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Do you live in the north Glendale area of Arizona?  Are you looking for some weekly, inexpensive, naturally-grown produce to add to your health and palate???

The Crooked Sky Farms CSA is ON!!!!!   The cost is $20 per week for 12 weeks. We will start on February 13.  Pick up is at my house from 3:00 – 5:00 every Wednesday. Produce is Certified Naturally Grown, which has higher standards than USDA Organic and is more appropriate for small, direct-to-consumer farms. Pay in full in advance or half up-front (on or before February 13) and the other half midway through. Send me an e-mail at if you are interested and I will send you a contract and an info sheet later this week.  If you decide it is right for you and your family, let me know soon and I will add you to the list!!

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As I type this, my mom is undergoing 12 hours of surgery to — among other things — resection her spine.  It is serious work and a long recovery.  Please pray for her body (which is quite frail) to be able to not just withstand the surgery, but to emerge triumphant.  Please pray for her surgeons (three directly involved, more on standby).  And for her family, emotionally, as we support her.  Thank you so much.

Going to sort through all my links today. Or, that’s my hope, anyway. I’ve gotten lazy in my blog-reading old-age, and I’m hoping that I can find a Facebook link for all (or at least most) of them, because it seems like I can’t handle BOTH a blog/RSS reader AND Facebook.

I’m sorting through all my homeschooling books, which is always such a huge project…  Like most homeschooling mothers, I have a love/hate relationship with choosing curriculum.  So many good books, so little time!!

You can see all I have for sale on Homeschool Classifieds by clicking that cute little button on the right (below all the subscription stuff).  ——>

Reason #40967 why I love my husband:

After Martin had a few engaging conversations with a guy about old trucks, his mom questioned Martin’s wisdom in exchanging telephone numbers with him, as the guy is a felon.  Martin responded, “Everyone needs Jesus, and everyone needs a friend.”

Darn!  “Where did my TypeKit fonts go?” I wondered.  Turns out the free service is now subscription-based.  I’m too cheap to pay $30/year for pretty fonts.

Dear Brown-headed Cowbird,

I love your clear, watery warble. But your parenting practices are highly suspect.

I can’t decide if I like you or not.



Having technical difficulties with my Facebook/Like badge to the right. Hm.

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