings to all of you, as you’re “knee deep in holiday cheer” as my friend Beverly so amusingly put it!       

The Utilitarian Blogger

When I first started blogging, I did so under the assumption that no one would ever read it.  I am not an attention-getter;  I’m just a writer.  However, I have way more readers than I ever thought I would.  Even if it’s modest by blog standards, just the fact that 40-60 people a day, more or less, read my blog, is strikingly curious to me.  What is everyone reading about, and why?  And why don’t these regular readers ever comment?  Not that I’m trying to garner a bunch of comments;  I just want to know who you people are.  Not that I could keep track of you, if I knew who you were.  In semi-related news, I’ve decided not to add anyone else to my blogroll because I can barely keep track of the 15-ish that I have already.

Looking over the search terms that lead people to my site causes me to giggle, or provides revelation from time to time, that the things, about which I so casually write, people are sometimes looking for.  Sometimes, it’s really startling, in an ugly way, to realize that people with unclean intentions towards kids or women find my blog through seemingly innocent words, but phrased in such a way that reveal their hearts.  I almost always pray for those searchers. 

Mostly, though, I get lots of hits from people looking for information.  They’re not looking to know me, or understand me — I’m not the kind that tries to gather heaps of friends, but I do like to be understood by those who know me.  To most searchers, though, my blog is simply utilitarian:

  • What are some gluten-free recipes for kids?
  • I’ve just been diagnosed with celiac disease.  Now what?
  • Tell me more about the Barvas church, and Rev. Tommy Macneil.
  • How do I get to Castle Hot Springs?
  • Is picking wildflowers illegal?
  • How can I teach preschoolers to pray?
  • My baby is cutting teeth out of order.  Is that bad?
  • Can I homeschool my kid who has nonverbal learning disorder?
  • What does “amo, amas, amat” mean in Latin?
  • How can I be an effective prophet?


On one hand, I’m so happy that my lil’ blog is providing a few searchers with some answers.

However, I also find it odd that this blog is just being used, with no regard, really, for the writer.

I’ll get over it, though.

I hope my new Weather Pixie isn’t stripping

My sweet, wise, funny, honest, homeschooling, Suburban-driving, herbalist blog-friend Melissa has a Weather Pixie on her blog.  I appropriated the idea, and added my own.  However, I now see my cute Pixie is not wearing the same outfit she was earlier this morning.  The dress she now has on isn’t really skimpy, but I’m starting to think that perhaps she dresses for the weather… and since it gets so durned hot here, I’ll really have to keep an eye on her to make sure my site stays family-friendly.  :mrgreen:

You really can write better than that… :o)

Probably the favorite course in my short (2.5 years) college career was the dry-sounding Advanced Expository Writing.  Basically, AEW is creative non-fiction.  The class was led by an excellent professor named Mark.  (That’s what we called him, so that’s what I remember.)  Also, there were only 7 or 8 students in the class;  it was the kind of class you’d take only if you were really interested in the subject, so everyone who was there wanted to be there.

I’m still interested in creative non-fiction.  Every once in a while, to keep my writing chops up, I give myself a tutorial at Writing, Clear and Simple.  The link is over there in my blogroll, too.  The site’s owner, Roy Jacobsen, consistently manages to keep the topic interesting, instructional, and often funny.

Only Sometimes Clever

I’ve followed my Uncle Steve here to WordPress.  I’m going to mostly shut down my My Space…  MS is just increasingly, uh… well…  it’s mostly a Meat Market — lots of T&A and porno pics and “friend”-gathering and I’m just not into all of that.  There’s become a stigma attached to just saying, “I have a MySpace page/blog” and, it’s becoming a guilt-by-association thing, even though my intentions were always pure, and even though all of my friends are either real friends or hs’ing moms, or bands I like.

The only “problem” I can see w/ WordPress is that it’s ultra-cool to be clever and well-read and amusing and political and observant…  And I don’t think I’m really any of those things, except maybe observant.  But the things I observe are of a pretty narrow interest.  On rare occasion, I think I’m clever, though I don’t know if it will manifest itself here, really.  So, I doubt I’ll ever really be “popular” on WordPress, though that’s not my purpose.

Hence, the title of my blog:  Only Sometimes Clever.

I’m under no pretense that my level of cleverness “belongs” at WordPress… but I’m much more comfortable here than there.  I’ll have no embarrassment linking anyone to my blog.

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