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COMPLETELY random (salsa, Wiretap, the prophetic, and Pudewa)

  • I’m making salsa for tonight!  I don’t know why I’ve never tried it before, especially when we are all such salsa addicts!  I have tomatoes, jalapeños, fresh cilantro, garlic and onion.  Mmmm.
  • I hate Wiretap.  I love National Public Radio, which all good Republicans are supposed to hate.  But, I guess I’m a good Republican with an active filter.  Or something.  I love storytelling and thorough, world-based news, and where else ya gonna find that than NPR?  And World Magazine, but that’s another media format.  ANYways.  I love every NPR program except Wiretap.  It’s pathetic and contrived and totally un-funny.  But maybe that’s because it’s actually CANADIAN!!  Just kidding.  I actually really like Canadian humor and writing, normally — like Corner Gas and Da Vinci.
  • In kinship last night, God spoke a word to me/through me, and it was still resonating in my spirit this morning:  Even if I’m blind, I can listen to Him.  I like that picture of me being surrounded by darkness, yet inclining my ear to His voice, being careful to listen, and proceeding simply by following His voice.
  • God bless Andrew Pudewa.  I was telling my friend Allison of the troubles I’ve had with my 8yo, Wesley, trying to teach him to spell.  She said, “I have a CD from a seminar I went to last summer at the homeschooling convention.  I think you might like it.”  Like it, I did.  It is called “Spelling and the Brain.”  (Wow!  Here’s a handout for the workshop that has quite extensive notes to the teaching.)  Pudewa is so funny that I have had the CD on in my truck CD player for upwards of two weeks, and every time we get in the truck, the boys want to listen to it.  Still.  We’ve gone through it at least four times.  Anyways.  I’ve been able to implement some of Pudewa’s suggestions this week, and they’ve already had some seriously positive effects.  And… instead of me being discouraged by Wesley spelling only 10 of 20 words right on a REVIEW list that featured words like well, can, and this, I am instead ENCOURAGED that he spelled 17/20 of the same words RIGHT, today!
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